Protein slimming cocktails: reviews. Composition and preparation of protein slimming cocktails

Running in the morning, hiking in the sauna, eatingpharmacological preparations, acupuncture - to what only do not resort to wishing to get rid of excess weight. Naturally, fashionable protein slimming cocktails, reviews about which very quickly spread in the media, attracted the attention of a third of the country's population. Is it possible that a miracle cocktail will solve a long-standing problem once and for all? This is to be understood.

protein slimming cocktail reviews

The best cocktail in the world

Here is an example of how to prepare a protein cocktailfor slimming at home. "We grow thin together", - reads the next title of the article in the women's magazine. All ingredients are available in the market and are quite inexpensive, it is only right to mix them in a certain proportion - and the cocktail is ready. Half a cup of fat-free milk mixed with 200 grams of cottage cheese. Pour the resulting mixture with pineapple juice and add two bananas. Mix the mixture with a spoon of chocolate-nut paste (like "Nutella"). And there are millions of such recipes. Seeing in the description of the goodies that supposedly help in losing weight, most people who want to lose weight quickly do not even have a question about the caloric content of the product. Therefore, before creating a home protein shake for weight loss, you need to understand how the human body works. What makes him gain and lose excess weight, and how to accelerate this process without harming yourself.

Source of amino acids

Any protein when ingestedis synthesized to amino acids and glucose. Amino acids serve as building materials for the body, and glucose goes into glycogen with further conversion into energy or into a fatty cell. If a person does not have any physical activity, what kind of construction can we talk about? The problem is that if a rigid diet is observed, the body begins to starve and, after consuming all the glycogen stores, tries to take energy from the muscles and fat deposits. And if the fat does not need replenishment, then the muscles need to be restored. Recovery is due to the intake of amino acids in the body and synthesis of these into muscle tissue. That is protein slimming cocktails, reviews of which write happy people, in fact participate in the process of burning fat, however, indirectly.

protein slimming cocktail at home

It is necessary to know

Before proceeding to protein cocktails, you needlearn about the characteristics of the human body, primarily about metabolism. The diet of any person provides for the intake of complex substances, such as protein, carbohydrates and fats in certain proportions. Naturally, if you eat one protein, there will be a metabolic disorder that will lead to disruption in the functioning of important organs, such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. In physiology, there is a special calculation, which is applicable for any organism.

  1. The minimum intake of calories for the normal functioning of the body should be 25 kcal per 1 kg of body weight.
  2. The daily intake of proteins and carbohydrates should be at least 2 and 3 grams, respectively, per 1 kg of weight.

Knowing that 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories, andgram of proteins and carbohydrates contains 4 kcal, it is easy to make mathematical calculations and find out the body's need for complex substances. In any case, the calculation will show a significant lack of protein food. The recipe for a protein slimming cocktail must take into account these calculations.

From theory to practice

As an example, we can calculate the dailythe need for complex substances for the body, for example, weighing 70 kg. The need for calories will be 25 x 70 = 1750 kcal. The intake of proteins should be 2 grams, and in calories - 8 kcal x 70 = 560 kcal. Carbohydrate accordingly - 840 kcal. Fats are calculated by subtracting proteins and carbohydrates from the total demand - 350 kcal or 38 grams. Any weight loss is due to the lack of incoming food in the body to produce energy. For this, fat and carbohydrates are proportionally cut. The percentage of deficiency of these complex substances in the body should not exceed more than 10%, otherwise the organism will have stress, and its reaction for each person is unpredictable. In such cases, the prescription of a protein cocktail for weight loss will help. Proper intake of protein with insufficient amounts of carbohydrates and fat will force the body to take energy from fat cells. Naturally, a table of products with a complete composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is needed to form protein cocktails. We must not forget about the caloric value.

composition of protein slimming cocktail

First breakfast

In the morning, after awakening, the body needsonly in fast protein, but also in carbohydrates, which can charge the body with energy all day. Therefore, the composition of the protein slimming cocktail should contain complex carbohydrates. For example, it is enough to mix 200 ml of low-fat milk, 200 grams of curd and 100 grams of fresh strawberries in the blender to ensure the intake of proteins and carbohydrates 35 g and 25 g, respectively. Fat content will be 3 grams, and calories - 282 kcal. Strawberries can be safely replaced with other fruits available in the kitchen. The main thing is that the sugar content in it is minimal. Milk is replaced with kefir or yogurt, but curd can not be excluded. Quite an easy cocktail, but this is a prelude to a second breakfast, which should be high-grade and include hydrocarbon-containing foods such as oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, scrambled eggs with vegetables, or at least a few sandwiches with bread. If there is no opportunity for a full breakfast, no one interferes with creating a nutritious cocktail. Increasing the milk content in half, the composition is added oatmeal in a dry form. You need to start with 50 grams per serving. Accustomed to taste, the dosage should be increased to 100 grams of porridge per day.

