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Mother's milk is the best food for children from birth and during the first year of life. It is mother's milk that contains all the necessary nutrients. In addition, it is transformed during the feeding period, adapting to the individual needs and age-related changes of the child. Breastfeeding ensures full development, and also helps protect the child from allergic reactions and reduces the risk of future diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and leukemia. However, with all the undeniable advantages of breastfeeding is not always possible.baby mix 1In such cases, breast milk substitutes are used - milk formulas. "Baby", according to user feedback, is one of the most decent among the inexpensive ones.

Variety of infant formula

On the shelves of modern stores you can find a huge amount of infant formula. Even experienced pediatricians can not always understand this diversity.Baby food varies in many ways.

First of all, the mixtures can be adapted (ie, similar in composition to the mother's milk) and partially adapted (close to breast milk).

All mixes differ in the age of the potential consumer. So the 1st stage is designed for babies under the age of 6 months, the 2nd one is from 6 months to 1 year, the 3rd one is up to 18 months old and the 4th is up to 2 years old.mix baby reviews

Mixes can be made on the basis of goat, cow or soy milk. In addition, the mixtures are made on the basis of whey or casein, the protein components of milk.

Nutrition also varies in composition and effects on the child’s body. Many of them are enriched with vitamins and minerals to prevent vitamin deficiencies and replenish vitality. Various biotics are added to other mixtures for the prevention and treatment of constipation and other digestive problems. Dry mixes with a high carbohydrate content are designed for babies with a lack of weight.

Mixtures are mostly universal, i.e. suitable for most babies, but there are also specialized ones that are made for certain groups of children.For example, with the presence of food allergies.

Manufacturer of infant formula "Baby"

In Russia, there is a huge amount of dry baby food from manufacturers from around the world: India, Germany, Israel, USA, Sweden, Austria and other countries.

Mix for newborns "Baby" is made in accordance with Russian and international standards. Its composition is as close as possible to breast milk.

The manufacturer of this mixture - the market leader in low-cost but high-quality mixtures, has been represented in Russia since 1994. "Baby" is one of the very first children's dry dairy products that appeared in domestic stores.allergic to the mixture of baby

Mix is ​​made by the Nutricia company (Nutricia), the Netherlands. This company also produces the more expensive milk formula Nutrilon. This organization carries out scientific research in the field of nutrition, specializes in the production of special children's and medical nutrition and is part of the group "Danone" (Danone). Products "Nutricia" is represented in more than 130 countries.

Since 1995, a manufacturer of baby food for babies in the city ofIstra (Moscow region). Currently, the plant is modernized and equipped with the latest equipment with the latest technology.

The composition of the mixture

"Baby" is universal and suitable for many children. According to the manufacturer, it contains only natural ingredients that are absolutely safe for the health of babies. Among the ingredients of this food there are no preservatives, dyes and other synthetic additives, GMOs, and also sugar.

The composition of the dry mixture "Baby" is balanced and includes 16 vitamins and 11 minerals. This includes polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and -6), necessary for the full development of the brain and nervous system of the child.baby mix for newborns

Recently, prebiotics are added to the mixture, which are necessary for the adequate functioning of the digestive tract and the prevention of bloating, constipation, and providing soft stools.

The basis of this diet are proteins of skim milk and whey. The composition of the mixture "Baby" contains a large amount of vegetable fat, which approximates the nutritional value of the mixture to natural breast milk.Lactose acts as carbohydrates - natural sugar contained in milk.

Like many other mixtures, "Baby" has maltodextrin in its composition. For the uninformed, this term may seem unkind and unnatural. However, this additive is of plant origin, it is produced from starch and is a sweetener. Manufacturers add it to the milk mixture as a baking powder. In addition, it improves solubility and increases the energy value of the product. Maltodextrin is safe for most children and adults.

Release form

Infant formula "Baby" is available in paper packaging, which partly causes a lower price compared to food in cans. Packs of 350 g or 700 g inside contain a waterproof foil bag and a measuring spoon.


To prepare a serving of milk, you need to dissolve 1 scoop of dry mix in 100 ml of water. You must first sterilize the bottle and pacifier, then cool them. Feed water should be no higher than 37aboutFROM.

Changing the proportions recommended by the manufacturer is not necessary in order to avoid harm to the health of the child.

1st and 2nd steps: what is the difference?

The company "Nutricia" produces a mixture of "Baby-1" for babies up to 6 months and "Baby-2", which is intended for children from 6 months to a year. Both are made from high quality raw materials, meet international standards and medical requirements. However, these mixtures are different in composition and not interchangeable.mix baby composition

A mixture of the 2nd stage is made with a predominance of casein protein, which is digested by the body of a newborn with difficulty. Often in modern children there is intolerance to cow's milk protein, the casein protein is the main culprit. The mixture of the 2nd stage contains a greater amount of vitamins and minerals, it is more caloric and nutritious, unlike the mixture "Baby-1".


Numerous positive reviews of the mixture "Baby" suggest its obvious advantages over others.

First of all, this mixture is the most common food for children. "Baby" can be found on any counter from specialized baby food stores to the convenience store, as well as in any pharmacy. This greatly simplifies the life of young mothers of children on artificial feeding.

One of the obvious advantages of a mixture of consumers mark the price of the product. Buy "Baby" can a family with incomes just below average. At the same time, as noted by buyers, this is a very high quality mixture.

"Baby" dissolves well, has a pleasant aroma, texture, color and sweet taste. Usually mothers say that children eat this food well.

Another advantage is that in the line of baby formula "Baby" there is a wide choice of cereals, both milk and non-dairy. To ensure the full development and protection of the fragile body of the child, pediatricians recommend using products from a single manufacturer in the diet.

infant formula baby


In the reviews of the mixture "Baby" you can find a lot of negative points. So, moms complain about the formation of a large amount of foam during cooking. In addition, there are cases of allergic reactions.

In defense of the manufacturer of this food, we can say that in case of an allergy to the “Baby” mixture or intolerance to milk protein, you can try to feed the baby with sour-milk “Baby”.

dry mix baby

True, it has a specific aroma and taste, similar to the taste of kefir.

Contradictory reviews about the mixtures "Baby" indicate that baby food is individual for each child. The choice must be guided not only by the responses of friends, but, above all, by the opinion of a specialist.

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