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I decided to completely change the heating system at my dacha, as I had been there for several days with my family and I realized that the system was working just awful. So I decided to consult which pump for heating is better to purchase in order to work normally. And maybe someone knows an inexpensive store with such pumps in Kazan?
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Answered on January 7, 15:04
When I set myself a heating system, then on the advice of a friend I installed a pump for heating Aquatic. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact model, but it has been working for about three years now and there have been no problems with it during this time.
Answered on January 7, 17:26
Do not risk and entrust the installation of the heating system to specialists who understand this issue. They will tell you which boiler you should buy and make everything normal. In addition, you will have a guarantee and in which case you will be able to contact them again.
Answered on January 7, 18:51
My friend also recently set himself a heating system, more precisely, he was put, and as I know, he had a pump for heating from Wilo-Star. He said that he gave about 7,000 rubles for it, but the expert said that it works just fine.

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