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Our company urgently needs to make a legal address and, as I heard from my friends, it is not necessary to have the premises and you can safely get the address from any company that sells addresses. Tell us about what you should pay attention to when purchasing an address and please advise low-cost firms in Kiev.
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Answered on February 15 21:29
You can find a company that sells legal addresses without any problems and their prices are about the same. But you should pay attention to some nuances when choosing a company. The most important thing is to check if there are numerous registrations at the address you were offered.
Answered on February 15 22:32
When you conclude an agreement on the lease of a legal address, be sure to see whether it can be continued after the expiration date. The price for a legal address often depends on the area in which it is located and in Kiev, the average price is about 3-4 thousand hryvnia.
Answered on February 16 00:03
It is necessary to check if there is a mass registration at the address, as my friend trusted and then had a lot of problems when the tax checked the address. How would you not trust the company and that you would not be told by its employees, do not listen and check the address. By the way, buy jur.

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