Biography of Rimma Agathoshina

Childhood and family Agathoshina

Rimma was born in Moscow, where she graduated from school 726. However, the girl had to finish school as an external student. When she was fourteen, the parents, seeing her daughter's stitch to sew dresses and disguise, to fashion magazines, and also noting good natural data, took her to Vyacheslav Zaitsev, a famous Russian fashion designer, to participate in a beauty contest. It became clear almost immediately that Rimma can be very successful in her modeling career. For this, I had to pass all exams as an external student in order to devote myself completely to the modeling business. In those years, teachers were disapproving of such studies, so it would not have been possible to combine study with work.
Rimma Agathoshina and Bogdan TitomirRimma Agathoshina and Bogdan Titomir
As a child, Rimma loved drawing and she did it pretty well. The fact is that both dad and mom drew well, but only her grandfather became an artist. Drawing left passion for life.
At fourteen, Rimma was 170 centimeters tall. This is not much for the model, but it was accepted for the competition.The girl was engaged, trying to remember all the lessons on the defile. In the agency "Redstars", where she went in parallel, Rimma also liked and approached. At that time, this agency was headed by Tatyana Koltsova, who literally fell in love with the beginning model.
Agathoshina started going to the castings, but she was not taken anywhere. The whole thing was at the age, because at the age of fourteen the girl is no longer suitable for shooting in children's advertising, but she still does not look like a woman. Unfortunately, because of her age, Rimma could not understand this, was very upset, considered herself the worst in the agency.

The beginning of the career of photo model Rimma Agathoshina

Agathoshina during her work collaborated with the agency "Redstars" and with the agency "Point". In general, it should be noted that it took place more, as a model in the advertising business. The girl took the work and takes it very seriously, considering that the professional model should have an artistic vision, be an actress and understand the director's requirements, and for this you need to be able to understand and feel how the model itself looks from the outside. In her work, she always put diligence in the first place. More often, Rimma works with domestic advertising companies, although she also likes to cooperate with foreign ones.As the model itself says, it is much more pleasant to be close to family and friends in beloved Moscow.
Agathoshina dreams at least once to play in Vogue or “Pantene Pro-V”. To date, she has already advertised such famous brands as L'Oreal, Samsung, Max Factor, Coca-Cola, Mary Kay, Ax Effect, Beeline and others. In addition, Rimma advertises and many domestic companies.
Rimma - PR-manager and top model "Modus VivendiS" (Russian modeling agency). Her responsibilities include managing advertising and marketing activities. The agency was founded in 1992 and today it is the leading model agency in the country. Maxim magazine, compiling a list of the 100 most sexiest girls in Russia, included Rimma Agathoshina in it, where she was at the ninety-second position. This information attracted even more attention to the personality of the model.
Rimma Agathoshina for VAIDE
In the spring of 2008, Rimma tried herself in the filming of the video clip of the Moral Code group called “Where are you?”, Directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Rimma Agathoshina at the “Field of Miracles”

For many years, the model has been working in the “Field of Miracles” program, being an assistant to Leonid Yakubovich, her duties are to open letters and give prizes to participants.She started working there at an early age and still works for more than seventeen years now. Prior to Paul Wonders, she worked at the modeling agency Zaitsev, as well as with Bogdan Titomir on the dancer. The model itself believes that she was accepted for the ability to smile, although it cannot be denied that Rimma's telegenicity and ability to work for the camera helped her to qualify.
Not everyone knows the surname of the Russian model, but almost everyone has seen the program “Field of Miracles”, which means Agathoshin too. It is she who is the permanent assistant of the leading this popular favorite TV show. The role of Rimma there is not so important, however, the graceful, intelligent and beautiful girl does not go unnoticed by the audience and guests of the studio.
Rimma Agathoshina on the Field of WondersRimma Agathoshina on the Field of Wonders
With seeming simplicity, this work requires constant attention, because during the filming you may need anything. Sometimes on the program there are funny and funny cases. Somehow Leonid Arkadyevich even gave Rimma a single persistent Latino. Usually from fans Agathoshina hiding in the dressing room. She has a lot of letters, postcards, messages, gifts and love poems in her house - a kind of her own small museum “Fields of Miracles”.
Naturally, the success of Rimma’s model and career will not end.In the future, most likely, her last name will be well-known thanks to achievements in the world of fashion, show business and advertising.

Personal life of Rimma Agathoshina

At one time, Rimma had an affair with Titomir. The model itself prefers to call it not a novel, but a relationship. While she was young, she didn’t have any questions; having matured, having learned to analyze and draw conclusions, she realized that they were too different from Bogdan, with different views on life. According to Agathoshina, this was the reason for their rupture.
The model makes love move forward in life - in the broad sense of the word, that is, love for its loved ones and those dear to it. For Rimma, the meaning of life in life itself is to be useful to people you love and cherish.
Agathoshina maintained friendly relations with many models. Some of them work and live abroad, doing advertising for world brands, and someone lives in Moscow, and they can go together to a cafe or a cinema, to meet, just to chat.

Rimma Agathoshina now

Speaking about dreams and plans, Rimma noted that in this period of life in the first place she has self-realization as a mother.She believes that this is important for every girl and woman. Agathoshina is a creative person, in childhood she dreamed of being a fashion designer, she dreamed of creating new exclusive models of fireplaces and so on. Now all this has faded into the background, on the first - the future family.
The popular model does not consider itself a fashionista, treating clothes very simply. There are things that for her will always be loved - it's sneakers, jeans and T-shirts. The main thing is that it all looks sexy and feminine.

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