Quiz for children in the camp with the answers

How to make a baby holiday? You always want children to have fun and useful time. A great option in this case - a children's quiz.

Do you like quizzes?

What it is? This is a game involving the search for answers to questions of a certain subject. Although it can be carried out with one child, it is much more fun if there are several participants. The more, the more interesting!

You can arrange a team competition. And it is possible, where every man for himself. Of course, the quiz should be prepared in advance. This means developing a list of questions (categorizing them) and organizing incentive prizes.

The theme of the quiz can be anything. Of course, we should not forget that the age of children is decisive here. The younger they are, the less serious the topics should be. Do not forget that the very idea of ​​the quiz implies excitement and fun, otherwise this lesson will turn into a boring survey.

quizzes for children in the camp

How to organize it

If you yourself can not come up with tasks or you do not have time for this, numerous collections will come to the rescue, as well as Internet resources. The quiz can turn into the real contests of young scholars. But still on vacation (for example, in a school camp) it is better if the tasks are of a comic character. Fun quizzes for children in the camp are very popular.

Funny and exciting quiz will come out with pre-selected tricky questions. Only those who have real resourcefulness and ingenuity can win it. Quizzes for children in the camp with answers to such non-standard tasks perfectly help the development of logical thinking and the ability to make original decisions. Even the level of knowledge in the answers to these questions is not too important. Adults can also play - after all, the main criterion of success here is not age or life experience, but creativity of thinking.

Examples of questions and answers for the quiz

- When is the person in the room without a head? (If you stick it out the window).

- In what year does everyone eat more than others? (In a leap).

- Which hand is more convenient to interfere with tea? (More convenient with a spoon).

- What can be done so that three people remain in the same boot? (It is necessary to take off each of them on the boot).

- What ends the night and day? (Soft sign).

- In which month does the talker talk less? (In February, since it is shorter than the others).

- Can an ostrich confirm that it is a bird? (No, since ostriches do not speak).

- What does a person have than others use more often? (His name).

Such a list can be continued indefinitely. Children and adults answer tricky questions with pleasure.

quiz for children in the camp with the answers

Quizzes for children in the camp

Imagine that you had the role of leader in a summer camp. Quizzes are a great way to entertain and organize children. Let's see how best to take on this exciting business.

The main thing here is to set the rules and think over the questions in advance. Then we distribute the participants to the teams. It is possible that everyone plays for himself. To simplify the task, you can take the rules of one of the TV quizzes, for example, “What? Where? When? "Weak Link", etc.

Quizzes for children in the camp can be held as independent events or as part of a themed children's holiday.

Preparing questions

Composing them, you should adhere to certain principles. Here are the main ones:

1. The question should not require a detailed answer.

2. Questions are not designed for deep knowledge in any narrow area.

3. The answer can not be in the form of transfer.

4. Assignments should not be too primitive and cannot consist of several separate questions.

sports quiz for children in the camp

Quizzes for children in the camp with the answers - the most common option. Anything can be their theme - sports, technology, nature, famous people (travelers, scientists, artists, composers, writers, etc.). You can come up with a quiz on a historical topic or on some literary work (or even a film). Win-win - quizzes for children in the camp on fairy tales, especially popular among younger students.

What you need for a successful quiz

The presenter can not only comment on the children's answers, but also provide additional information on the topic, which greatly broadens children's horizons. To conduct a quiz should be no longer than one hour. If you wish, you can repeat it at least daily, but too long intellectual marathon should be avoided.

What other points you need to think about for the successful organization of the quiz in the summer camp?

First of all, this is a successful jury that must be sufficiently competent. It is necessary to provide a beautiful design, develop attractive and memorable rituals of the beginning and end of the game. It is very important to think about the rewards that should receive the maximum number of participants.

fun quiz for kids in camp

But the main thing is a well-chosen presenter. It must be an energetic, fast-paced person with a well-suspended tongue and an unobtrusive sense of humor. His task is to think through the ritual of introducing the participants, prepare certain phrases and "chips" for commenting on responses and in case of unauthorized prompts before the game starts.

The presenter should master the art of a meaningful pause, sometimes resort to a mysterious lowering of the voice, and at times be able to organize a real outburst of emotions among the listeners.

Sports quiz for children in the camp

Quiz can be not only intellectual and verbal. Sports quizzes for children in the camp, which are most often held in the form of fun relay races, are very popular.The benefits of their undoubtedly - moving, children develop dexterity and coordination of movements, competently spend the accumulated energy and master many useful skills. Such a relay quiz is especially suitable for young children due to their increased mobility and restlessness.

It is possible to combine in the same quiz motor activity with intellectual load. An example would be a game with tasks on the knowledge of the rules of the road. Preparing for such a quiz is not so easy, as it will be necessary to organize the space - to draw out a “route”, to apply the markings, to install or hang up traffic signs. Most likely, you will need task cards and other attributes, for example, in the form of a sham traffic light or a striped wand in the hands of the presenter.

But the effort expended is worth it. Such a quiz is able to become one of the most memorable moments of the stay of children in a summer camp.

quizzes for children in the camp on fairy tales

Not only on the street

Usually mobile quizzes for children in the camp require space in the open air. But even in the case of bad weather, you can organize an action indoors, for example, in the gym.To do this, you should creatively approach the available inventory and competently organize the space.

Imagine, try new things and make sure that you are quite able to organize bright memorable moments of rest for children.

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