Review of Technics headphones from Panasonic

Headphones Technics produces a well-known company "Panasonic". They received good reviews from customers who celebrate the excellent quality of ear cushions and headbands. The latter is pretty durable. The lining is made of genuine leather. Microphones are not available in all models of the series. The sensitivity of the speakers is not more than 80 dB. Headphone resistance is 15 ohms. Cords have special protection. Standard plugs - 3.5 mm. In the store you can find options for gamers and even DJs. Of course, there are standard models for the average person. If we talk about quality options, then you can buy them for 15 thousand rubles.

Model RP-DJ1210

Technics DJ1210 headphones have customizable ear pads. Quality lining, some of them are made of foam. The speakers got a little power. But the sensitivity is high. The microphone in this model, the manufacturer is not built. Frequency - 16 Hz. Reviews on the Internet help to conclude that the plug is excellent, difficult to break. Often this model is used by gamers.Noise reduction is good - to hear other sounds will be quite difficult. Ear cushions should be cleaned, you can do it yourself. You can buy a model for 9 thousand rubles.technics headphones

Description headphone RP-DJ1250

The following model of headphones is created for DJs who are engaged in this business professionally. The speakers have a high power level. The average is 86 dB per ear. Ear cushions are made from foam and leather substitute. In the reviews it is written that the ears do not hurt from prolonged wear. Sometimes there are problems with the headband. It may break. The cord has a short length, so consumers complain that it is often lacking. The frequency of the device is 140 Hz. Surround sound is built in as an option. The microphone is missing. Often, this model is used by gamers. But you need to understand that because of the quality of the earpiece have a great value. You can buy them for 16 thousand rubles.

technics dj1210 headphones

Reviews the model RP-DJ1300

Headphones are versatile and quite practical. The ear cushions are oval in shape and also quite thick. The cord is long, the plug is standard (mini-jack). The owners claim that wearing these headphones is a pleasure. They do not put pressure on the ears. Ear cushions are made of foam.The resistance of the device is 15 Ohms. The frequency of the model is 20 Hz. The speakers have a head, so they can rotate freely. The headband is made of plastic. It has a picture, it is not erased, as buyers say. But on the ear cushions for prolonged wear cracks may appear. Therefore, it is forbidden to clean the headphones with a damp cloth. The cost of this model is 9 thousand rubles.

Headphone Overview RP-DJ1850

These Technics headphones are in demand. They became popular because of the small cushions. The device weighs 320 grams. As for noise suppression, it is of the highest quality. The headband is made long. The speakers can be easily adjusted to any shape of the head. Built-in surround sound system. The cord is of high quality and rarely twisted. Resistance is 21 Ohms. Cups are made of plastic, and they are quite sensitive. The maximum rate is 140 Hz. The cost of the headphones is 12 thousand rubles.

RP-DH1200 Reviews

These Technics DH1200 earphones received compatibility with console consoles. Ear pads made of foam. Have an oval shape. The speakers got a pivot design. Mounts made of plastic.The headband does not have a large thickness, so they can be called as comfortable as possible for the head. The speaker has a diameter of 52 mm. Many buyers notice that with active use, headphones do not put pressure on their ears. 21 ohms - an indicator of resistance. You can purchase the device for 10 thousand rubles.

 technics rp headphones

Model RP-DH1230

These Technics headphones are used to mix tracks. The frequency has a figure of 180 Hz. The speakers are made of plastic. The cord has a length of 3.2 meters. The plug is standard, as on most other models. The fixture weighs a lot, but at the same time it sits on the head just fine. The headband is made from leather substitute. Speakers can be customized. The surround sound system is built in and works fine. Frequency not higher than 230 Hz. The speakers are created with the heads of the usual plastic. Resistance is 23 ohms. You can buy a model for 16 thousand rubles.technics dh1200 technics headphones

Description headphone RP-DH1270

Technics RP headphones are suitable for mixing. They have a resistance of 23 ohms. The ear pads used are made from a leather substitute. The speakers have moving heads. Models also have a fairly high quality headband. The owners say that the ears of the model do not get tired. The speakers have a diameter of 51 mm.Headphones can work with all game consoles. You can buy a model for 17 thousand rubles. Technics RP-DH1270 headphones are used just for composters, as well as for mixers. They have a standard 3.5 mm jack. Headband small thickness. It is equipped with a special lining, which is made of leather substitute. The ear cushions are round, they are 12 cm thick. There is no microphone. The resistance is 23 ohms. The frequency is 16 Hz.

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