Salad "Chafan" - a piece of rainbow on your table

The days are getting hotter, and the dishes are getting easier. In the summer we do not feel the need for heavy calorie foods. On the contrary, the body requires fresh, juicy, vitamin-rich vegetables. And here on our tables a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers begins to appear daily. He, of course, healthy and tasty, but annoying. Let's take a break from the usual combination and make a bright summer salad "Chafan" - a slice of the rainbow in your plate.

salad chafan

Comfortable salad concept

There are several options for serving this dish, as well as combinations of ingredients. The very idea of ​​the salad is unchanged: a lot of vegetables, potatoes and meat are laid out on the plate in beautiful slides. This allows everyone sitting at the table to choose for himself what his “Chafang” salad will be. The recipe is very simple. First prepare the ingredients.

The basis of the future salad

The classic version of the dish suggests beef as a meat component. It is cut into thin strips and fried over high heat.You can also use, for example, chicken, or even do without meat. One of the main components is potatoes. As a rule, it is cut into strips and fried in vegetable oil - it turns out a kind of homemade french fries. This is where the "heavy" components of the salad end.

chafan salad how to cook

Time to dream

It is time for vegetables. Salad "Chafan" - quite a "flexible" dish. You can use any vegetables that are at home. Usually carrots, beets and cabbage are taken, the rest is optional. It will be very tasty if you add to the list of vegetables fresh cucumber, sweet pepper, green peas or corn, olives, and also finely chopped greens. All vegetables are cut into strips. When the meat, potatoes and vegetables are ready, you can start serving the salad. Best as a dish for serving a large flat dish. Spread vegetables and potatoes in a handful of dishes around the plate. In the middle we place the meat straw. It can be done differently. All components are laid out in the form of a circle, and in the middle we pour the sauce.

Sauce - all head

salad chafan recipe

Speaking of sauce. It determines what will be the taste of the finished dish.Traditionally, the salad "Chafan" is dressed with mayonnaise or sour cream. However, you can come up with something more interesting. For example, make a creamy garlic sauce. As a base, let it be sour cream or natural unsweetened yogurt. Grind a few cloves of garlic, chop the greens and mix it all with a cream base. The sauce is ready. You can also add grated pickles to it - you’ll make home-made tartare. Alternatively, you can cook the dressing with vegetable oil, sweet and hot pepper, lemon juice. Soy sauce will be good too. It can be served separately, so that each person pours the dish at ease.

Universal Dish

Universal salad "Chafan" is very convenient, as it allows you to feed everyone, even if the tastes of the guests are different. So, if someone does not like beets or does not want to eat meat, he may simply not put this ingredient in his plate, where the final stage of cooking takes place. In addition, the table will be much more festive and brighter when the colorful "Chafan" salad is on it. How to cook and serve the dish, you decide for yourself. Guests choose what composition their own portion of this amazing salad will have.Bon Appetit!

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