"Rinofluimucil" for children: instructions for use, reviews, analogue

In the cold season, most people experience colds. A runny nose is considered an extremely unpleasant phenomenon. It is sometimes difficult to get rid of it. Each ailment is different. There may be a runny nose. In a baby, nasal congestion, mucosal swelling, or fluid discharge may sometimes occur. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms, pediatricians often prescribe the drug Rinofluimucil for children.

rinofluimucil for children

general description

The drug "Rinofluimucil" is a mucolytic drug that has a vasoconstrictor effect. It is intended for local use. The drug is available as a nasal spray. It is a practically colorless liquid with a pleasant mint flavor and slightly sulphurous odor.

Today, pediatricians refer to the drug Rinofluimucil for children rather effective drugs. Instructions for use positioning tool as an excellent mucolytic and anti-edema agent.

The composition of the drug

The drug has been widely used in the treatment of ENT diseases. After all, even with pronounced inflammatory processes, Rinofluimucil for children significantly reduces the unpleasant symptoms. Instructions for use gives a whole list of substances that have a beneficial effect on the body. Among them, two active components have the greatest benefit:

  1. Acetylcysteine. This is a very effective and efficient mucolytic. It provokes the thinning of mucus and the separation of sputum. This substance contributes to the removal of pathogenic bacteria from the body. The component also performs another important function - it protects the respiratory organs from the harmful effects of toxins.
  2. Tuaminoheptan. This substance is a vasoconstrictor in nature. Its effect on the body allows you to productively remove the swelling.

Due to such effective components, the drug Rinofluimucil is very often prescribed for children. The drug is able for a few days to save the crumbs from the painful cold and at the same time significantly improve the condition of the baby.

Features of the drug

The drug is very effective in combating the most diverse types of rhinitis. It can relieve from a protracted, chronic rhinitis. Even with allergic rhinitis in combination with other drugs can be used "renofluimucil". Instructions for children, the dosage is recommended to apply in strict accordance with the appointment of your pediatrician. And only then, thanks to the unique active substances, the drug will have a beneficial effect. After all, it is different vasoconstrictor, anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

rinofluimucil for children instructions for use

Many modern drugs affect only the walls of blood vessels. In contrast, the drug "Rinofluimucil" perfectly copes with purulent traffic jams and thick mucus. The tool very quickly dilutes the contents of the nose and helps to bring it out. Such a drug - an indispensable tool for combating green secretions and crusts.

Thus, using the drug "Rinofluimucil" for children, you can effectively and quickly be able to alleviate the condition of the crumbs. After all, the baby's nasal cavity is cleaned, discharge stops. And most importantly - the baby starts breathing normally.

The active ingredients of this drug do not have antibacterial properties. Therefore, the medicine cannot replace antibiotics prescribed by a doctor in case of a cold.

Drug use

Most often, children suffer from colds. Kids have all the unpleasant symptoms, among which a special place is occupied: nasal congestion, runny nose. Therefore, most parents are interested in the question: is it possible for children to use the medicine “Rinofluimucil”?

For kids, most often this tool is used. But it is very important to focus on the age of the crumbs and to observe the correct dosage.

As stated attached to the drug "Rinofluimucil" instructions for use for children (parents reviews fully confirm the effectiveness of therapy) tool is designed to combat the following pathologies:

  • rhinitis in the acute, subacute stage, followed by a purulent-mucous thick secret;
  • sinusitis;
  • vasomotor rhinitis;
  • chronic rhinitis.

Rinofluimucil instructions for use for children

Dosage Medication

Since the medicine "Rinofluimucil" is produced in the form of an aerosol, it is very convenient to use.Spraying spray allows you to influence a large area of ​​the mucous membrane, so that the positive effect of therapy occurs almost instantly.

The instruction informs that it is possible to use the drug "Rinofluimucil" for children and adults. But it is very important not to exceed the recommended dose. In addition, it is absolutely undesirable to use the tool without a doctor's prescription.

According to the instructions, the following dosages are recommended:

  1. Adults. In each nasal cavity, 2 doses of spray should be injected (this implies two presses on the corresponding valve). This procedure is repeated 3-4 times a day.
  2. Children. For each nasal passage, one touch is the norm (1 dose). Manipulations should be performed 3-4 times during the day.

