Mechanical, laser, vacuum cleaning of the face: reviews. Apparatus for ultrasonic face cleaning

Smooth, radiant, without wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne and comedones - this is the perfect skin. About her dream of all women in the world. Only a few women can say with certainty that they are comfortable with the condition of their skin. The overwhelming majority of women claim to have any problems.

Why does the skin look imperfect?

Unbalanced nutrition, irregular working hours, constant lack of sleep and stress, the adverse effects of environmental factors - all this is reflected on our face.

Naturally, the skin suffers first. Wrinkles, excessive fatness or dryness, comedones, enlarged pores and other unpleasant phenomena appear on it.face cleaning reviews

In pursuit of perfect skin, women try the newest modern cosmetology tools and salon procedures. Some prefer the latest developments of scientists, the other half remain faithful to the folk beauty tools.

Why is it important to clean the skin?

Whatever path women take in skin care, the first step in any case is cleansing. This cosmetological postulate does not require proof. On the surface of the skin, hundreds of tiny scales die every day. Over the years, this process only intensifies. As a result, a huge accumulation of dead particles of the dermis makes the complexion dull and gray, weakening metabolic processes. The skin does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients, and this causes various kinds of problems.

Facial cleansing, reviews of which are the most diverse, is a procedure that results in exfoliation of the upper stratum corneum under the influence of physical or chemical factors. Such services are provided by beauty salons, but it is possible to perform similar manipulations at home.Healthy skin color, elimination of cosmetic defects in the form of comedones and fine wrinkles, narrowing of pores, normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands, intensification of oxygen supply and nutrients - all this can give a face cleanse. Reviews of numerous women confirm this.

Face cleaning methods

Facial cleansing can be done in several ways:

  • The mechanical method involves the "manual" work to clean the face with the use of some devices.
  • Hardware methods require the involvement of high-tech equipment. This group includes ultrasonic, vacuum, laser facial cleansing, as well as brushing and galvanizing.
  • Peeling, which is the effect on the skin of abrasive substances or acid solutions.
  • The use of various cleansing masks.

Let us consider in more detail the most popular ways to clean the face.

Ultrasonic face cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face, inspired by the reviews, can be done in the salon or at home. The essence of this procedure is that under the influence of a wave of a certain frequency, the dead upper layer of the skin and grease plugs are removed.Ultrasound destroys the bonds between the skin particles, as a result of which it becomes possible to separate dead particles from the living healthy layer.

Unfortunately, this procedure is not able to remove deep wrinkles and age spots, as it affects only the stratum corneum. These defects affect deeper areas of the skin, and only chemical median peeling can eliminate them.

One of the main advantages of ultrasonic peeling is that it is absolutely painless. This will appreciate especially those ladies who know firsthand about mechanical facial cleansing. During the ultrasound peeling procedure, you can even fall asleep, the face does not undergo any painful effects.facial ultrasonic cleaner reviewsThat is why this procedure is often called atraumatic facial cleansing. Reviews of ultrasonic peeling in the bulk positive. This procedure allows women to look much better. In addition, there is no need to hide your face from others for a period. After ultrasonic cleaning, there will be no redness or inflammation on the face. This procedure can be used at the weekendand on Monday, go to work noticeably refreshed and rejuvenated.

However, this procedure has several contraindications:

  • The period of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Patient use of a pacemaker, the presence of cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Arterial hypertension and other blood diseases.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Cancer.
  • Pustules or irritation of the face.
  • Exacerbation of herpes virus disease.
  • Mental Disorders.
  • The presence of implants under the skin (gold thread, staples after surgery).
  • Impaired skin sensitivity.
  • Bad feeling.

Before you use this procedure, you should consult with your doctor.

Ultrasonic peeling is good because it can be done even on summer sunny days without the risk of pigmentation. Horny dead scales are removed from the skin delicately, without damaging the living, so UV is not dangerous. Many resort to this procedure before the “appearance”, when in a minimum time you can change your appearance for the better. Using this type of peeling should not be too often, the best - once a month.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face is unacceptable for the following zones:

  • Eyes.
  • Areas of projection of the thyroid gland and the heart.
  • Areas of gel plastics and over silicone implants.
  • Sex organs.

In the salon for the implementation of this type of peeling is used a professional apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning of the face. Women have admired reviews about this procedure. Regardless of skin type, salon ultrasonic peeling transforms the face in the shortest possible time.

Is it possible to ultrasonic face cleaning at home?

