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Yesterday I finalized all the documents for the meat workshop. Room for rent already. It remains to purchase equipment for meat. Who will tell a normal company selling such equipment, write.
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Answered on March 8, 15:51
I remember in the 90s I opened a sausage production workshop. So at that time it was impossible to find industrial meat grinders. And now as many as you want, just pay the money.
Dachnova Vera
Dachnova Vera
Answered on March 8 15:56
Last year, I opened a shop for the production of cutlets, ravioli, sausages and other things with my husband. With my husband, many companies phoned and ordered in different companies, because they wanted to save money and really saved money.
Answered on March 8, 16:08
I got money from my uncle and not small ones. Uncle businessman. I thought like that and figured that I wanted to take up the meat business, because people always need meat. Now there are negotiations on renting the shop, I hire employees, it remains only to buy meat equipment.

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