Motorcycle helmet

I am looking for a reliable helmet for riding a motorcycle. What should I look for when buying a new helmet? On the old helmet, the glass got stuck in the evening is very poorly visible. I consider the options in St. Petersburg.
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Answered on February 13, 15:09
When choosing a helmet be sure to pay attention to the quality of the helmet. I bought myself cheap; it was extremely disgusting to look through plastic in the evening, I could not see anything, I had to open the helmet. It is better to pay a little extra and buy a helmet with glass.
Borisov Yuri
Borisov Yuri
Answered on February 13, 15:18
Glass is not the only thing worth paying attention to. A good helmet for a motorcycle should not interfere with driving, it should be light and comfortable. Pay attention to the ventilation with it the glass will not sweat, the system of distribution of shock loads - because the helmet is designed to protect against injuries upon impact, and the glass that protects from glare and sunlight. Maybe it will suit you or look at other options.
Answered on February 13, 15:32
Wife bought a budget helmet. We chose together so that it was immediately possible to choose the size, she, as a woman, chose beautiful, did not take into account his direct purpose. When buying, pay attention to that the visor is covered with a special scratch-resistant coating, it is not always possible to keep the helmet in a case.

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