Rear brake discs on VAZ-2114: self-replacing

Domestic cars are reliable andrather durable, despite the fact that they are universally scolded. Low cost, availability of element base are the key moments when choosing a machine. But each driver tries to improve his iron horse, so for the beauty and reliability often put the brake disc rear on the VAZ-2114. Yes, it's beautiful - the drums look poor on cast discs. And reliably - the efficiency of the brakes is increased several times in comparison with the standard car kit.

Basic information

disc rear brake for vase 2114

Since the release of the first car oncar factory in Togliatti, and this was the model "Zhiguli-2101", nicknamed in the people "penny", almost to this day the brake system of all cars remained unchanged. Ahead were set disk, and behind the drum. This is logical, since the main load when braking falls exactly on the front.

Of course, such a scheme is much more effective thanAt the GAZ-24, which has a circle around the drums. Because it will not be a secret that the disc brake pads are much better grasped, and the path to the stop, respectively, is much smaller.

Tuning of VAZ-2114

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VAZ-2114 is a fairly fresh model thatcame to replace the famous nine. The base of cars is the same, even such trifles as taillights, and those are similar. But here you can improve the car only independently.

It is worth noting that "Lada-Kalina" is the firstThe model on which the factory installed disc brakes on the rear axle. And you need to mention that all the changes in your car you do solely at your own peril and risk. Intervention, modification of the design, steering, braking system, is punishable by the removal of license plates and the prohibition of the operation of the vehicle. But if it does not scare you, you can continue reading.

What you need for tuning

the vacuum amplifier of brakes vases 2114

If nevertheless decided to put the rear disc brakes on the VAZ-2114, you need to know what elements will be needed for this:

  1. Disks brake. Ideally fit those that are installed on the front wheels VAZ-2114 or similar models - 2108, 2109. Their diameter should be 240 mm. But you need to pay attention to the fact that you can not do without a turner - the hub differs a little in design. And if more specific, it will have to be bored with a diameter of 58 mm to 60.
  2. Calipers, brake pads, hoses are also from the front brakes of the generation models "Samara-1" and "Samara-2". Therefore, you can safely buy the entire set of front brakes for a nine.
  3. Plates for fastening of supports. You can both make them yourself, and buy in auto shops.
  4. 12 M10X1.25 bolts with a length of 30 mm.
  5. Washers remote - 8 pieces. Ideally suited are those that are installed in the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism of 8-valve models VAZ-2109 and 2114.

Well, that's all, all spare parts are bought, in stockthere is all the necessary tool. It remains a matter of small - to carry out a complete modernization. It should be noted that quite new VAZ-2114 (their price in the secondary market remains high) do not have rear brakes, but without much difficulty they are being altered.

Dismantling the assembly

brake adjustment

Before disassembling the entire brake system on the rearaxis, you must drain the fluid. For this, the bleed nipples located on the calipers are unscrewed. Therefore, in the future you will have to do the pumping. Initial works are as follows:

  1. Loosen the cable and remove the pads. Twist guide pins, which fix the drum to the wheel hub. If you can not easily remove the drum, treat the abundant seat with penetrating grease WD-40. It should always be at hand when doing such repairs. Even more - in advance (about half an hour), you should carry out this fluid treatment of all threaded joints.
  2. Remove the springs using a flat screwdriver and remove the spacer bar. Having disconnected the cable of the handbrake, you can completely dismantle the old, now unnecessary, pads.

Please note that the hand brake is now yourswill not (if not set hydraulic). Therefore, absolutely all the components that somehow relate to the cable, including it, can be deleted. And now you need to talk about the installation.

Mounting of disc brakes

how to pump the brakes of the VAZ 2114

The arrangement of the mechanism support can be eitherfront, and behind the rear wheel axle. It will work anyway, but here if you install from the rear, the efficiency is slightly higher. Next, your task is to properly connect the hub with the faceplate. Pay attention to defects, even the most minor ones. In the event that there are shortcomings, redo the work.

