Russian actor in "Game of Thrones". Yury Kolokolnikov

The appearance of the Russian actor in the “Game of Thrones” was a pleasant surprise for viewers from the Russian Federation. This man brilliantly embodied the image of the leader of the tribe Tennov Stear. What is known about him and his character?

Yuri Kolokolnikov: Biography

The future performer of the tenens leader role was born in Moscow, it happened in December 1985. Yury Kolokolnikov was still a child when his mother and father broke up. The first years of the boy's life were spent in Canada, where he was taken by his mother, who worked as an interpreter. However, as a teenager, Yura was forced to return to his father. He had a difficult character, his mother could not cope with his upbringing.

Russian actor in the game of thrones

The boy's father, wanting to direct his energy in a creative direction, recorded it in film school. Yuri Kolokolnikov fell in love with the world of dramatic art, began to try his hand at amateur performances. He was not even 14 years old when he played his first film role.The boy made his debut in the tape "Iron Curtain", embodying the image of a homeless child. Then he starred in the films "Retro Threesome" and "Envy of the Gods", appeared in the series "Deadly Power".

Gradually, Yuri established himself in his desire to become an actor. He graduated from the Shchukin School, and then focused on work.

Film career

What roles did the Russian actor, who played the leader of the Tenens, play in the “Game of Thrones”? The first major achievement of Yuri - creating an image of one of the key characters in the film "In August 44th." In this film a young man brilliantly played the Soviet intelligence officer Blinov. His colleagues on the set were many stars of the national cinema, for example, Alexander Baluev, Yevgeny Mironov.

Game of Thrones Actors and Roles

This was followed by a series of minor roles. Kolokolnikov starred in “Lady for a Day”, “June 41st”, “State Counselor”, “Exile”, “Woman ... Cruel Man”, “Male Season: Velvet Revolution”, “Greek Holidays”, “Martian Chronicles” ". He appeared in the serials “The killer's diary”, “Time is money”, “Children of the Arbat”, “Hero of our time”, “Thank God, you have come!”, “Leningrad”, “Demons”.


How was the Russian actor in "Game of Thrones"? This opportunity Yuriy provided an acquaintance with the casting director Nina Gold. This woman specializes in the selection of Russian actors for foreign films. It was from her that Kolokolnikov learned that an actor was being searched for the role of the leader of the Tennes.

Yuri Kolokolnikov

The TV project "Game of Thrones" always liked Yuri, so he contacted HBO. Samples liked him, as a result Kolokolnikov was invited to audition in London. The creators of the series appreciated the external data of the applicant, as well as his talent. The young man speaks fluent English, which was an added plus.

Preparing to shoot

Above tells how the Russian actor got into the “Game of Thrones”. However, the success of the passage of the casting is not limited. Yuri had to pay maximum attention to preparing for the role. The lean guy was not easy to reincarnate as a muscular leader Tenn. Of course, make-up artists and costume designers did most of the work for him, but Kolokolnikov still had to spend a lot of time in the gym.

what russian actor starred in the game of thrones

For the sake of his role in the rating series, Yury agreed not only to gain weight, but also to part with his hair.However, the latter can hardly be called a sacrifice, since they grew back by the premiere of the season with his participation.

The hardest thing for Kolokolnikov was to hide his participation in the television project. The terms of the contract did not allow him to share this news with anyone, including relatives and friends. The actor was difficult to resist the desire to boast of his achievement, so the release of the first series with the participation of his hero, he waited doubly.

Interesting fact

Few people know that initially the creators of Game of Thrones planned to entrust the role of the leader of Tennes to another actor. The image of Stear was supposed to embody Joseph Gatt, but preference was given to Kolokolnikov. His competitor, however, fleetingly appeared in the series, he played the scout Tenn, who knows how to move into animals.

About character

Magnar tennov Steer - what is he, what can you tell about him? The leader of one of the tribes of a free people is a man who can hardly be called handsome. He looks more repulsive than disposing. He has no hair, and his face is adorned with huge scars. Such appearance allows Stier to drive his enemies into a stupor, and then exterminate them.

Magnar Tennov Stir

Hero Kolokolnikova - the leader of the most warlike tribe.His people not only ruthlessly kill their enemies, but also practice cannibalism. Steer himself rules his subjects with an iron hand, leaves no chance to potential rivals. Tennas look at their leader as more like God than as a person.

The actor perfectly conveyed the main character traits of his character in the series “The Game of Thrones”. Yury Kolokolnikov tried to get this role also because he immediately fell in love with the character. The young man claims that he and his hero have a lot in common.

Role in the plot

Above it is said what Russian actor was filmed in “Game of Thrones”. What was the role of his hero in the teleproject? With the character Kolokolnikov viewers first meet when John Snow is in the camp of the King-behind-the-Wall, portraying a defector. The leader of the wild sends Stear to accompany John when he is called to join the reconnaissance detachment. Together with Snow, Magnar Tennov moves through the Wall. Then his people attack the village near her and cut out almost all the inhabitants.

Yuri Kolokolnikov game

Unfortunately, the charismatic character Yuri lived in the series a little.He dies at the hands of John Snow, and it happens during the storming of the Black Castle. Stear manages to disarm his opponent, but this does not help him. John is hit by a blacksmith's hammer, which he uses to break the head of the tenn. Many viewers, after watching this series, expressed regret that the charismatic leader did not linger in the teleproject.

After the "Game of Thrones"

Of course, the shooting in the rating TV project could not help but reflect positively on the popularity of Yuri Kolokolnikov. The Game of Thrones attracted the attention of foreign directors. In 2015, the actor played one of the key roles in the film Carrier: Heritage. Unfortunately, critics have negatively responded about the film, calling it the weakest part of the franchise with Jason Statham.

yuri belfry play of thrones role

In 2017, it is expected a fantastic picture "The Seal of the Dragon Dragon: A Journey to China" featuring Kolokolnikov This time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Fleming, Charles Dance and Jackie Chan will be his shooting partners.

Yuri does not refuse from roles in Russian tapes. He can be seen in the comedies “Breakfast at Father” and “Mummy Daragaya”, in the TV series “Concerned, or Love of Evil”, “All of You Infuriate Me”, “Countdown”

Other actors

Who else starred in "Game of Thrones"? The actors and the roles played by them haunt millions of viewers. As you know, the main characters of the series are representatives of three noble families. These are Starkey, Lannister and Targaryen.

The image of Tirion Lannister brilliantly embodied Peter Dinklage. His hero is the youngest son of a powerful lord who his father blames for the death of his mother, who died during childbirth. Tyrion is a dwarf, which constantly makes him a target of ridicule. However, a sharp mind allows the hero to always stay afloat. The sister and brother of the character played by Lina Hidi and Nikolai Koster-Waldau. According to the story of Cersei and Jaime, they are in love with each other, and it is their unnatural connection that leads the kingdom to plunge into the abyss of war.

The image of the head of the house of Starkov embodied Sean Bean, and his wife depicted Michelle Fairlee. The children of the married couple were played by young actors who were given the “play of thrones” just a start in life. Keith Harrington, Sophie Turner, Macy Williams, Richard Madden - these names are now known around the world.

Emilia Clarke (Deineris Targaryen) is another star that the Game of Thrones has lit up.The actors and the roles played by them will be discussed by the audience for a long time.

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