Medicine "Oxytocin": instructions for use

oxytocin instructions for useThe drug "Oxytocin" is a drug that can improve the tone and activity of contractions of the myometrium.

Therapeutic action means "Oxytocin"

Instructions for use explains that the drug is a hormonal synthetic drug that interacts with the receptors (oxytocin-specific) uterine myometrium. The degree of development of pregnancy increases the body's response to the active substance, and by the end it reaches a maximum. The medicine stimulates childbirth. After taking the drug, the blood supply to the uterus is deteriorating, resulting in contractions that are similar to spontaneous normal labor. In addition, the drug stimulates the production of breast milk. "Oxytocin" tablets are not available. The drug is produced only in the form of a solution for injection.

Indications means "Oxytocin"

Instructions for use says that the drug should be used for labor induction during fetal growth retardation, early rupture of membranes and discharge of water, fetal death, rhesus conflict."Oxytocin" (shots) is prescribed in the first and second trimesters with weak labor, urgency of delivery due to preeclampsia, and post-term pregnancy. In addition, the drug is used for the prevention and treatment of hypotonic bleeding associated with abortion or childbirth with cesarean section.oxytocin tablets

Contraindications "Oxytocin"

Instructions for use recommends studying the list of prohibitions before starting treatment. Appointments are not made with hypersensitivity, excessive stretching of the uterus, heart disease, fetal compression, renal dysfunction, facial presentation of the fetus, inertia of the uterus, arterial hypertension. Do not take medication for severe preeclampsia, a state of distress, hypertonia of the uterus, oblique or transverse placement of the fetus, prolapse or presentation of the umbilical cord, full or partial presentation of the placenta, narrow pelvis.

Side Effects of Oxytocin

Instructions for use indicates that when using the medication can develop negative manifestations. Reviews of pregnant women confirm this fact. So, with a very fast injection, bradycardia, subarachnoid hemorrhage develops.In case of overdose, reflex tachycardia may occur, shock, extrasystole, hypotension, hypertension. Taking the medicine can provoke a rupture or hypertension of the uterus, spasm, tetany. After childbirth, bleeding caused by thrombocytopenia, afibronogenemia, and hypoprothrombinemia may increase.oxytocin injections

Means "Oxytocin": instructions for use

The drug is administered intravenously or intramuscularly. The dosage is selected by the doctor. The standard amount of the drug is 5 units. With the introduction of the drug monitor the fetal heartbeat, the strength and duration of contractions of the uterus and its tone at rest. In the case of symptoms of fetal distress or hyperactivity of the uterus, medication is stopped, and the patient is given oxygen therapy.

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