Reviews of "Mazda CX-9": advantages and disadvantages

The Mazda CX-9 is a full-size crossover whose history began in the spring of 2006. Despite more than ten years of production, only two generations were released. And the second was presented only a year ago.

The new “Mazda CX-9” was a long-awaited model for many - a considerable number of motorists were immediately “transferred” from their old cars to a stylish crossover. Did he live up to his expectations? Now it is worth trying to give an answer to this question, which will help the reviews of real owners left about the car “Mazda CX-9”, which tells not only about the advantages, but also about the minuses of the car.

But first, a little about the model itself and the first generation.

Mazda CX 9 reviews

Description and general characteristics

"Mazda CX-9" - the first after the "CX-7" all-wheel drive car, which was created specifically for North American consumers. And also - the first 7-seater crossover in the history of the concern. Interestingly, the model was built on the Ford platform of the CD3, and the 3.5-liter Duratec V6 engine borrowed from the Americans was originally installed under the hood.In the future, the engine appeared, the volume of which was 3.7 liters, and the power - 273 liters. from.

It should be noted that the model of the first generation has undergone several restyling. In 2010, an updated version came out - with a different grille, air intakes, lighting and more expensive finishing materials. In 2013, the crossover went through restyling again. Not only the appearance has changed, but also the interior. In addition, the list of equipment has been added with such useful options as tracking road markings and monitoring blind spots.

Owners about crossover

Reviews of the "Mazda CX-9" of the first generation, there are many. And on what the owners most often focus on:

  • Dimensional trunk. 547 liters in 5-seater version. In versions with three rows of seats, of course, smaller - 198 l.
  • Great speaker. The 277-hp engine is very high-torque. And manageability? Performing maneuvers even at high speed, behaves predictably and obediently. But in order for the speedometer needle not to exceed 60 km / h, you need to be careful - the gas pedal is sensitive and acceleration is fast. Even with a body loaded to capacity, you can dial 150 km / h in a matter of seconds, and the feeling will be that the speedometer does not exceed 90 km / h.
  • High quality brakes. They stop the 2 ton crossover powerfully.
  • On the way, the car does not tire. A long way to go is not a problem.
  • Noise isolation. On the asphalt crossover goes quietly, the noise of the wheels does not bother. But here when driving on the highway there is a rumble. Many have to make noise insulation arches.
  • Ergonomics. According to reviews of the Mazda CX-9, everything is perfect here. The seat can be customized down to the smallest details. The wheel is regulated both on height, and on a departure. The review is magnificent, the racks do not block anything. The side mirrors are huge - you can see everything in them. And when you turn on the reverse gear they go down.
  • The second row can be moved back if the third is free, which will provide a lot of free space. The back, by the way, also recline. And the second row, if necessary, can be folded.
  • Electronics works without complaints. Lights shine well, there is auto mode. There is a function to adjust the sensitivity of the rain sensor. Turning when rebuilding can not be turned on until the end, and slightly push - 5-6 times batting, they will turn off.

In general, the reviews of the first-generation Mazda CX-9 are mostly positive. She has a lot of advantages. The expense, of course, is large - from 15 to 22 liters in the city, depending on driving style, but a crossover with such dimensions, weight and engine simply can not spend less.

mazda cx 9 first generation reviews

II generation: engine

Now you can go to the reviews of the owners of the new "Mazda CX-9".

The developers of the concern decided that the real dynamics are much more important than the ultimate power. That is why under the hood of the crossover installed a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 250 "horses", and not the traditional V6. It is impressive that this unit has 420 Nm of torque at only 2,000 rpm. Motorists advise: the main thing - do not fill the car with 87-m gasoline. Otherwise, the power drops to 227 liters. from.

Motorists also like motorists because they have traction like a diesel engine. Its developers managed to achieve thanks to a small "tricks" with the turbine. Thanks to their technology, the engine with a small working volume behaves vividly and dynamically even at low revs.

But there is a reverse side of the coin. The disadvantage is the following: when the tachometer needle reaches the upper zone, the crossover simply “chokes”.

At the same time, many agree to tolerate this, since this engine has a modest appetite. When driving through the city consumes a little less than 11 liters of fuel. On the highway - from 8 to 9 liters. In all-wheel drive versions, consumption is slightly higher (by 0.5 liters).

Road behavior

This is the most important feature. And in the reviews of the "Mazda CX-9" you can find a lot of useful information about what constitutes this car on the road.

Owners note smooth and linear acceleration, without annoying kicks and pokes. Many have the impression that there is not a traditional hydromechanical “automatic” installed, but a CVT.

It takes 8.6 seconds to disperse the car to “hundreds”. And that's fast for a 7-seater crossover weighing two tons.

Particularly pleased that the four-wheel drive is not here as an option, but by default. Of course, 4WD does not make the CX-9 a full-fledged SUV. Even despite the 22-centimeter clearance. Geometric cross-over at the crossover is still not off-road, it is even visually noticeable at the corners of entry, exit and ramps.

And one more thing: the four-wheel drive works automatically. There is no possibility of locking the coupling at least for a while. And off-road assistants either. And the control during descent from the mountain, for example, did not become superfluous, just like the lock simulator.

Mazda sk 9 owners reviews all the cons


Its owners, "Mazda CX-9" in the reviews noted a separate attention. Here are some of the things that everybody is talking about:

  • On the bumps, the suspension of the new crossover behaves much more comfortable than the “younger” one that stands on the CX-5. People who can compare note this with satisfaction.
  • At the same time, the suspension can not be called loose. She elastically fulfills irregularities.
  • In fast corners, the car smoothly “takes out” the front out. At first, it is annoying, but then it becomes possible to get used to this feature. In addition, the crossover quickly returns to the trajectory under the discharge of gas.
  • The stabilization system always intervenes very delicately, without panic, even if there is a real danger.
  • Suspension does not collect all the cracks on the pavement, which has a positive effect on comfort.
  • There are rolls and buildup but moderate.
  • Despite the fact that the car is on low-profile tires, the energy intensity is impressive. CX-9 gently work out the bumps. However, sharp corners are best avoided.