Inspired by the numerous reviews of women about the effectiveness of ultrasonic peeling, manufacturers of modern gadgets began to produce devices for the implementation of the salon procedure at home. As a result, a sufficiently large number of facial cleansing devices using the wave technique appeared on the market. Here are some of the most popular home ultrasound peeling devices:

  • Gezatone KUS-2000. This device for ultrasonic face cleaning reviews has positive. Many women note the acceptability of using this gadget for any, even sensitive skin with rosacea.After the procedure, the skin looks smooth, fresh, clean, the effect is maintained for a long time. The device is capable of producing several types of effects: peeling, micro-massage (mechanical, thermal and phonophoresis) and impulse effects for lifting and lymphatic drainage. To carry out these manipulations, cosmetics (lotions, gels, tonics, oils, solutions) are selected that correspond to the type of skin. The device has a battery, which makes it particularly convenient.
  • LW-006. It is also a portable device for ultrasonic face cleaning. Reviews of its use inspire many women to buy it. This unit has four modes of operation: cleansing, peeling, toning and pulling up. On the element in contact with the skin, there is a silicone nozzle. The device works from the network, which is a bit inconvenient. But the effect of the use, according to women, is excellent. The face shines with purity, pores are reduced, the color improves, elasticity increases, the relief is leveled.
  • UZ Pore Cleaner MI-380 (Molicare 380). This facial cleaning device has positive reviews. The device is completed with two nozzles and works from the accumulator. It should be noted its beautiful feminine design.Before the procedure, it is necessary to steam the face, then apply a special gel or mineral water and treat the skin with an ultrasonic device. It can perform cleansing, phonophoresis and massage. As a result of the procedure, a beautiful and even complexion, narrowing of the pores and improvement of the skin is observed.

Home cleaning of the face (women’s comments to the confirmation of this) with the help of portable ultrasound devices is not inferior in efficiency to the salon procedure. Minor cosmetic skin imperfections can be completely eliminated by yourself. Admiring the successes of girlfriends, women seek to purchase a magic facial cleansing device, reviews of which are impressive. But if there are more serious shortcomings, then you should still contact a qualified cosmetologist.

Vacuum cleaning

Among other types of salon procedures vacuum cleaning of the face takes a worthy place. The indications for its use are as follows:

  • Oily and combination skin with increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. With this type, mechanical cleaning is not recommended. Non-traumatic vacuum cleansing of the face, the reviews of which are mostly positive, does not harm the sebaceous glands, the fat content of the skin decreases.
  • The presence of black spots or greasy traffic jams.Apparatus for vacuum cleaning of the face copes with these shortcomings, "sucking" them out of the skin. With this procedure, it is possible to treat areas of the face that are difficult to access for another type of manipulation.
  • The hilly relief of the face against the background of turgor disturbance is capable of eliminating the vacuum of face cleansing. Feedback from women suggests that with this procedure, the face is significantly aligned. This is due to intensive lymphatic drainage, which replaces costly cream with effectiveness.

Fresh and even skin tone, lack of black spots and oily shine, normal turgor - this is what the face looks like after cleaning.vacuum face cleaning reviewsReviews of women speak about its high efficiency in combination with an acceptable price. In addition, this salon manipulation is absolutely painless.

However, vacuum cleaning of the face has contraindications:

  • Dry thin skin prone to rosacea.
  • The presence of a large number of pustules, acne in the acute stage.
  • Mechanical trauma to the skin of the face.

For oily skin and gums, this procedure should be used once a month. With a mixed type - once every two months. Since deep contamination is not able to remove this type of procedure, it is recommended to combine vacuum cleaning with mechanical cleaning. The latter is very painful, but effective.

Vacuum cleaning of the face is carried out in several stages. The first is a delicate cleansing with a suitable soft remedy to remove surface contamination and cosmetics. This is followed by vaporization or steam skin. Then, the prepared skin is exposed to a low frequency current. This process is called deincrustation. As a result, excess sebum is removed from the pores. After de-crusting, you can proceed directly to vacuuming the face. This process is carried out using a special apparatus with the presence of various nozzles. The choice of its type produces a beautician, depending on the skin type and the presence of certain problems. For oily skin, a coracid attachment is used, for flattening wrinkles - a flat tip, for lymphatic drainage a round shape element is required.

The principle of vacuum cleaning is the pressure difference. A vacuum is created at the point of contact of the nozzle and the skin, and the contents of the pores are “sucked out”. As a result, the skin is freed from fat and dirt. Along the way, there is an active lymphatic drainage, increasing blood flow. The skin gets more oxygen and nutrients, looks fresh and young.

The last stage is the sealing of the cleaned pores by means of a light peeling, in which the top dead particles of the epidermis are peeled off. In conclusion, the cosmetologist applies a nourishing and pore-narrowing mask.

Now on the market of cosmetic products there are devices for vacuum cleaning at home. They are completed with special masks for carrying out all stages. However, the effect can be unpredictable, so it is better to resort to a salon procedure.

Laser cleaning

Among other cosmetology services, laser cleaning of the face stands out. Reviews of this procedure allow us to evaluate it as the most effective and qualitative.

laser face cleaning reviews

This type of cleaning has several advantages:

  • Non-contact process ensures there is no risk of infection.
  • Painlessness
  • Elimination of inflammatory elements and shine.
  • Accelerated rehabilitation of the skin.
  • Value for money.
  • Stimulation of collagen production.

Laser cleaning of the face, reviews of which are impressive, can solve a variety of skin problems. Indications for this procedure are:

  • Enlarged pores.
  • Irregularities in the skin relief.
  • Mimic wrinkles, including “crow's feet”.
  • Pigmentation.
  • The consequences of unsuccessful operations, scars and scars.

