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How to choose the best powder for yourself? This question from time to time confronts the majority of modern women. What is there to hide, and some men, too, sometimes face him face to face. By the way, first appeared, the powder was used by men - it was invented specifically for their wigs. In those days, such funds had an incredibly high cost. Consequently, only noble, wealthy people could afford it. At the same time in Japan, a geisha could not allow herself to appear to people beforehand, without covering her face with whitewash and rouge so that it turned into a kind of mask.

The function of powder in the modern world is to carefully and effectively mask the oily sheen. This problem is especially relevant when it is a warm season outside. Beauticians, however, were able to significantly extend the functionality of this tool. It can even out skin tone and hide some flaws, as well as emphasize or decorate the shape of the face.By the way, for these purposes, you can also use a makeup base, which will allow you to even out the tone and make it as natural as possible.

Types of funds

PowderPowder can give a face shine, it sometimes imitates a tan, and also performs other roles. The range of products on the market is incredibly large. It is very difficult to navigate among him, especially for women inexperienced in these matters. Selecting cosmetics of this type, you have to pay attention not only to its color. Also important is the price and the type to which the chosen product belongs: crumbly, compact. Balls and cream are presented to the attention of buyers, there is shimmering powder and some other types - it is very difficult to list everything, and quite often a new product comes to the market, which is radically different from all that was before.

How to choose?

Starting the choice of powder is always necessary with the formulation of the goals for which this composition is acquired. Every species has advantages, each has its own disadvantages. In particular, if you look at loose powder, then it is good for everyone, but it’s contraindicated to carry it with you - if it falls out, it will immediately be in such a mess that it’s scary to imagine everything that was not lucky to be there at that moment. But to apply the tool is simple.At the same time, in order to take the powder with you, you already need to consider compact specimens, which have their own drawback - high-quality products of this type are quite expensive.

Shimmering powder is a very beautiful powder, but to use it for daytime makeup is a completely wrong decision indicating bad taste. In combination with the classic day makeup look when using this powder will be too aggressive. For evening makeup nothing better not to pick up. To even out the complexion, to pay attention to the cream-tone, but its weak point is convenience, and, more precisely, the inconvenience of application.

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