Oral contraceptives "Jess": reviews

Modern medicine treats almost all types of menstrual disorders with hormonal contraceptives. They are also indicated for acne, hormonal failure, obesity, an increased level of body hair in women. When miscarriage or missed abortion is recommended for at least six months to protect themselves with oral contraceptives. If earlier girls took such pills with caution, now they have become safer, which has been tested by many patients. Each oral contraceptive has its pros and cons.Jes reviews

Contraceptive market

Pharmacies have a huge variety of contraceptives. They differ in name, composition, cost. Therefore, you need to buy the drug strictly as prescribed by your doctor. Your condition while taking the pills depends on the quality of this pharmacy product. Previously, a side effect was rapid weight gain. This is one of the main concerns of women. Nobody wants to get those extra pounds.The drug in tablets "Jess" is quite popular today. The reviews about him are mostly positive. Details about it - below!Jess application

Contraceptives "Jess": advantages and disadvantages

Consider the appearance of the drug in tablets "Jess". The application is quite easy. Tablets melt almost immediately on the tongue. This is true for those who are afraid to swallow pills. In addition, oral contraceptive pills "Jess" is a modern drug that causes a minimum of side effects. For those who took the "Jess" product, the reviews remained positive. It contains little progesterone (compared with other oral contraceptives). This dose is gentle. Therefore, withdrawal bleeding rarely occurs.

Common complaints

contraceptive jess

The girls' complaints were that during the first days of taking the drug, the head was severely sore. This phenomenon is not observed at all. But, nevertheless, you can tolerate it. Among the side effects are spotting in the middle of the cycle, which continues until the onset of menstruation. This is a rather unpleasant phenomenon. It causes the need to constantly walk with daily pads.This worries many women. But gynecologists explain this phenomenon by the process of habituation to the drug. It may not be right for you. Everyone has their own body. Among the advantages worth noting the reasonable price of the drug and a good contraceptive effect. The manual says about reducing libido when taking pills "Jess." Reviews of this are different. Most women still have sexual desire during the reception. Those who have a discharge should not worry about a decrease in the contraceptive effect. He persists.


With caution you need to take these pills for people with liver disease. After abandoning oral contraceptives, some girls find it difficult to get pregnant, but, due to the minimal doses of the hormone in the drug "Jess", conception can occur as early as the next month after the withdrawal of the drug. Perhaps that is why the drug in the tablets "Jess" reviews are positive. After all, he solves many problems!

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