Mods for "Sims 3". How to install package files?

In addition to the standard sets inside Sims, there is a huge amount of additional materials that help to add variety to the usual gameplay. Among them are sets with dresses, hairstyles and pieces of furniture. Who tried to play this mod with mods, at least once thought about how to install package in "Sims 3". The fact is that such an extension is usually used for all additional materials for Sims.

Below we describe how to easily install package files in "Sims 3".

Version and compatibility issue

how to install package in sims 3 files

Work of some materials is possible only if a certain version of Sims is installed on the computer. In particular, this applies to various hacks, which make changes to the mechanics of the game, rather than adding new items. Adhering to the rule that the version of the game should always be compatible with the files (how to install in Sims 3 - we will tell you a little later), we can avoid a lot of errors in the application.

Usually, information about the required versions of games is indicated inside the descriptions for add-ons and mods. We advise you not to lose sight of this and familiarize yourself with the requirements before downloading and installing.

How to determine the type?

Before you install the package files in "Sims 3", you need to deal with another convention. The fact is that not all materials are of the type we need, therefore the following information can be both useful during installation and simply informative. The type is determined by the extension, and other methods, such as viewing icons, are not completely accurate and can be misleading.

So, first we need to make sure that all registered file types can be displayed on our computer. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Open any folder.
  2. Go to the internal settings menu / options, after which the screen should display a window with properties. We are interested in a tab called "View", in which you need to find mention of hidden extensions. If there is a tick, then remove it and click "Accept".

package format in sims 3

Now, if you check the downloaded add-ons again, you can see three main formats in "Sims 3": package, sims.3pack and sim.It is they who influence how the installation of materials should take place inside the game. We will focus on the first format and deal with its installation in the next chapter.

How to install package files in "Sims 3"?

To begin with, we must make the game understand and accept additional materials. To do this, download Framework Setup from the Internet and unpack it at C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3. After that, if we go to the TheSims folder, we can find another folder called Mods.

Double click on it with the mouse and pay attention to the folder named Packages. Find inside it the files nointropackage and NoBuildSparklespackage, which are test files. If we were able to find them in the mods folder, then this means that we are on the right path. Now you can try to run the game itself and check the availability and performance of installed add-ons.

If nothing works, then do not panic. Check the path to the materials and folder names again and correct errors.

If everything worked out the first time, then this is very good! Now you can throw off any downloaded add-ons in the Packages folder and enjoy the updated game.

Sims 3 game

How to delete files?

If any additionally installed things began to pall or create problems, they can always be removed. Here are 2 ways to do this:

  1. For versions of the game "Sims 3" 1.1 or lower. We need the folder C: \ ProgramFiles \ ElectronicArts \ TheSims3 \ Mods \ Packages. It is worth remembering that the paths may vary slightly depending on the installed system. This folder must be cleaned of any files that are considered unnecessary.
  2. For versions 1.2 or higher. The required material is located at C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ ElectronicArts \ TheSims3 \ Mods \ Packages. The procedure is the same - just delete all the necessary files.

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