Official duties of a forwarder

The duties of the freight forwarder should be examined by each person who is interested in such activities, as well as by persons who are already in this position. In order not to have claims from the authorities or customers, it is necessary to exactly comply with all the rules and requirements that apply to an employee in such work.

forwarding agent duties

Information about freight forwarders

For each driver applying for the position and duties of the freight forwarder, certain requirements and standards are established, which include the age of the employee, experience and, possibly, experience in a similar position. Typically, the complexity and exclusivity of duties is determined by the salary and requirements that apply to a particular employee. When applying for a job, a person must be warned in advance about the conditions under which he should work, as well as the reasons that determine the likelihood of dismissal of an employee.

Forwarder driver duties

What does the forwarder do?

Takes all measures to ensure technically good condition of the vehicle entrusted to him.If necessary, he should inform the special section that any functions have dropped out of the norm or a more unpleasant situation has occurred, involving global damage to the facility or other costs. In some cases, the freight forwarder is required to independently carry out minor repairs of the vehicle if necessary, therefore, in this position, each employee may have different qualifications. This includes the duties of a forwarding driver.

duties of a freight forwarder driver

What is required to be able to this employee

Create a safe environment and avoid difficult situations in order to ensure the complete safety of not only the vehicle, but also the goods or passengers that the forwarder must take to the destination. You can not leave the car and go, while not taking care of connecting the safety devices and alarms. All doors of the vehicle are blocked not only during the exit from the car, but also at each stop, departure to the parking lot.

Additional forwarder duties

Forwarder performs feasible maintenance of the technical condition of the vehicle in perfect condition,and, if necessary, keeps track of faults and promptly notifies them to the management or to a special department where the device is being repaired. Uses the vehicle according to the instructions and does not deviate from its execution even in those situations when there is a possibility that you can depart from the rules.

freight forwarder duties

How does the forwarder

Timely sends the vehicle to undergo a scheduled technical inspection and controls the minimum or complicated maintenance service in a specially designated service center or in any company that provides such services. This includes the duties of a forwarding driver.

Independently maintains the cleanliness of the car as a whole. Often it helps to preserve the image of the company in excellent condition. If necessary, he carries out operations to wash the surface or the inside of the car, but the scheduled cleaning takes place in a special center or contacts the specialists in the allocated section from his own company.

The freight forwarder must remember that cleanliness must be maintained not only on the surface of the vehicle or in its cabin, but also in the part of the motor and other internal structure,therefore, sometimes this employee must himself remember the need to clean the engine or change the oil in different compartments of the car. To do this, he must also contact a special service center.

Basic Prescriptions

After the end of the working shift, the freight forwarder must complete the work completely, that is, put the car in the parking lot reserved for it or roll it into any parking space. You can not leave the car unattended. Before leaving the car, you should put it on the alarm, lock all doors, and also it is advisable to check the condition of its condition and evaluate the possibility to drive it all the next shift. This is part of the functional responsibilities of the freight forwarder.

what is the responsibility of the freight forwarder

Accepts goods from specially designated premises. Usually, it is necessary to visit special warehouses, which is the main route and duties of the forwarder. When accepting goods, you should use special accompanying documents and independently verify the correctness of the product count, check the quality and quantity of products with a list, only then put your signature and take the products to the next destination.

What should not forget to do the forwarder

Control the integrity of common packages or the health of the bags on each product. If necessary, and if possible, you can control the quality and all the characteristics of the product itself, as well as check the complete equipment in the devices. The price and the conformity of products to specific characteristics are checked in order to deliver specifically those things that were ordered. This includes the duties of a forwarding driver.

Check the quality and good condition of the work of the loaders, that is, make sure that the loading and unloading of goods takes place most carefully and accurately, and also check that the products do not fall, but are transferred and fitted correctly to avoid claims to the supplier or the company that manufactured the products.

functional duties of a forwarder

If there is a question about what is the responsibility of the freight forwarder, you should pay attention to the following information. He has to control that during transportation the goods are laid as correctly as possible, his location has a beneficial effect on the quality and integrity of the goods, as well as to check whether the packaging can withstand the imposed load.If necessary, the freight forwarder, whose duties are quite broad, should correct the work of the movers in the process of its implementation, which is a very responsible undertaking. This includes the duties of a forwarding driver.

What should a forwarder

To arrange all the necessary documentation, which reflects the process of receiving and delivering the goods, as these papers are not only important information for suppliers and recipients, but also serve as a reporting link for exerting a positive influence on the activities of the forwarder, proving the correctness and timeliness of its actions. The freight forwarder is a trustee and at the same time a representative of the company who entrusted him with the supply of its own or second-hand products.

Before leaving, the freight forwarder carefully works out and, if necessary, coordinates the route with the more senior officers. It must ensure the fastest and safest delivery of goods. It is also important to consider the availability of the road in terms of fences or the presence of traffic jams. If there is a manager or freight forwarder working in a large group, he must coordinate his opinion on the movement with the immediate superior.

Maintenance of trip tickets is the responsibility of the freight forwarder. In addition to the need to deliver the goods correctly and in a timely manner, he must complete all documentation and oversee the movement of goods. A great responsibility is assigned to him, however, if the employee is aware of his duties and precisely follows them, he will be able to do the work correctly.

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