Carry out the alignment of the angles of the rear beam. Without this, you can not put the rear hub. It is most convenient to make a straightening with the help of a Bulgarian. To install a disc brake caliper, you need to do a few more actions:

  1. Mount brackets on the faceplate.
  2. Secure the brake disc to the wheel hub.
  3. Install spacers in contact points to increase reliability.
  4. Hold the fixing plates and brackets.
  5. Carry out the sealing of the brake mechanism.
  6. Fasten the caliper and install the brake pads.

That's all, as a whole, as you can see, workuncomplicated. But you should be careful when installing, use only new elements, especially the bolts. It is unacceptable to use the bolts that were in use. The thread is already deformed, although it is not visible to the naked eye.

The positive qualities of the rear disc brakes

disc brake pads

Yes, the main advantage is an increase in security. The braking distance is reduced, and it does not depend on the weather. The work of the node is stable, the weather in no way affects it. For example, during the rain drum brakes become ineffective, braking distance increases. This is not observed when using disk.

Overheating is not afraid of disk structures. For example, when braking at high speeds, the liquid in the system heats up due to a high frictional force. Drum and pads can warm up almost reddish - up to 600 degrees. As a result, the pedal fails, the braking efficiency deteriorates several times. This you will never feel if the disc brakes are installed. The device is simple and reliable, so you do not have to worry about security.

Prorolling of brakes

disc brake caliper

After all the works have to be donepumping - getting rid of air in the system. This is extremely necessary to improve the efficiency of the work. And since the modernization started, do not forget to change all the components that serve for a long time. Replace hoses, front shoes, vacuum brake booster VAZ-2114, master cylinder. As for the liquid, it should be changed approximately every two years. Briefly, the procedure for pumping is as follows:

  1. Fill the expansion tank with liquid.
  2. Pump the right rear caliper.
  3. Check the fluid level, top up if necessary.
  4. Pump the left rear caliper.
  5. Repeat step 3.
  6. Pump the front right caliper.
  7. Execute paragraph 3.
  8. Run the bleeding of the front left caliper in the last turn.

That's how to pump the VAZ 2114 brakes correctly, the essence of the procedure is to go from the far-to-near caliper (relative to the main brake cylinder).

Need a handbrake?

disc brakes device

But some motorists can not do withoutwithout a handbrake. A new VAZ-2114, the price of which at one time was close to 300 thousand, without a handbrake, but it is not very convenient. In cities in parking lots without it simply nowhere. And if the system of autorun is installed, then it is impossible to do without the handbrake - it is not recommended to set the speed.

What do you need to install this mechanism? In the first place - this is a handbrake, but not a cable, but a hydraulic cylinder. As a rule, they are universal, and Chinese new mechanisms cost from 1500 rubles and more. And the rear disc brakes on the VAZ 2114 will be equipped with a handbrake system.

The installation procedure is very simple - put it onplace the old, bolt, connect to the hydraulic system, namely - to the part that controls the calipers on the rear axle. That's all, from now on you will be with a hand that will work perfectly in any conditions. Not afraid of overheating, neither frost nor rain pouring. And even in frost you can use a handbrake.


When the installation is complete and completedpumping, adjusting the brakes, inspect carefully all the nodes, tighten the screw connections. And after the first departure to the road you will feel the difference with the previous braking. It will be much more effective, the car will become more stable.

I must admit that such a revision is necessary, andThe traffic police should resolve it, however, with reservations. It is impossible to collect kolkhoz, even if the acceptance of work and the permission for exploitation should be given by an experienced master. Of course, this is a dream, this will not happen. Therefore, for the time being it is necessary to carry out alterations only at your own peril and risk.

But the fact is that the rear disc brakes on the VAZ-2114 are efficient and reliable. And from their installation you will only gain by protecting yourself, your passengers and pedestrians.

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