Red currant sauces for winter: recipes, photos

It seems that sauces always accompanied the person. The first mention of him by archaeologists found in ancient Greece. The sauce is able to transform a trivial dish and turn it into a true culinary masterpiece. Today we will pay attention to several famous recipes of classical European cuisine, as well as get acquainted with the original versions of oriental cooking. The queen of the table will be red currants.

What are red currant sauces?

Sauces of this scarlet berry are thick and gelatinous to decorate the finished dish or liquid to impregnate the meat. For the kebabs, it is made into a marinade, for meat and fish dishes, salt and spices are put in the sauce, for desserts they are made by adding cinnamon and vanilla to it. You can cook it carefully, so that the berries do not burst from boiling. And you can squeeze the juice and make jelly. In the winter it is good to cook a few recipes for different occasions. This inexpensive and very useful berry will help brighten up the winter days if the dishes from it are regular guests at your table.

Summer memory

You can prepare red currant sauce for the winter. The recipes suggested below are suitable for serving directly from the heat of the heat, and for long-term storage.

red currant sauces

Basically, they first make the juice, separating the seeds. You can add different seasonings to the juice. The principle is this: all fresh herbs are then removed by straining, and dry ones can be left as follows.

In order not to confuse the jars with the contents, it is good to prepare stickers with labels in advance. Indeed, in color and texture, they are very similar. And who would like a slice of casserole poured with spicy sauce? Or juice - salty and spicy? In order to avoid such troubles, the sticker should be glued immediately after the cover is seamed.

"Cumberland" - red currant sauce for meat. Step-by-step recipe with photos

This is a thick jelly puree. A conservative recipe, any introduction of innovations into it kills the taste of the real "Cumberland". Born the famous recipe for red currant sauce in Hanover. He received the name from his author, the court chef, in honor of the English Duke of Cumberland, who was then in the city. This is a classic meat, it is served to the steak or roast beef. His recipe contains the book "English cuisine" in 1904.The famous "king of cooks" Auguste Escoffier contributed to its promotion.

red currant sauce for winter recipes

Detailed instructions:

Step number 1. To begin, take a lemon and an orange. Remove the zest (it is needed for flavor), but the whole thing is in quantity. Four shavings are peeled off with a lemon peeler, and three from an orange. The length of the chip is about a finger. While the zest is cut (straw), water is heated on the stove for processing. In hot water, the zest will lose bitterness.

Step number 2. Squeeze the juice from lemon and orange, place in a saucepan, add an incomplete tablespoon of sugar and reduce to a thick syrup. You can do this with strong heat, watching the process.

Step number 3. Finely chop a piece of ginger about the size of a plum, add to the contents of the saucepan and continue to boil.

Step number 4. When the sauce becomes thicker, add port to it (from half a glass to one third).

Step number 5. After a minute, the main ingredient, red currant jelly (glass) is added. Jelly should not contain gelatin. If there is no homemade jelly, you can buy frozen berries and make mashed potatoes with sugar.

Step number 6. Now we have a good consistency, reduce heat and add a teaspoon without the top of mustard. Common mustard from the jar. Take a whisk and mix until thick.After sweet red currant sauce is poured into a separate bowl for cooling.

Step number 7. The peel is removed from the water and dried. It is added until the sauce has cooled. Poured into a sauceboat and sprinkled with fresh chopped parsley.

red currant sauce recipe

The sauce still thickens when cooled. It is used cold to ham and meat. It is well kept in the refrigerator. Some prepare red currant sauce for the winter, adding vinegar to it and rolling it into small jars, but the taste will not be the same. It is better to wipe it through a sieve at the stage of removal from the fire and put it into small jars, then wait ten minutes of sterilization before closing. And citrus fruits can be added before serving. Just do not forget to pre-heat this red currant sauce! Step-by-step recipe for good reason dictates adding zest, while it is hot. So she will give her entire bouquet.

Condensed Juice Sauce

There are recipes for sauces made from boiled juice. In Sweden, make red currant sauce. In the winter it is poured hot in sterile bottles, which are stored in a horizontal position.

In different countries, different spices are added to the juice.So do not be afraid to experiment. Red currant sauces, cooked on the principle of thickening the juice, go well with cold veal and sausages.

