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Theater and film actress Natalya Kosteneva (erroneously: Natalia Kosteneva) was born on December 1, 1984 in the city of Semipalatinsk.
Natalya Kosteneva nearly missed the entrance exams to the theater college. The future celebrity came to the Shchukin School on the last day of testing, right from the train. For the exams she wore a long black dress. However, right on the threshold of "Pike" the girl was told that everything was over and that the place in the university was no more. Nevertheless, the girl walked through the school and looked into each audience.
“One of the doors opens abruptly ... on my forehead. From the room goes high uncle. I was scared, ran away. Behind me, the girl caught up and offered to go to the audition. Subsequently, this uncle was my artistic director, ”says Natasha Kosteneva.

Theater roles

In 2005, the actress graduated from the Boris Schukin Theater School. There, the girl comprehended acting skills in the course of Honored Art Worker of Russia Mikhail Borisov. Natalia Kosteneva got the first roles while studying at the theater university.
Lucky NataliaLucky Natalia
First, the actress played Polina staged "Profitable Place" by M. Borisov. This role has become a thesis work of a girl. After that, the future celebrity embodied Olivia in the play “The Twelfth Night” by A. Shirvindt on stage. And then she was offered a job in the play "The Last Love of Don Juan." By the way, this was the first and only work in the troupe of the Roman Viktyuk Theater.
Immediately after the end of "Pike", Natalia Kosteneva begins cooperation with the Theater under the direction of Roman Viktyuk. However, she soon joined the troupe of the Theater of Oleg Tabakov.
On the theatrical stage, the girl performed the role in the performances of "The Lyceum", "Fathers and Sons", "Every Wise Man Enough Simplicity", "The Marriage of Figaro", "Amadeus", "The Eldest Son" and others.
Natalia Kosteneva collaborated with the Anton Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. The truth is, here the girl played only one role. She embodied Constantia in the production of Amadeus, directed by Rozovsky.
A girl in one of the interviews admitted that she had achieved everything in life herself. She took care of her theatrical career in the last year of school. On the eve of her graduation speech, a graduate made a list of Moscow theaters, then called all the leaders and invited them to the performance.The girl was sure that her work in the production will not go unnoticed.
Soul requires creativitySoul requires creativity
Kosteneva herself dreamed of getting to Galina Volchek and even called her several times. Volchek was surprised at her perseverance, but she nevertheless sent a representative to the graduate work of the future actress. The directors, by the way, appreciated the skill of Natalia. After graduation, the girl accepted an invitation from the theater of Oleg Tabakov, where she still works.

Natalia Kosteneva in the cinema

Natalia Kosteneva did not leave unnoticed and work in the cinema The actress has played in a number of films. In 2003, while still a student, the girl got a supporting role in the film "Bless the Woman." The next time on television Natalia appeared only in 2006. The actress played the episodic role of the Frenchwoman Sophie in the popular situational comedy series “Happy Together”. In 2007, the actress embodied the image of Bosch's wife in the “Gioconda on Asphalt” tape in front of the cameras.
In the same year, Kosteneva played Liza in the film “Pathmen.” In 2007, Natalya got the first main TV-roll. The girl became Nastya in the film "Tutor".A year later, the actress played Marusia Klimava in the television series "Yermolovy". This role has become one of the most prominent in the entire filmography of the girl by the time. In 2009, Natalia Kosteneva played Mila in the film “Annushka”.
However, the real Russian fame of Natalia Kosteneva was brought by the main role of Nastya in the series “Zaitsev + 1”, which appeared on the TNT channel in 2011.
Tender and romantic NataliaTender and romantic Natalia
In the popular series, Natalya Kosteneva plays together with the famous humorist Mikhail Galustyan and the young Nizhny Novgorod actor Philip Kotov (Sasha Zaitsev). The actress becomes the love of the life of the main character, though Nastya herself does not know. Sasha does not miss a single chance to please the girl, although he has practically none. Nastya herself is from a wealthy family and the first beauty in the university. It is worth noting that the 26-year-old actress, who had already graduated from the university for quite some time, played the role of a student with dignity.
Natalia Kosteneva recalls that it was a trifling matter for her to take the cast of the film “Zaitsev +1”. Assistant director Maxim Pezhemsky long watched the actress.The girl claims that she came to her graduation performances at the Shchukin School. And when Natalia Kosteneva came to the tests, she was approved for the role almost the very first day. They just called and said: “You are right for us!”.
“I came to the tests and met Maxim Pezhemsky there, who conquers from the first time. You see that this is a real director with whom I want to work, ”admires Natalia.
My kitchen. Actress Natalia Kosteneva is preparing
When Natalia first saw the script of the future series, she immediately liked it. A little later, she learned that her friend Denis Kosyakov, who was studying for a course older than the actress, wrote it.
By the way, the actress says that she has almost nothing in common with her heroine Nastya.
“I am a completely different person, more theatrical. I brought up Vakhtangovskoy school. But Nastya is still pretty to me. She is like the Snow Queen, which at the end, thank God, thaws, ”says the girl and adds,“ She is pretty to me that she believes in good, real feelings and a person. It is worth noting that according to the authors, Nastya is a typical representative of the weaker sex in the male sense.On samples, the girl and the director, Maxim Pezhemsky, was insistently asked to repaint the main character as a blonde. However, when Natasha and Maxim began to disassemble the character, they concluded that Nastya was not at all glamorous and yet had intellectual makings.
By the way, during the filming, Natalya Kosteneva experienced a rather unforgettable moment when she was sitting in Sasha Zaitsev's Matiz car and stated that she had always dreamed of committing herself to this very place. After that, the girl pulls a gun out of her bag, puts it in her mouth and shoots.
Rules of life with Natalia Kosteneva
“It was very extreme when you take the muzzle of a pistol in your mouth, and they say to you:“ Natalya, shot! ”- and from under you fly huge pieces like brains. Our craftsmen made a similar mass. You're sitting in the blood, even the windshield in the blood, it's just like a scene from "Pulp Fiction." It was terrible, but very unusual and cool. Even Maxim then asked: “Do you feel normal? Shot, and everything is all right ?! ”- recalls Natalia Kosteneva.
She combines her work on the project “Zaitsev + 1” with work in the theater.Natalia has been playing the main role of Constance Weber in the play Amadeus at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater for several years. By the way, Sergey Bezrukov plays Mozart in it, and Salieri - Oleg Tabakov. However, the actress notes that she never noticed the fans of the television series in the theater.
Natalia continues to play in Mitchaugas Karbauskis "The Mummers" in the "Snuffbox". By the way, this is one of the most favorite performances of the girl.

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