Mountain-skiing complex "Dolgaya Mountain" (Nizhny Tagil)

The recreation center "Mountain Dolgaya" offers a wide range of services for beginners and experienced athletes. The resort is located near Nizhny Tagil. A few years ago the complex underwent a large-scale modernization. Now his cash desks accept not only cash, but also credit cards.

Main features

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The ski slopes of the Dolgaya Mountain base are marked in blue and green. They are located on the territory of the local forest range. Today, the complex is among the ten largest winter resorts in Russia. Recently, he was included in the list of the hundred best springboards in the world. The official opening date of the recreation center is February 2013.

The resort is located on the western edge of Nizhny Tagil. “Dolgaya Mountain” is not only a modern sports complex, but also a full-fledged recreation area for the whole family. It is recognized as the highest point of the municipality. Its peak is at 380 meters above sea level. From a distance, it resembles an elongated mountain range.Its slopes are covered with coniferous tracts.

Mountain ski complex "Mountain Dolgaya" operates in year-round mode. Its infrastructure includes lifting systems, a parking area for cars, a hotel, a cafe and a restaurant, grandstands and the material base of a children's sports school. There are stands. An asphalt road leads to the resort from Nizhny Tagil.


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The elevation difference on the slopes of the base exceeds one hundred and ten meters. The total number of tracks is 4. The length of the training route is only 190 meters. It is used for training young students of sports schools. The length of the main slopes is 585, 670 and 720 meters. Trail icing practically does not happen. On one of the slopes of the second route gradually turns into the third. Snow cover is almost always in perfect condition. Ratraks regularly level the crust.

Trails surrounds a pine forest. At the bottom there is a lift that serves all slopes. It works quickly enough. Queues almost never happens. The base "Mountain Dolgaya" is a few minutes drive from the center of Nizhny Tagil, so there is always a lot of people here. In some places there is lighting that allows you to ride even in the dark.Information signs are installed at the entrance to the ski resort.


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Guests of the resort have a sauna house at their disposal. Sauna access is possible by appointment. The thermal complex is designed for six people. The rental price is 1 000 rubles per hour. For each additional guest will have to pay 100 rubles. Employees of the Dolgaya Mountain Base in Nizhny Tagil organize and conduct sightseeing tours. As part of the walk, visitors will learn the history of the resort and visit the observation deck. They ride on the lift chair type.

The cost of participation in the tour is 80 rubles. Discounts for children and senior citizens. For them, the tariff is 40 rubles. For the rise of an additional springboard will be charged 100 rubles. per person. Pre-registration is required. Guest houses are located on the territory of the Dolgaya Mountain recreation center in Nizhny Tagil. Only three buildings. "Economy" is designed for a one-time residence of the company of seven people. For it you need to pay 4 900 rubles per day.

The cottage is equipped with dining room and upholstered furniture. The kitchen has everything you need for cooking.The house has two toilets and one shower room. There are household electrical appliances and TV. The estate "Irena-2" accommodate up to nine tourists. It has four bedrooms and a spacious living area. Shower and toilet rooms are equipped on each floor.

The administration of the ski base offers a rental house "Irena-1". It differs from the previous options in an increased level of comfort. Designed for nine people. It has a private sauna. The rental price is 9 000 rubles per day. The complex has a shooting stand. For launching plates and issuing one cartridge take 30 rubles. For renting a sports pavilion, they are asking for 600 rubles per hour.


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On the territory of the ski base operates a small hotel. It is equipped with 132 beds. Travelers are accommodated in single, double, triple, quadruple and six-bed rooms. Four suites are available. The area of ​​a standard room for one guest is 18 m². It has a bed, bedside table, desk and chair, wardrobe. The hotel occupies a two-story building. In the evening, street lighting is included. From the windows of the rooms overlooking the coniferous forest.It offers residents drying clothes for sportswear, electronic locks for storing valuables, refrigerators, televisions and air conditioners.

Transport accessibility

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From Nizhny Tagil to the ski complex "Mountain Dolgaya" shuttle buses run. Many tourists travel to the resort from neighboring Yekaterinburg. Those who ride in a car, you need to keep the course on the Serov tract. Having passed the turn signal to Nizhny Tagil and the junction, turn right. It is necessary to focus on information signs, which are installed at the entrance to the base. Landmark - a pointer to SDYUSSHOR, complex "Mountain Dolgaya" and springboards.

Those who choose to travel by public transport will have to make several transfers. By electric train or intercity bus you need to get to Nizhny Tagil, and then transfer to a shuttle bus. From the airport "Koltsovo" three times a day runs express.

Cost of

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The resort is famous for affordable rates. The rise on the slope costs 40 rubles. More profitable to purchase a subscription. The time of ski pass is 160 rubles. For 120 minutes, you will have to pay 260. For 3 hours of using the tracks, they ask 320 rubles.In winter time, a sports equipment rental center is functioning.

The price of one hour of renting a complete set for skiing is 290 rubles. For equipment for snowboarding will have to fork out. It will cost almost twice as much. When renting equipment for a long time, a substantial discount is provided.

For the services of an instructor you need to pay 500 rubles. This is the cost of one hour of individual lessons with a coach. For two you have to pay 800, and for three - 1 000 rubles.


Skiing at the Dolgaya Mountain hostel begins in the second half of November. During this period, snowy and frosty weather is established in the vicinity of Nizhny Tagil. The slopes become empty in March, and sometimes earlier. This is due to the fact that the tracks are located on the territory of the municipality, therefore, the crust in this part of the city comes off much faster than on Merry Hills and in other areas.

Additional entertainment

In addition to the conditions for practicing winter sports, there are basketball and volleyball courts and a football field at the recreation center. The billiard room operates year-round. There is a paintball shooting range. Works bowling.On weekdays, the entrance to the gym.

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