Polyurethane foam mattresses: reviews and opinions

Furniture stores sell many types of mattresses. Products differ in properties, materials, sizes. Demanded are, according to reviews, polyurethane foam mattresses. Buyers appreciate the products for practicality, but at the same time they have their drawbacks. About the advantages and disadvantages of products described in the article.

What is this stuff?

Thanks to modern production and various technologies it turns out to create products for different categories of customers. Today, low-cost products include polyurethane foam mattresses, in reviews of which the convenience of the goods is confirmed. The product is considered an affordable equivalent of orthopedic means. It will be the best choice for an old bed, country furniture, a guest room.

polyurethane foam mattresses reviews

Preparation method

Polyurethane foam mattresses are made of foam rubber. This material is now actively used for the manufacture of furniture. At each enterprise, the production technology is different, but the main stages are the same:

yomna polyurethane foam mattress reviews

  1. Two components are mixed - polyisocyanate and polyol in the right proportions.
  2. Then water is added. After a chemical reaction, carbon dioxide is produced. With it all the components are foamed, and the porous component is attached.
  3. Catalysts and process stabilizers are used. The operation lasts up to 20 minutes.
  4. The mattress block is left for 2 days for polymerization.

This technology helps to make an elastic and durable polyurethane foam mattress. Reviews show that the product is also practical. It contains orthopedic properties.


Chemical reactions are the basis for the creation of foam, gas-filled plastic. From the proportions of the connected components depend on the characteristics of the product - heat resistance, strength, durability and density.

polyurethane foam mattress hard reviews

There are different types of mattresses:

  1. With increased rigidity.
  2. Highly elastic.
  3. Standard.
  4. Soft.
  5. Viscoelastic.
  6. Super soft.

Highly and viscoelastic materials can be used for the manufacture of mattresses. But one foam is not a mattress. Additionally, felt made of flax, jacquard or other material that is suitable for making a durable surface.


According to reviews, polyurethane foam mattresses have the following advantages:

malfors polyurethane foam mattress reviews

  1. Elasticity and resilience. These are the main advantages of all products for sleep and rest.
  2. Affordable cost. If there is no possibility of buying an orthopedic mattress with eco-fillers, such a product would be the best choice in comparison with spring ones.
  3. Viscosity. The material is gentle, pleasant, soft. It withstands great pressure without loss of quality - it does not form dents, creases. The product is suitable for overweight people. The high viscosity property allows to solve the problem of joint sleep of people with different weights.
  4. Orthopedic properties. The mattress copies the contours of the body, while eliminating the deformation. It is suitable for people with spinal diseases, injuries, osteochondrosis.
  5. Air exchange The material from which the product is created has a cellular structure. It is breathable and has excellent hygienic characteristics.
  6. Easy to carry. The product is not afraid of deformation, twisting.

Polyurethane foam hard mattress, according to reviews, is perfect for a good rest. The man on him gets enough sleep and feels great.


Ideal materials are not, therefore, polyurethane foam mattresses have the following disadvantages:

  1. CostAlthough it is an advantage compared to other products, it is also a minus when you want to reduce the cost of the purchase to the limit. The cheapest products are not very high quality and durable. They serve about 4 years.
  2. Quality. Often, manufacturers reduce manufacturing costs by ignoring technological rules. This causes a rapid deformation, the material crumbles, creases appear, the product becomes unusable.
  3. Porosity. Polyurethane foam is presented in the form of a sponge; therefore, it perfectly absorbs liquid, odors, and vapors. Keep in mind that mattresses from this material should not be cleaned at home. For them, only a special treatment is suitable.
  4. Smell. As can be seen from the reviews, many buyers complain of a pungent chemical smell after being removed from the packaging. A few days later he disappears. There is no exact information about the harm and harmlessness of smell, but it creates some inconvenience.

It should be borne in mind that the purchase of a mattress from a trusted manufacturer eliminates various problems related to deficiencies. Choose a quality mattress is difficult. But only such a thing provides a good rest.

Popular manufacturers

Polyurethane foam mattresses are available from different manufacturers. Popular ones include:

moschult polyurethane foam mattress reviews

  1. Ascona - products of the company are made from advanced material. They withstand weight up to 110 kg. The mattress can be twisted without losing its properties.
  2. Polyurethane foam mattress "Ikea Yomna". According to reviews, the product has a dense "stuffing." It has a removable cover that can be washed at any time. According to reviews, polyurethane foam mattress "Yomna" is valued for its quality, strength and softness. On such a product provides a good rest.
  3. Consul. Products have an average stiffness of up to 120 kg. Mattresses are spring and springless type, with orthopedic and bilateral effects. But they do not have a removable cover, which complicates the care of the product.
  4. Polyurethane foam mattress "Malfors". Reviews show that it provides support and comfort. Mattress fabric consists of polyester and cotton. The product can be rolled up into a roll, and this does not spoil it.
  5. Dreamline. These are medium mattresses for 1 and 2 places. Products withstand up to 100 kg. If necessary, they can be rolled up.
  6. Polyurethane foam mattress "Moshult", according to reviews, strong and durable. Hard mattress provides excellent support.The purity of the product is maintained by washing a removable cover.
  7. Ormatek. Products are characterized by elasticity and elasticity, while they have an orthopedic effect. Mattresses are distinguished by good air exchange, ease of transportation and a variety of sizes.
  8. According to reviews, the polyurethane foam mattress "Malvik" is valued, like many other Ikea products. Elastic material for support and comfort. Enough to follow simple rules of care to save the product.
  9. Futon. Mattresses have different additives and anti-stress effect. Products are one-sided plan and two-sided, of different rigidity.

Care and maintenance

Although the material is airy, it should be regularly ventilated in the open air. Dust should be removed from the surface of the product. If a stain appears on the mattress, it should be immediately removed with detergent. When wet cleaning is done, drying in the open air is required. Do not use for this fireplace, heater and other heating devices.

ikea yomna polyurethane foam mattress reviews

Every month it is necessary to turn the mattress on the other side so that there is no tracking and the orthopedic effect is preserved.You also need to choose the right product in the store, given the weight of the one who will sleep on it. Thanks to the proper care of the mattress provides a complete rest.


Polyurethane foam mattresses are an excellent purchase for a family. This is confirmed by many reviews. They are usually acquired because of the affordable price, although many people know that latex species are much better in quality, comfort and durability. Some buyers say that it is better to purchase another thing that is made from better materials.

malvik polyurethane foam mattress reviews

Buyers celebrate the convenience and comfort of mattresses. They provide a wonderful sleep, smooth and non-slip surface. Many users prefer to use products with latches. An important role is the presence of a removable cover, because care is simplified with it.

Thus, such a mattress will make an excellent purchase if it is made of dense material. With proper care, the product can last a very long time.

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