Modern car charger for laptop

Every year the number of users of electronic gadgets increases. In the modern world it is quite rare to find a person who does not have at least one electronic device. Most of these gadgets, the user has much more. But since all these devices are powered by rechargeable batteries, which allows the user to work on it almost anywhere, charging is often not enough for long. How is this problem solved?

Problem solving for motorists

A person buys a laptop or other gadget in order to have the freedom to move around the city, while at the same time doing this or that work. Quite often you have to move by car. Having a special device, at any time you can recharge your gadget. And although car charger for a laptop is not included in the accessories sold with the car, you can still easily buy it.

car charger for laptop

Thus, using a laptop charger, a laptop user can easily perform the necessary work anywhere in the city by connecting his gadget to the vehicle’s onboard network.

Types of existing chargers

Of course, the easiest way to buy such a device. Now there are a lot of different instances of chargers, so choosing the right model is not so easy. What kind of car charger for laptop you need? They can be divided into two categories.

  1. The first category includes devices whose principle is based on the stabilization of the on-board voltage of the vehicle network. The maximum voltage at the output of such an adapter does not exceed the capacity of the vehicle network.
  2. The second category includes a universal car charger for a laptop, the output voltage of which is 220 volts. The basis of the operation of this charge is the converter, which produces an output AC voltage the same as in the home network.

Each of these types of charges has its advantages and disadvantages.

universal car charger for laptop

Making a charger with your own hands

But sometimes there are cases when an ordinary charger is not enough. Since some laptops consume a lot of electricity, then the output voltage of such a device should be at least 18-19 volts. In this case, the voltage of the onboard network is not enough for the normal functioning of the laptop. Therefore, some ask this question: "How to make a car charger for a laptop?". Usually the problem is solved with the help of a voltage converter. A device is assembled that converts the direct voltage of the on-board network to AC with a voltage of 220 volts. The laptop connects to the product in the same way as to the electrical outlet in the apartment. The scheme of such a device is shown in the figure.

how to make car charger for laptop

Assembling a homemade charging begins with the selection of radio components presented in the diagram.

  • The main and determining the quality of work of the converter part is a high-frequency transformer. It starts with the selection of radio components.
  • Then you should pay attention to the diodes, the reverse voltage at the junction should not exceed 100 volts.
  • The key element of the circuit is a thyristor.
  • Then select a transistor with a high current transfer ratio.
  • And finally, resistors must be purchased at exactly the nominal and power, otherwise the converter will not start.

After all the parts are purchased, you can begin the installation of charging. But it is important to remember that such a car charger for a laptop with its own hands will require not only a complete set of radio-assembly tools, but also a certain experience in assembling and setting up radio engineering devices. Before you use such a charge, you need to check all its parameters with the help of measuring devices, and only after that you can connect it to a laptop. As a result, the assembly may produce a product similar to that shown in the photo.

car charger for laptop do it yourself

Industrial AC Inverters

Creativity brings great satisfaction to the designer, but nevertheless the car charger for a laptop, made by an industrial enterprise, will be much more reliable than the device, created with his own hands. In addition, to make a high-quality AC inverter at home is very problematic.Such devices need elements made with a high degree of accuracy. Therefore, any error in the manufacture can lead to loss of performance of the gadget.


Among other things, car charger for a laptop can be made not only in different enterprises, but also in different countries. Usually, a standard laptop kit, an accessory such as a car charger, is not supplied — the driver buys it extra. If you pay attention to the price range of car chargers, the cost of the models may differ several times. Of course, there will always be a desire to save money on such an accessory, but it is important to remember that a cheap device can disable your laptop. Usually this is the fault of small manufacturers from China, which produce the cheapest charges in the computer market.

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