Mayo-Robson Point: Pancreas

Pancreatic disease can be determinedby pain points. The examination is conducted by an experienced doctor who can easily detect pathological processes in the body. Today we will talk about what a Mayo-Robson point is and what diseases can be diagnosed after her palpation.

Structure of the pancreas

This large organ is located on the back of the stomach behind the stomach. It consists of three branches:

  1. The head is hook-shaped.
  2. The body looks like a prism, separated by grooves from the head.
  3. The tail of the pancreas, the end of the body, is slightly curved upward.

The pancreas occupies an important place inmaintenance of vital activity of an organism, and also is responsible for performance of external and internal secretory activity. With its defeat and the presence of an inflammatory process, there is a disease such as pancreatitis. In appearance it can be acute and chronic. Inflammation of the pancreas can cause other diseases.

Often patients have painful sensationsleft under the ribs. The remaining signs of the pancreas can appear after a while. This is a sharp weight loss, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea. The patient may not know about the inflammatory process. Therefore, with periodic pain on the left under the ribs, you should contact the medical institution to find out its cause. The defeat of the pancreas can lead to serious consequences.

the point of the Mayo Robson

Points of the pancreas

By special pain points, whichlocated in the pancreas, visually determine its inflammation. If the point of the tail of the prostate is affected, this is a symptom of acute or chronic pancreatitis. When the diagnosis is confirmed, other complex measures are prescribed: tests, ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography.

Special points are probed:

  • Dejardena (located 3 cm to the right of the navel, slightly above it).
  • The Mayo-Robson point is located in the left square of the abdomen, the disease affects the tail of the pancreas.
  • The Kacha point is at the end of the rectus abdominis muscle, with pains suspected of a lesion of the prostate between the body and the tail.
  • Male Guy is below the ribs, to the left of the rectus abdominis muscle.
  • Gubergritsa is located opposite the point of Desjardins, but only on the left.

However, suspicions of pancreatic disease should confirm laboratory tests and instrumental examination.

pain on the left

Areas of the pancreas

With the help of palpation it is possible to detect painful areas of the pancreas. They are divided into three types:

  • Shoffara (located between the navel and the armpit right).
  • Janover (located on the horizontal line of the navel and 4 cm to the left of it).
  • Gubergritsa-Skulsky (located as the Shoffar zone, only to the left).

Thanks to the examination, you can first make a picture of the disease. At inspection by other methods it is easy to put the correct diagnosis and to appoint or nominate effective treatment.

left under the ribs

How is the examination performed

Increased pancreatic sizeindicates an inflammatory process. To make the correct diagnosis, spend palpation. It is done in the morning on an empty stomach or after cleaning the intestines with an enema. The patient lies on his back. The doctor's task is to find the lower part of the stomach. The fingers of the left hand feel the skin on the abdomen somewhere 2-3 cm farther from the lower part of the stomach, while moving it upwards. Then, while relaxing the press, which occurs when you exhale, immerse your fingers to the very back of the abdominal wall. Do not tear them off, patting the skin from top to bottom. A qualified doctor can immediately notice an enlarged pancreas.

It is worth noting that a healthy personIt is very difficult to feel the pancreas. Palpation helps to make an accurate diagnosis, only in pancreatitis this zone, where the Mayo-Robson point is located, is very sore. At the initial stage of the disease, the enlarged pancreas can be seen visually. With chronic form of pancreatitis, it gradually decreases. Therefore, in addition to the examination it is necessary to conduct a complete examination. This is the delivery of tests, x-rays or ultrasound.

From the left side

Methods of medical examination for chronic pancreatitis

With the symptoms of Mayo-Robson, the patient has spasmodic sensations from the left side of the costal-vertebral angle. When palpation, pain occurs when pressing on certain points:

  • If the beginning of the pancreas is affected, thenthere is a head, an unpleasant sensation arises at the point of Desjardins. To determine this, press a finger on the point to the right of the navel 7 cm above the horizontal line of the axilla.
  • Pressing the triangle of the body of the gland in the Shoffar-Riva zone causes pain.
  • The Mayo-Robson point is responsible for the tail pointpancreas. It is defined as follows. From the navel there is a line to the middle of the costal arch. We divide it into three parts. Hence, this is the first point from the navel.

A symptom of Mayo-Robson is found in 45% of the population. Some confuse it with other diseases of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract. Usually such a diagnosis indicates the presence of acute or chronic pancreatitis. There is a sharp pain on the left side under the ribs, since there is a tail of the prostate. When you press your fingers on this place, pain will suddenly appear. Thus, the presence of the disease is determined. When acute form of pancreatitis it hurts on the left of the costal-vertebral department. In addition to pancreatitis, other diseases can develop.

pancreatic tail

Diagnosis of pancreatic disease

In addition to confirming the symptoms according to the patient,palpation of points and zones, it is necessary to pass a biochemical analysis of blood, to evaluate the water-electrolyte balance. Mandatory urine analysis is necessary. To confirm the diagnosis, instrumental methods are needed that will help to examine the organ and reveal pathological processes. Assign an ultrasound examination. To exclude the formation of stones, sent to the X-ray. Helps to give an extensive analysis of the disease picture of computed tomography, endoscopy. It is important to start treatment in time.

tail point


Pancreatic zones, in particular the pointMayo-Robson, help with visual examination and palpation to detect the presence of inflammation. With constant pain in the region of the ribs to the left, vomiting, loose stools and a sharp decrease in weight, you should always consult a therapist. At the initial stage of the disease, following the recommendations of a doctor, observing a special diet, it is possible to prevent the development of the disease and its transition to a chronic form. The pancreas is the main organ that helps digest fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain it in a normal state, and in the presence of pathologies - to treat. If you have pain on the left, persistent nausea and other symptoms of malaise - it is worth urgently to see a doctor.

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