Rudolf Furmanov: biography, creativity, personal life and interesting facts

80 film roles, 4 interesting books and the Russian Entrepreneurs Theater. All this is only a small fraction of the fact that Rudolf Furmanov created during his 78-year life. His biography and personal life rarely became the subject of discussion in the press, so many will probably be interested to read this article.

actor Rudolf Furmanov

early years

Rudolf Furmanov was born in the city on the Neva in 1938. His mother, Elizaveta Andreyevna Ivanova, worked at the Goznak factory. She was an active member of the Komsomol, an athlete and even had the title of master of sports in skydiving. His father, David Furmanov, did not particularly stand out and, unable to withstand the protracted illness of his wife suffering from tuberculosis, he divorced when his son was not even a year old.

A few months later, Elizaveta Andreevna passed away, and all the worries about the boy lay on the shoulders of his aunt Maria Andreevna Gromova.

Rudiku was not even three years old when the war began. The poor child, like thousands of his peers, had to find out all the blockade of childhood. However, fate would have it if the orphan boy survived and became a famous actor.

After the war, Maria Andreevna continued to educate her nephew, for which Rudolph was grateful to her for the rest of her life.

Choice of profession

In 1948, Rudik Furmanov made his film debut. His first work was the role in the film "First Grader", filmed on the novel by E. Schwartz. Then, in 1953-54, he appeared in bit parts in the films “Alyosha Ptitsyn Develops Character” and “Dirk”.

Thus, by the end of the school, Furmanov had already worked behind him in three full-length films. Despite this, Rudolph did not immediately decide to become an actor, and after graduating from school he entered the Gas-Fuel Technical School. After graduation, Furmanov studied by correspondence at the LPI.

Rudolf Furmanov

Sharp turn in destiny

Over time, Rudolf Furmanov nevertheless realized that his real vocation was acting, and entered the theater faculty of the A. Ostrovsky Institute. There, the future famous entrepreneur studied from 1962 to 1964.

Career in theater and cinema

Long before entering the theatrical university, Rudolf Furmanov was repeatedly invited as a director of concert and tour programs of such famous actors as S. Filippov, A. Papanov, V. Medvedev, N. Simonov, E. Lebedev, V. Strzhelchik, A. Mironov , M. Kozakov, V. Kovel, Y. Yakovlev and others.

He told about his trips around the country in the company of these then young celebrities in the books “Oh, what an amazing game it was!” And “From the life of a crazy entrepreneur.” They are in great demand, as they allow us to find out details about the character, habits and biographies of famous actors who have not been with us for a long time.

Rudolf Furmanov wife

Creating a theater

While organizing trips around the country of famous actors, Rudolf Furmanov was eager to create his own theater. His brainchild, he decided to call the "Russian enterprise". According to his idea, the new model of organizing the actor's team was supposed to combine all the best that was in the traditional Russian repertoire theater with the principle of contract enterprise. After long ordeals, in 1988 in St. Petersburg a new cultural institution was opened, named after Furmanov's friend, Andrei Mironov.Almost 8 years he did not have his own building, and productions were staged on different stages of the city on the Neva. Finally, in 1996, the theater was given the original building “House with Towers”, which is located on the Petrograd side.

Thanks to his personal connections, Rudolf Furmanov, whose books tell about his meetings and cooperation with many famous theater and pop artists, attracted such celebrities as V. Gaft, I. Sokolova, I. Mazurkevich, V. Degtyar, S. to the contract group of his theater. Barkovsky and others.

In the modern repertoire of "Russian enterprise" are presented as performances that have long become classics, and work, little known to the Russian audience. Among them are “The Magnanimous Cuckold”, “Passion on Alexander”, “Baba Chanel”, “Ryu Blaz”, “Oblomov”, “Outcast”, “Forty-first”, etc.

Rudolf Furmanov: movies

For his half a century of creative life, the actor has played in 80 films. Although minor and episodic roles predominate among them, the images created by Furmanov were remembered by the viewer for their naturalness and non-playfulness. Among the paintings, in which the actor got the main role, we can mention “I'm going into a thunderstorm” by Sergey Mikaelian, “The Big Game” by Semen Aranovich, “National Security Agent 1-3” (TV series), “A.D. "and" Dancer "Dmitry Svetozarov," Dealer "Alexei Lebedev, etc.

actor Rudolf Furmanov and his wife Diana

Work on television

“Theatrical drawing room of Rudolf Furmanov” is a series of programs that goes on the St. Petersburg TV channel. He became a kind of reincarnation of “Theatrical Evenings”, which at one time was conducted on Central Television by the unforgettable Mikhail Zharov. Representatives of the older generation will surely remember that the actors were actors from Leningrad. In Rudolf Furmanov’s Theater Lounge, the format is somewhat different, without being divided into “friends” and “guests”. The first person to whom Rudolf Furmanov invited the debut issue of the program was Valentin Iosifovich Gaft. Over the years, N. Karachentsov, I. Sklyar, L. Porgina and other actors became his guests.

Meetings are held in the rehearsal hall of the theater building. A. Mironov. There are usually dozens of students from St. Petersburg theater schools, as well as well-known actors from local theaters on the show.


In 2011, the actor Rudolf Furmanov won the St. Petersburg Mayor's Award for his contribution to the development of the culture of the Northern capital. After 2 years, he was awarded the Order for Services to the Fatherland, 4th degree.In addition, the actor was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia.

Rudolf Furmanov books

Personal life

Rudolf Furmanov officially married 4 times, and once was in a civil marriage. His first wife was Galina Vasilyevna Bulanova. In this marriage, the son of Vladislav was born to Rudolf Davydovich. He continued the work of his father and today works as a director in the theater "Russian enterprise". In 2012, V. Furman won the National Theater Award. E. Lebedeva.

The two subsequent marriages of Furmanov were childless.

At the moment, the wife of the actor is Diana Kuzminova, who is younger than his 31 years.

Actor Rudolf Furmanov and his wife Diana have been together for over 16 years. In 2003, they had a daughter, Elizabeth.

In addition, the actor for 20 years as a grandfather. He has a grandson Alexey, who decided to continue his already well-known professional dynasty and is studying at the acting department of the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatrical Art.

Rudolf Furmanov movies

Rudolf Furmanov, whose wife was born on the same day as his son Vladislav, regards himself as a completely happy person and does not regret anything. Despite his rather old age, he is full of strength and is optimistic about the future.

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