There are a number of contraindications for vacuum cleaning of the face:

  • Age up to 22 years.
  • Period of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Diabetes.
  • Infectious or inflammatory diseases in the acute stage.
  • Herpes in the acute stage.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Dry skin sensitive type.

Laser facial cleansing, women’s testimonies to proof, are best for oily skin. When combined type - only in areas of the T-zone.

The principle of the procedure is based on the use of a laser beam. It has a destructive effect on the upper horny layer of the skin. As a result, the dead cells are removed, and in their place are formed young, the skin is renewed.

Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned of impurities and cosmetics, disinfected. Then its surface is affected by a laser beam. It does not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and does not have a traumatic effect. The procedure is gentle and leaves no traces. In addition, collagen production occurs, and the skin becomes young and elastic.

Before this procedure, it is forbidden to go to the solarium for two weeks and to clean the face, especially chemical peels. It is also impossible to steam the face three days before laser manipulation.

After the procedure, you should limit the skin from exposure to sunlight, street dust and wind. You can not visit the bath and solarium during the week. At the end of the rehabilitation, the skin will be pleased with youth, purity and a beautiful matte tone. To achieve a lasting effect, you will need 2-4 laser cleansing, which can be repeated no earlier than a month later.

Having come to the salon in order to take advantage of this cosmetic procedure, you will most likely be shown numerous reviews and photos. Facial cleansing with a laser has an excellent visual photo face cleaningMany women are impressed by this procedure and are very pleased with the result. It is very important to choose a professional master in order to avoid disappointment.

Mechanical facial cleansing

One of the very first ways to relieve the skin from imperfections is mechanical cleaning of the face. Reviews about this simple procedure can give every mother or even grandmother.Mechanical cleaning does not require expensive and high-tech equipment, but here the professionalism of the cosmetologist and the presence of the necessary sterile conditions play a big role.

This procedure aims to relieve the patient from acne, comedones and other inflammatory elements.mechanical face cleaning reviewsMechanical cleansing of the face, reviews of which are very diverse, are performed in several stages:

  • Cleansing the skin of dirt and cosmetics, washing antibacterial agent.
  • Applying a special mask that expands the pores.
  • Next is the process of mechanical cleaning itself. Inflammatory elements are removed manually with the strictest sterility, so that the infection does not get to healthy skin.
  • The implementation of darsonvalization - exposure to the skin of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies for the intensification of metabolic processes.
  • Applying a soothing mask.
  • Application of ichthyol ointment.
  • Cryomassage with liquid nitrogen for a soothing effect and to stop bleeding (if necessary).

Significant disadvantages of mechanical cleaning of the face are its pain and trauma.After this procedure you will have to sit at home for several days until all the wounds have healed. Mechanical cleaning can not be done with herpes and after prolonged antibiotic therapy.

Many women are interested in the question of whether mechanical cleaning of the face is possible at home? Reviews of doctors about this are sharply negative. This procedure cannot be done independently, since the absence of aseptic conditions can only aggravate the problem of acne.

Calcium Chloride Facial Cleansing

One of the ways to give your skin a well-groomed look at home is to clean the face with calcium chloride. Reviews of this procedure suggest that this method is good enough for oily and combination skin type.

This facial cleansing has some contraindications:

  • Dry sensitive skin of the face.
  • Skin prone to allergic reactions and rashes.
  • The presence of a large number of inflammatory elements.
  • Mechanical damage to the skin of the face.

For a combined skin type, calcium chloride should be cleaned only in the T-zone.calcium chloride face cleaning reviewsFor starters, this method is worth testing on a closed area of ​​the body, for example on the wrist.In the case of redness from such a face cleansing is better to refrain.

The procedure will require a 5-10% solution of calcium chloride, which is freely available in pharmacies, and baby soap. It should be without dyes and perfumes.

Calcium chloride face cleaning is performed according to the following scheme:

  • Dampen a cotton pad in the working solution, squeeze a little and apply on the skin. Allow the face to dry completely. Repeat this procedure 4-8 times. In the event of a burning sensation, apply soap and rinse with plenty of water.
  • After the last layer has dried, it is necessary to soap your hands with baby soap and gently massage your face to start rolling your face. Thus flakes of soap are formed on the skin. It is necessary to walk the whole face like this, paying special attention to the problem areas. Periodically it is necessary to moisten hands with water and lather.
  • At the moment when the skin will creak slightly, and the soap can easily roll off the surface of the face, you should carefully wash with warm water.
  • After peeling, a moisturizing and soothing mask should be applied containing chamomile, sage, tea tree oil or other natural ingredients.

This cleaning is best done at night, so that the skin has time to recover until the morning. The result of this cosmetic procedure is smooth and even skin, radiant with purity.


Among the above methods of cleansing the face for sure there is a way for every beauty. As you know, there is no limit to perfection. In order to be beautiful, you need to devote yourself some time and effort. The result is not long in coming. The time will come, and your skin will reward you for your efforts with its flawless beauty and youth. The best fee for your work is to be content with your reflection in the mirror.

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