Off-road, of course, has never been the "ridge" of the CX-9. But the novelty, as noted by the owners, in this regard has become much better than the previous version. Miracles from it, with such a low front overhang, do not have to wait, but with a 22-cm clearance is quite possible to drive on easy off-road.

 mazda cx 9 fuel consumption reviews

About basic equipment

The car must be functional - this is what most modern motorists think. So the presence of a rich configuration is not less important than a powerful engine under the hood.

And, drawing attention to the reviews of the owners of the "Mazda CX-9", you can see that motorists include equipment to the obvious advantages of this crossover. So, the standard equipment package is called Supreme. It includes:

  • Electric power steering.
  • Aluminum rims (20x8J).
  • Electronic parking brake.
  • Adjustable steering column. There are vertical and telescopic adjustment. Plus leather sheath and heating function. Audio control is derived on the steering wheel.
  • Fog and LED optics.
  • Headlight washers.
  • Light sensor.
  • Executed under body color side mirrors with electric drive, turn signal repeaters and heated.
  • Power trunk.
  • Factory tinting.
  • Heated rear window.
  • Adjustable hatch.
  • Rear washer.
  • Engine start button
  • Color multifunctional screen.
  • Seats with adjustable tilt and height, with lumbar support and lateral support.There are electric and heating, as well as the function of storing the settings.
  • Dividing armrests in front and behind.
  • DZ with remote control, keyless access.
  • Power windows.
  • Heated washer nozzles.
  • Power Connector
  • Package smoker.
  • Airbags (passenger, driver, side, curtain).
  • ISOFIX mount.
  • 3-point seat belts with pretensioners.
  • Additional brake light.
  • Assistants: ABS, EBD, ESP, TCS, parking sensors, rear view camera, light and rain sensors.
  • Cruise control.

And this list is only half available in the car! This crossover really has everything you need, and the reviews about the Mazda CX-9 are just another proof of that.

 mazda cx 9 reviews


They are available in almost every car. Is no exception, and the new "Mazda CX-9." In the reviews of the owners all the disadvantages are considered in detail. Although many of them can hardly be called flaws. This, rather, the features of the car. Well, here what nuances the attention is most often focused on:

  • High transport tax. For a 250-horsepower engine you have to pay a lot of money.
  • In traffic jams, it manifests itself very uneconomically.Consumption can grow to 22-23 liters.
  • Service is expensive. If suddenly something breaks, the repair, to put it mildly, “will cost you a pretty penny”.
  • The dashboard looks overly defiant. Many people think so because of the fact that it is made in a sporty style, and this is not typical and not traditional for Mazda.
  • Plastic in the finish does not have a particularly high quality.
  • Some people say that 250 “horses” are missing. This power is enough to move around the city and to overcome the standard road situations. But if you need to make a sharp acceleration or overtaking, dramatically join the flow on the highway - the driver will regret that there is no need for something more powerful under the hood.
  • The machine is completely unsuitable for towing. Its maximum is a small trailer. Car and so heavy.

By the way, even in some comments you can find outrage about the type of engine installed. Motorists say: a large all-wheel drive crossover, whose mass is equal to two tons, only with a diesel engine under the hood can quickly and economically move in space.

And there is a grain of truth. The topic of fuel consumption in the reviews of the "Mazda CX 9" rises frequently.And people are divided into two camps: some "protect" the crossover, saying that the motor consumes a little more, both for its weight and size, while others scold the developers for the full program.

 Mazda CX 9 owner reviews

Other nuances

There are some other things that owners often talk about. In particular, about it:

  • In order to make the anti-slip system work in full force, it is necessary to disable the “traction control”. Only after this, the traction force will begin to be distributed more quickly and with the best “hook”.
  • The retention system in the strip is rather weak. With dirty and damaged markup can not cope, you have to tax yourself.
  • No adaptive cruise control. On the track does not relax in any way.

Motorists consider the last nuance to be a serious omission. Often, it is the “smart cruise” that is the reason why people spread impressive amounts for an active safety package. Many even say that it would be possible to remove a couple of functions from the above-mentioned equipment list, but add an adaptive cruise.

Cost of

Well, the above said a lot about the new “Mazda CX-9” and the feedback left about it. Price - a moment that also can not be mentioned.Since many people when choosing a car orient themselves on it.

The price of new items in the Supreme package starts from 2,890,000 p. The Exclusive version is a bit more expensive, for it will have to pay about 3,040,000 p.

Mazda CX 9 specifications and reviews


Here are some conclusions that can be drawn after studying the reviews of the owners of the Mazda CX-9: fuel consumption is rather big, but people are ready to close their eyes to this nuance and buy a crossover, because it has a huge variety of functions and other advantages.

In general, this is a very smart and high-quality assembled Japanese car with three rows of seats, the last of which, objectively speaking, is difficult to use for its intended purpose. Because if you install child seats on the second, then it will be extremely difficult for a third adult to squeeze through. To put it more precisely, it is impossible. Because the child seat fastened on the second row elementary will not allow a back to bend forward. Otherwise, access to passengers back does not open.

Otherwise, the Mazda CX-9 owners make the following conclusions: the expense is high, but it can be endured, because finally a stylish-looking Japanese-made car appeared in Russia, which rides on asphalt perfectly, is ideal for traveling by large companies and does not cost much.

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