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Without oxygen, life is impossible, but the inhabitants of modern megacities are increasingly suffering from a lack of this essential element. However, science does not stand still, and every day there are new ways to saturate the body with necessary substances. One of the most simple and tasty options is an oxygen cocktail. For children, it will be a useful dessert.

What is an oxygen cocktail?

It is a very useful and tasty drink, even, rather, a delicacy. It is quite difficult to describe. In the glass is a sweet air foam, which consists of juice, frother and oxygen. And the latter makes up most of the content, which determines the beneficial properties of the drink.

homemade oxygen cocktail

Cocktail is an excellent supplier of oxygen for the body. The fact is that through the walls of the stomach gas instantly enters the blood and is absorbed by the body. Oxygen cocktail during pregnancy will allow you to get enough useful gas for both mother and child.

Despite the fact that the delicacy has become popular not so long ago, it is already more than 50 years old. The pioneer of this drink is N. N. Sirotin, who invented a cocktail in the early 60s. last century.

Where can I try the air foam

Oxygen cocktail is made for healing the body and comprehensive prevention of various diseases. Consequently, the organization of a spa profile has long been using this delicacy. In rest houses, sanatoriums and dispensaries, automatic machines for the manufacture of a drink have long been installed. Also, the dessert is often sold in various shopping centers, sports complexes and places with high traffic of people. In addition, you can prepare an oxygen cocktail at home.

oxygen cocktail during pregnancy

Necessary equipment

To make a homemade oxygen cocktail, you need special devices with which you can saturate the drink with gas and turn it into foam.

Oxygen sources

First, you need a source of oxygen. You can use the hub of this gas. The unit extracts oxygen from the air, so that the owner gets almost unlimited access to the main resource.A small household appliance is powered from the mains with a voltage of 220 V, so only a power outage can interfere with the preparation of delicacies. In commercial projects most often use this device.

oxygen cocktail at home

Another source of gas can be an oxygen cylinder with a reducer. It will be enough for a long time, since the volume of gas in it is very large. The reducer regulates pressure and speed of supply of oxygen.

For travel, you can use a portable option - spray, the weight of which does not exceed 200-300 grams. It takes up little space, fits in a bag, lightweight and always at hand. You can buy it at the pharmacy. There is a small amount of oxygen in the canister, but this is quite enough to make several glasses of a drink. Also with its help they prepare an oxygen cocktail at home.

making an oxygen cocktail

Foaming machines

Secondly, you need a device for foaming. In places where the drink is prepared and sold in large quantities, use oxygen cocktail. However, now released models for home use. Inside the device there is a special container where the liquid base is poured, then the device is connected to an oxygen source. As a result, the foam fills the entire bowl and comes out through the “nose” of the cocktail machine.The resulting foam is poured into glasses.

harm to oxygen cocktail

Another option is an oxygen mixer. It is similar to the usual, the difference is that when beating the mixture oxygen is supplied. This device is used for batch preparation of a drink. When using a mixer, the foam turns out to be thicker and sweeter, but there is less oxygen in it.

The simplest and most inexpensive device is a tube with an aerator. It is very convenient to use on the road and at home, well suited for use with an oxygen canister. On a flexible tube wearing a special dispenser, which separates the gas into many small streams. Due to this, the base foams and turns into an oxygen cocktail. The resource of using the tube is limited to several portions, since the pores of the aerator are clogged.

Using any of these devices, you can make an oxygen cocktail at home.

What is the drink made from?

As mentioned above, for the preparation of an oxygen cocktail, a liquid base and a foaming composition are necessary. In words it sounds pretty scary, but in fact all the ingredients are natural.

Taste base

Juices can be used as a liquid base, preferably without pulp. Fruit drinks also have a pleasant taste. In addition, they enrich the oxygen cocktail with vitamins. The benefits of the drink from this only increases. You can use milk, but not too fat, 2.5-5% would be an ideal option. Often as a basis use herbal. This increases the biological value of the cocktail, saturates it with microelements and vitamins. To prepare the drink, phytonaste must be cooled to room temperature. In addition to the above drinks, syrups are very popular. Also simple water is sometimes used, then the drink will contain only oxygen.

What is foam produced from?

To prepare an oxygen cocktail at home, licorice root extract is usually used as a frother. This is the easiest and most convenient option. Also often taken gelatin infusion or raw egg white. But the first is prepared for quite a long time, and when using the second there is a risk of infection with salmonellosis. These components can be mixed, can be used separately, as you like.

oxygen cocktail for children

In addition to the above ingredients, special foaming compositions are sold. They are often used in mass production of the drink, for example, in shopping centers, sports complexes, etc.

How to make a drink at home?

Preparing an oxygen cocktail is a no brainer. There are many recipes and their options. You can also come up with your own cocktail.

The basic recipe is very simple: you need to pour a cold base into a glass, for example, juice. Then pour the frother. The ratio of these components is 10: 1. That is, 100 ml of juice will require 10 ml of frother. Ingredients need to mix. Then a frother is lowered into the solution. Oxygen supply begins only after the device is fully immersed in a cocktail base. After pressing the valve in the solution will appear bubbles, which form a lush foam. When the glass is filled, you need to stop the flow of gas. Cocktail is ready!

oxygen cocktail benefit

It should be remembered that the delicacy is desirable to use immediately after preparation. The drink is not stored, because with time the gas evaporates, and the cocktail loses its beneficial properties.

Oxygen cocktail: the benefits and harm

The drink is recommended to drink for the prevention of various diseases, because often the basis of all health problems is precisely the lack of oxygen. What is the indication for the use of this miracle remedy?

- Frequent illness. Though in adults, even in children. Oxygen is a source of energy, it is necessary to maintain immunity.

- All residents of large cities suffer from gas pollution. To restore the balance of substances in the body, you must use this drink.

- Hypoxia is oxygen starvation. The basis for the treatment of this disease will be oxygen in a variety of forms, including as a delicacy.

- Oxygen cocktail during pregnancy will avoid hypoxia. Also during this period, the blood volume in the mother's body increases, therefore more gas is required for saturation.

- The brain consumes about 30% of the total amount of oxygen coming from the blood, so people who are engaged in mental work, it will be useful to indulge themselves with the original drink.

- With increased physical activity requires more oxygen to restore the body.

- Cocktail is a low-calorie product.However, it is well suppresses the feeling of hunger. Therefore, it is useful to drink during diets. In addition, it can be prepared from juices or herbal infusions, therefore, the drink is rich in vitamins. In addition, oxygen accelerates the metabolism, activates the liver and stimulates fat burning.

- It is useful to use this delicacy for those who have problems with the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive systems.

The harm of oxygen cocktail is minimal. Contraindications may be for those who are allergic to any of its components (for example, orange juice or egg white). The problem is solved simply: you need to take the basis on which there is no allergy.

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