It is extremely important to observe not only the recommended dosage, but also the duration of therapy. This drug is used to treat rhinitis for no more than 7 days.

Exceeding the course of treatment or dosage without the appropriate prescription is extremely dangerous.


At this point, it is imperative to focus the attention of the reader. Since most patients today use drugs without a prescription, based on the positive feedback from neighbors, friends.

rinofluimucil can children

The medicine "Rinofluimucil" is categorically contraindicated for the following factors:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • angle-closure glaucoma;
  • cardiovascular diseases (including arterial hypertension);
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • the simultaneous use of other sympathomimetic drugs, including those used intranasally decongestants;
  • removal of the pituitary gland;
  • previous surgical interventions that have access to the dura mater;
  • use simultaneously with this drug monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

Under strict supervision, doctors may prescribe a drug to people suffering from angina, frequent extrasystoles, bronchial asthma.

Extremely carefully and only under the supervision of a physician, this drug is prescribed to babies up to three years.

At what age can you use medicine for children?

Usually parents are carefully studied (before using the drug "Rinofluimucil") instructions, reviews. For children, this drug is quite suitable. However, the question is, at what age can this remedy be applied?

Doctors say that irrigate the nasal cavity can be crumbs at any age.But it is extremely important to observe the condition - the dosage of the drug should strictly correspond to the age. It is best to consult with doctors about the appointment.

analogue rinofluimucil for children

If necessary, pediatricians can prescribe the drug "Rinofluimucil" for children under one year of age who are breastfed. But do not forget to carefully study the instructions, to comply with all the recommended periods of use of the drug and its dosage. Failure to comply with such important rules can lead to the occurrence of serious adverse reactions in the crumbs. And in the case of long-term use of the spray, addiction sometimes develops.

The child form of this medicine is not developed. For kids, the usual drug is used, but in much smaller dosages.

If you decide to use the medicine "Rinofluimucil" for children, the first thing to do is to consult with your doctor about the need to include this drug in the therapy.

Instructions for using the spray

If you use this tool for the first time, a lot of questions arise regarding the rules for its use. The algorithm for using the spray is quite simple and consists of the following steps:

  1. Remove the cap from the vial containing the solution.
  2. Remove protective cap from sprayer.
  3. Attach the prepared spray bottle to the vial.
  4. Remove from the last cover.
  5. Activate the sprayer. To do this, simply click on it.

Rinofluimucil instructions for children

As you can see, this tool is very easy to use. There are practically no great difficulties in its application.

Side effects

Sometimes there may be some unpleasant symptoms accompanying the medication:

  1. The immune system. Allergic reactions may occur.
  2. Mind. The patient is able to face irritability, anxiety. In some cases, hallucinations appear.
  3. Nervous system. Possible: the occurrence of insomnia, agitation, tremor, headache.
  4. Respiratory system. Some patients complain of dryness in the mouth and nasal cavity, throat. Even nasal congestion is possible.
  5. Cardiac system. Heart rhythm may be disturbed, tachycardia may occur. Sometimes against the background of this arterial hypertension occurs.
  6. Urinary system. Some patients experience urinary retention.
  7. Digestive tract. Sometimes there is a feeling of nausea.
  8. The skin. Perhaps the presence of a rash, urticaria.Some patients have an inflammatory process in the sebaceous glands.

Analogs of the drug

The modern pharmacological market has provided many excellent medicines that can replace almost any drug. However, selecting the analogue of "Rinofluimucil" for children, do not do it yourself. The health of your babies is in your hands, so be sure to consult a doctor.

The most effective analogues of the drug are:

  • "Kameton."
  • Pinosol.
  • Vokarept.
  • Aktifed.
  • "Zinnabsin".
  • Delufen.
  • Rhinital.

Opinion of patients

No matter how much parents studied the drug Rinofluimucil, instructions for use for children, reviews of people who have experienced the drug on themselves are more important.

Rinofluimucil instruction reviews for children

The medicine is one of the few medications that patients respond positively to. Especially delighted with the drug, young parents, who within a few days, using the drug Rinofluimucil, were able to eliminate all the symptoms of rhinitis.

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