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The son first grader asked for a New Year to give him a phone. My husband and I decided to take a simple model (so that I did not sit on the Internet) I bought a handset (we ate a simple dialer). My husband has an extra start package Beeline, we want to put him, but there is connected to the Internet Highway. It is necessary to turn it off so as not to pay extra money, since we will not use it. How to do it?
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Answered 23 December 2017 14:59
Call the operator, I think this can be done on your application. It is easiest for me to solve all the issues with the operator, I don’t have time to go specifically to their office. True, getting through to the operator can be quite problematic.
Uneven Inga
Uneven Inga
Answered 23 December 2017 15:39
You all correctly decided, if you have a child to go home himself, then he needs a phone. But the Internet - will not give anything good at this age. Moreover, you will not be able to control the information that will be available to him.
Answered 23 December 2017 18:26
My daughter is a teenager.The phone supports the Internet and it instead of listening to the teacher in a lesson is sitting on the phone on the Internet. Our school banned the use of the Internet during the learning process. Here I found an article that describes how to disable the highway on the Beeline I want to disable. There is a wifi at home. Without the mobile Internet, it will cost.

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