First you need to get berry juice. It is easier to do this by flashing a currant in boiling water for a few minutes. After that, the shell of each berry will be soft and you can easily wipe them through a sieve.

sweet red currant sauce

Now comes the turn of thickening the juice by evaporation of excess liquid. Ideally, cold sauce should be close in consistency to liquid sour cream. In the hot state, it is difficult to determine this, so you can try the state of readiness by dripping some juice on a saucer.

Red currant sauces require the addition of spicy spices. This is our next stage. You can calculate the amount per 200-gram jar. It will be convenient to open in the winter and eat immediately. Calculation per liter of juice: one teaspoonful of sugar and salt. Add to the saucepan with the juice in half a teaspoon of ground coriander and nutmeg, two or three dry cloves, cinnamon sticks, a few basil leaves. Boil and strain - and bottle. Suitable for small ketchup, just need to sterilize them well.

Onion Sauce

Red currant sauces are made with spicy herbs. But there is a recipe with onions.He also goes to the meat.

red currant sauce for winter

In a blender, chop a kilogram of berries, shift to the pan. Then, in the same way, chop a pound of onion and add to the berry puree. Add half a glass of water, a glass of sugar and cook over low heat for twenty minutes. It is important not to make a strong heat, so that pectins are not destroyed. The foam is removed as when cooking the jam.

The mass removed from the fire is rubbed through a sieve and returned to the pan. Add crushed garlic (three large cloves), a teaspoon of a mixture of peppers, one or two tablespoons of dried herbs (basil, mint and parsley) and two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Cooked for about forty minutes, add a teaspoon of salt and 100 grams of apple cider vinegar. Cooked for another twenty minutes and bottled in sterilized jars.

Garlic sauce

Red currant sauce with garlic is beautifully stored. First you need to cook 0.5 liters of juice from the berries. Then three heads of garlic are passed through the garlic press and added to the juice along with a half cup of sugar, a teaspoon of black pepper and a teaspoon of salt. All ingredients are well mixed to dissolve the sugar and salt. When this happens, we shift it into a jar and put it in the fridge. There the sauce comes, hardens and becomes not so sweet. Apparently, there is a fermentation.It turns out 660 grams, just for a jar of squash caviar.

Perfect with lard and black bread. All vitamins are alive, just be careful with the smell!

Sauce with fresh herbs

A delicious sauce is obtained by adding fresh greens to the berries. It's amazing how fast you can make red currant sauce. For the winter recipes are advised to cook it without seeds and evaporate the excess liquid. This recipe is good for meat, especially for pork.

Washed berries (200 grams) are crushed with a blender, rubbed through a sieve. A bunch of different herbs (cilantro, parsley, basil), two or three cloves of garlic, and small, hot pepper freed from the seeds are ground in a blender. Add berry puree, ground spices (cumin, coriander, cloves), a tablespoon of vegetable oil and salt with sugar (half a teaspoon) here.

This sauce is stored in the fridge, but if you reduce it a little, it will last all winter.

Sweet sauce

This is a great gravy to cottage cheese casserole, it can be poured on ice cream and apple strudel, jelly or other dessert. Beautiful color is very decorated with any dish.

red currant sauce with garlic

Preparing a liter of juice, always without seeds.The peculiarity of this sauce - it does not need to be boiled down. Thickening comes from the addition of starch. Sugar (a glass or two), a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and nutmeg is added to a saucepan with juice. At constant boiling over low heat, starch is diluted with cold juice. Immediately removed from heat and poured into jars. After a while, the sauce will thicken. It is good to add brandy to it, but then children can hardly be treated to them.


Skewers can be marinated in red currant sauce. For the winter, marinade recipes provide for the removal of large particles in order to prolong the safety of the product. It is prepared like this: five large crushed onions and two tablespoons of salt without top are added to a liter of juice. Brewed for half an hour, filtered and rolled over the banks. Along the way, grilled kebabs.

red currant sauce for meat step-by-step recipe with photos

You can marinate it in the cake that remained from the filtering. In winter, you can cook shish kebabs and at home, pickling meat in a sauce. In this case, the meat along with the marinade is laid out in a deep frying pan and left under the lid for an hour on low heat. How to evaporate - a little dry, turning the pieces on the table.

Bon Appetit!

There are many options for cooking red currant sauces. In North America, this is a national dish served for Thanksgiving turkey. In France and in England every woman has her own secret of making it. Unfortunately, in our country for a long time we were content with simple onion gravy and garlic snack, undeservedly leaving in the shade a simple Russian berry. Let us discover the richness of taste of dishes from world cuisines!

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