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Every person at least once in his life has come across a feeling of fear and anxiety, so it is easy to understand what kind of anguish such a state can cause, if it is permanent. Anxiety feelings are not only the causes of many diseases, they interfere with living a harmonious life.

In such cases, doctors sometimes diagnose anxiety disorder. In no case can not ignore a similar problem. It is necessary to immediately consult a specialist and begin treatment. However, be prepared for the fact that this process will be long and difficult.

When do I need to take Miaser medication?

This drug is considered to be a very effective tool that can fight panic attacks, depression, and anxiety disorders of various origins. The drug "Miaser" instructions for use describes as a very strong and effective antidepressant, which provides a positive effect - the results can be observed within two weeks after the start of the application.

Miaser instructions for use

According to the instructions for use, tablets "Miaser" do not cause addiction and dependence. New modern production methods have allowed this antidepressant to be made as effective and safe as possible. The drug "Miaser" does not provoke withdrawal syndrome, which is a very important condition during the treatment of mental disorders.

It is worth noting that experts recommend using this tool even for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. You can take pills with caution in old age, but under the strict supervision of your doctor.

The composition of the drug and its analogues

If for some reason you cannot take the Miaser tablets (the instructions for use are described in this article), then you should think about the selection of the analogue. However, doing it yourself is absolutely not recommended. Most often, doctors prescribe such Miaser analogues to patients as Mianserin and Lerivon. They have exactly the same properties and affect the body in the same way.

The main active component of all these drugs is mianserin.It is able to increase the concentration of norepinephrine, while blocking serotonin receptors.

miaser reviews

Depression and anxiety disorder are pathologies caused by disturbed interneuron connections that are responsible for the emotional state of a person. Diseases can develop as a result of genetic pathologies, and also as a result of various psychotraumas, constant stresses, and nervous overstrain.

Doctors recommend combining this drug with behavioral cognitive therapy for maximum and quick therapeutic effects.

Do adverse reactions occur during therapy?

What effect does Miaser have on the body? Instructions for use contains information that most often the drug does not cause side effects and is very well tolerated by all groups of patients. After a week, people taking these pills begin to notice how sleep and appetite return to normal, the anxiety state goes away, and the mood improves. However, in some cases, there are side reactions - the probability of their occurrence must be taken into account.

During the first few days, the body adapts to the flow of new substances. Some patients complain of severe fatigue, weakness in the whole body, and hearing impairment. Such phenomena usually last three or four days, and then pass on their own.

depressed state

In very rare cases, there are violations in the process of blood formation and functioning of the liver. Swelling and convulsions may occur. Very rarely, patients are faced with a sharp weight gain.

When should you not take medicine?

The drug "Miaser" instructions for use does not recommend the use of patients with manic conditions, as well as in severe liver diseases. Also, this tool is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, children.

Tablets can be taken by people with renal insufficiency and diabetes, but this should be done under the strict supervision of the attending physician. In no case do not self-medicate. With extreme caution, pills are prescribed for people with diagnosed closed glaucoma and prostatic hypertrophy.

Miaser: price and application rules

This tool is prescribed only by a doctor and only for the treatment of depressive conditions. In the pharmacy, you can buy these pills only by prescription."Miaser" is a very strong antidepressant, so it is not for sale in the public domain. Price per package will fluctuate around 600-900 rubles.

A pill should be swallowed without chewing, washing it down with plenty of liquid. Usually one dose per day is sufficient. It is better to drink a pill before bedtime. Components of the drug contribute to a good night's rest.

pills Miaser

Experts recommend taking tablets "Miaser" (analogs of the drug are listed in this article) using the method of extension. The first few days you need to take no more than 30 mg of the active substance. Then you can gradually increase the dose to 90 mg per day. The daily dose can be divided into several doses.

Important rules for using this drug

Treatment with Miaser, as with any other remedy, requires precise control, correct dosages, as well as the fulfillment of some other equally important conditions.

Pay attention to such rules of application:

  • in any case do not combine tablets with alcohol;
  • during treatment, try not to get behind the wheel of a car, as well as perform complex work that requires you to increase concentration of attention;
  • if you suffer from hypertension and take appropriate medications, you should constantly monitor your blood pressure;
  • Do not combine these tablets with MAO inhibitors. Also, do not use them within two weeks after applying Miasera.


The drug "Miaser", reviews of which you can read in this article, is considered safe only in the case of competent use. If, however, strongly and sharply increase the dose, then a pronounced sedative effect is possible. But convulsions, arrhythmia and depressed respiration are recorded quite rarely.

Miaser Price

If the medicine was taken in a very large amount, then it is necessary to urgently carry out a gastric lavage, and then start symptomatic therapy.

Some nuances of treatment

When treatment with the drug "Miaser" is usually a positive effect is observed within two to four weeks after the start of use. If the effectiveness is too low, the dosage can be slightly improved. If even after this a positive result is not achieved within a month, then it is worth noting the use of Miaser tablets - it may be worthwhile to choose another medicine.

If the patient's general condition has improved, it is recommended to continue taking this drug for five to six months. Do not stop treatment abruptly. This should be done very smoothly, gradually reducing the dosage.

The drug "Velaksin": the most popular analogue of "Miaser"

This drug has a lower price than Miaser, so very often doctors recommend buying it.

The drug is available in the form of tablets and capsules, has a prolonged action. The main active substance is venlafaxine, which can affect the central nervous system, while increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain.

Miaser analogues

The drug is recommended to use directly during the meal, drinking it down with plenty of water or another favorite drink. Please note that chewing and dissolving tablets is strictly prohibited.

Doctors recommend dividing the daily dose into two doses - in the morning and in the evening. This contributes to obtaining the fastest possible positive result.

"Velaksin" can be prescribed not only for the treatment of depressive and anxiety states.He is also prescribed to patients with suicidal tendencies. Therefore, drug treatment should be under the strict supervision of a physician. These pills are a very powerful anti-depressant, so you can buy it at a pharmacy only if you have a prescription from your doctor.

Do not forget that it is necessary to refuse to take these pills, just like from “Miaser”, gradually, otherwise withdrawal syndrome may occur.

"Miaser": reviews of patients and doctors

This antidepressant is indeed very effective and effective, according to patients. It is very important to establish the correct dosage, and only the attending physician can do this. Usually, the treatment regimen includes not only this drug, but also other drugs that are taken in parallel. The process includes consultation with a psychiatrist and other therapeutic methods. Depression is a serious problem requiring long-term treatment.

Also, doctors should pay attention to the tolerance of the active substances by patients. Such drugs are very serious means, so you should consider how the human body reacts to them.

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Some patients noted that during treatment they were accompanied by headaches, nausea, dizziness, and increased blood pressure. For many, these symptoms passed on their own within a few days. However, in some cases, due to these complications, treatment had to be canceled.

In no case do not forget that you can not prescribe such powerful drugs yourself. It is dangerous to arbitrarily interrupt treatment without the knowledge of the doctor. You can only aggravate the situation and provoke a deepening depression. Therefore, approach the issue of your treatment with full responsibility. Do not risk your own health.

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