Before dinner is far away

And if there are a couple of hours left before dinner, and there arewant unbearable, you can organize yourself an easy cocktail with a minimum of calories, to one or two hours to satisfy hunger. Again the milk? Not necessarily, milk is just one of the options as a basis, which can be replaced by juice or water, to taste creating your own protein slimming cocktails. Reviews of thin people confirm this fact. Accordingly, 250 ml of real orange juice without sugar can be mixed in a blender with one banana and 100 grams of roasted peanuts. The output will yield 30 g of protein and 40 g of carbohydrates. A small search for fats - 40 grams, but they are necessary, because nuts are a source of omega acids. Naturally, busting and calories - 450 kcal. After such a cocktail for lunch, it is better not to eat fat borsch or sausages, preferring vegetable food and meat products. Judging by the numerous reviews, during lunch it is worth using a large number of vegetables, regardless of the type of preparation: fresh, stewed or boiled. As a meat dish, you should pay attention to chicken breasts and beef steak. Oily pork is not a place in the diet of a slimming person.

Protein Protein Slimming Cocktails

Light snack

And here in the second half of the day about carbohydratesit is necessary to forget, as well as about fats. The prime task is to kill the stomach with foods high in protein. As a basis, it is better to use yoghurt or kefir with a volume of 200 ml. To mix it is necessary with 100 grams of cottage cheese and four squirrels of eggs. In general, it is worth getting used to the fact that the best protein slimming cocktails are created without yolks, which will have to be thrown away, as they are very caloric. If the taste of raw proteins causes antipathy or you want to protect yourself from infectious diseases, eggs can be cooked and in the cocktail you can use boiled protein. The difference is not special. As a result, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 28 grams of protein and 1 gram of fat. Caloric content is only 160 kcal. This cocktail is enough for one to two hours to quench hunger. Cocktails, prepared for a mid-morning snack and breakfast, can be alternated. That is, eat eggs with yogurt in the morning, and cottage cheese for a mid-morning snack. Then vice versa.

Cocktail for the night

Many nutritionists claim that the autisticprotein slimming cocktail at home is not the best way to lose weight. After all, there is no way to ensure the supply of only one protein in the body. In any case, no matter what product for cooking is chosen, without carbohydrates and fats can not do. Naturally, from a cocktail at night it is required to refuse. But there is an opportunity to limit consumption of carbohydrates at night. Protein protein slimming cocktails are very popular among people who want to quickly get in shape. This technology is popular all over the world, except Russia, where for some reason it is considered to be "chemistry". A cocktail at night with a protein based on caseinate will be very useful for both athletes and ordinary people who dream of losing excess calories. If you want to use only natural products in a cocktail, you can not do without fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese. About sweets for the night you need to forget, so the taste can be regulated only with the help of spices: vanillin, citric acid, cardamom, lemon and the like.

Ready-made solution

Thinking about how to prepare a proteina slimming cocktail, and looking for recipes, many people do not even suspect that leaders in the production of dietary food have taken care of them for a long time. For example, the company "Herbalife", which is very popular in 70 countries. The main office is in the USA, and the company has been on the market for decades. What other questions can an adult have? A reasonable person? Protein slimming cocktails "Herbalife" have been clinically tested and have special quality certificates. Millions of positive reviews of happy users who got rid of excess weight, dozens of interviews and documentaries. And if you understand - an ordinary protein with a horse dose of vitamins and minerals, which in the process of accelerated metabolism have the property of ending in the body, which is why there is a rash, dizziness, dry hair and skin. Preparation of a cocktail with protein "Herbalife" must be performed strictly according to the instructions indicated on the package, and in no case should it exceed the dosage.

