Player: this is what? A brief overview of household equipment and software players.

Everyone in everyday life is bound tois confronted with the concept of the player. Usually, there are no special questions about such household devices or computer programs. However, with respect to the software, it will be necessary to give a few explanations to the term "player". This is necessary only for each user to understand the purpose of such software in different situations. Separately, the topic of correct installation and use of programs of this kind will be touched upon.

A player is what is generally understood?

player is

Let's start with the simplest thing - understanding what kind of device or program. In fact, that "iron", that the software player - this is the most common player.

In the home, such devices are used to listen to music, view video or images.

Software players are designedalmost the same, but the difference is that they have several more features in terms of recognizing modern multimedia formats, which in some cases is achieved by installing additional codecs and decoders. On "iron" analogs, you can not install such components. In addition, some software applets can act solely as a kind of add-ons to browsers ("Flash Player", for example), they do not have their own interface, as such, and run only in the context of other applications (web browsers).

Windows Player and Similar Programs

As you know, Windows of any generation has its own player, which serves to play multimedia content. This is the most common "Windows Vista Player" (Windows Media Player).windows player

It is used by default. However, not always this program, in comparison with similar applications, looks maximally functional.

First, the "Winds Player" without installing additional codecs, some media formats may not reproduce. Secondly, it is not always possible to play the same SWF files.

For them it is desirable to apply "native" developmentApple as a QuickTime player, which, in addition to its direct function, is very often used in some programs, for example, for processing audio or video.flash player

A few more interesting programs forWindows-systems look like players like VLC, KMPlayer, WinAMP, AIMP and the like. They have more settings, and they can boast of higher playback quality, not to mention the possibility of installing and connecting additional FX plug-ins or organizing (organizing) their own collections.

Finally, players of such a plan usually can notused to play media content located on Internet sites (except for resources with music or video collections). This is where additional extensions are installed, installed in browsers.

"Ado Flash Player": installation, use and update issues

The most common add-ons arecall Flash Player from Adobe and Shockwave Player from Macromedia. They are used to play audio, video and graphics on the Internet. The first one is more popular, although, if one understands, both of these additions are complete analogues.

Install these applets does not work. When multimedia playback is activated, they are turned on automatically. The most important problem is that they need to be updated in a timely manner.

Updater is constantly started with the system,Looks for new versions of the add-in and tells the user about the need to install them. If this component is disabled at startup, a similar message will be received by the user when trying to access media content on the flash player

But the update itself happens several timesunusual. The fact is that this is not an update. The process is more likely to install a new version over an outdated one. The user simply downloads the installation file to their computer, and then performs the installation on their own. And the old version is not always deleted. And this can provoke conflicts at the program level. Therefore, in some cases, it may be necessary to uninstall old modifications, and only then to install a new one. But the installation distribution package is automatically deleted when the installation is complete.


In general, based on the foregoing, you canto conclude that the player - this is the most common means of playing multimedia content of any format. And software players are head and shoulders above their "iron" counterparts, although they are not always equal in their capabilities and use.

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Player: this is what A brief overview of household equipment and software players Player: this is what A brief overview of household equipment and software players Player: this is what A brief overview of household equipment and software players Player: this is what A brief overview of household equipment and software players Player: this is what A brief overview of household equipment and software players