protein herbalife slimming cocktails

Another ready-made solution

But the protein slimming cocktail "Faberlic"reviews have both positive and negative. Naturally, the negative is processed first. The picture on all the reviews one - people instead of losing weight gained a little weight. As it turned out, the problem is that most people in our country never read the entire instructions. Having found out the dosage, the majority proceeds directly to the action, but in vain. After all, in the instructions for use in black and white it is written that the use of a cocktail is recommended for a set of muscle mass with a deficit of total body weight. Roughly speaking - a protein cocktail is high-calorie. In addition, the product "Faberlic" is allowed to be used as a power substitute once a day. In fact, if you apply it instead of lunch, the result of weight loss will be, as evidenced by all the positive feedback in the media. Naturally, you should always remember that you buy this type of protein shakes for weight loss in pharmacies.

Great appetite

But for people who, in addition to healthy eatinggive their preference and an active lifestyle, visiting gyms and fitness clubs, without sports nutrition can not do. Of course, you can get a full amount of protein from food, but this option does not suit everyone. After all, protein intake must be increased to 3 grams per kilogram of weight. Yes, and raise carbohydrates to 4 grams. In any case, eating 200 grams of pure protein daily is problematic, and expensive. Therefore, many athletes in protein cocktails before training for weight loss include protein. The composition of the cocktail is limited to carbohydrates, trying to force the body to take energy from the fat cells. Protein is bred with milk or juice according to the manufacturer's instructions. At this stage, the intake of carbohydrates into the body can be regulated, or rather gradually reduced. Sharp deficiency of carbohydrates will quickly affect the physiological level: a decline in strength, darkening in the eyes. Therefore, we are talking only about the smooth reduction of carbohydrates consumed, and, as a result, the calorie content of the diet.

how to prepare a protein slimming cocktail

Recovery after workout

And let dieticians forbid to eat aftertraining for two hours. It's about ordinary food. But not a protein, which can satisfy hunger and not interfere with the process of destruction of fatty deposits. Protein cocktail after training (for weight loss) with a protein of rapid digestion will help quickly repair damaged muscles. Well, if the training was power, then the protein will go to build stronger muscles. Since after any intensive training the so-called "protein-carbohydrate" window opens, the fat burning process will not be hampered by a small portion of fast carbohydrates in the form of a banana. Tropical fruit can be safely added to the protein shake. To the sportsman on a note: reception of a protein cocktail directly after training is accompanied by an insuperable hunger which provokes on a psychological level and does not affect in any way health. You just need to wait 15-20 minutes until the protein starts to digest. Within a couple of months the body gets used to such a regime and does not bother later.

Please, open the whole list!

To create cocktails,choosing a product with a high protein content should be given and its calorie content. There are special tables of products that contain complete information on the content of protein, fats, carbohydrates, calories and glycemic index. The last item is responsible for the speed of assimilation of the product. Having examined the data provided, it can be found that most of the favorite foods are in the forbidden zone due to calorie content. There is already everyone to decide for themselves what to choose. Give preference to your favorite chocolate, adding it to the cocktail. Or make a tasteless mixture on kefir with shrimp and catfish. The notion of "tasty" should be replaced by the word "useful", otherwise there will never be a result. A full-fledged protein slimming cocktail, reviews about whichcan be found in numerous editions about diets and sports, it is recommended to create from products with high protein content and low calorie content:

  • All meat, except pork and lamb;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • eggs raw or boiled;
  • oatmeal porridge, wheat bran, lentils.

protein cocktail after a workout for weight loss


Protein slimming cocktail in homeconditions in no case will not replace the usual food, except that in addition to the ready-made cocktail "Faberlic", which contains the entire set of nutrients necessary for the body. The organism needs to serve food both in liquid form and in a solid, otherwise the intestines, stomach and oral cavity simply atrophy and will not be able to function properly in the future. The main goal of a protein cocktail is to supply the body with a large number of protein products with low caloric content that will saturate the stomach, but will not give the body enough energy. As a result, energy will be extracted from the fat deposits. Naturally, it is necessary to take into account the caloric content of products and the content of complex substances in a cocktail or in ordinary food, otherwise there will be no result. Judging by the numerous reviews, weight loss scheme is applicable to weightlifters - 70% of all fats and carbohydrates and 30% of protein comes in the morning, and by evening it's the other way around. The protein is in priority.

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