Massage holistic: types, methods of conducting

The essence of a holistic massage consists in rhythmic and smooth wiggling of the body in order to get rid of stiffness in the joints, pain, integrate the mind, quickly relax tense muscles. The creation of this method was influenced by Western practices of body-oriented therapy, osteopathy and reflexology.

What is a holistic massage?

This healing psychotherapeutic technique is often referred to as palsing. This massage is a legacy of ancestors, but Tovi Browning, a popular manual operator in Israel, has developed a more advanced technology. This technique differs in that it lacks the usual manipulations and movements that are performed in other types of massage techniques.

The main movements in the pulsing are the usual vibrations and swaying of the body. In this case, the rhythm, as a rule, is selected in accordance with the average value of the patient's pulse.For example, in people suffering from hypertension, the frequency of oscillations is much lower than in patients with high blood pressure.

During the wiggle vibrations are created that pass through the whole body in waves, activating the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems. Thanks to a holistic massage, it cleans not only the mind, but also the blood, which has a positive effect on the work of all organs.holistic massage

Kinds of palsing

Swedish holistic massage is performed along with rocking the body. It uses the following techniques:

  • Rolling skin.
  • Trituration.
  • Chattering
  • Squeezing

The specialist during the procedure tries as far as possible with his fingers to probe the muscles of the client. Thus, he diagnoses every part of the tissue, while controlling the vibration. This massage is performed slowly, but with more power than usual. As a result, the patient relaxes and in most cases falls asleep.

Palsing holistic massage

Pulsating massage

For a long time, various Eastern and Western schools used pulsating, rhythmic swinging movements of the limbs and body with a certain frequency in order to reduce muscle tone and reduce stiffness in the joints and pain. Holistic movements included in the massage are now called pulsations.Where did this species come from?

Holistic pulsating massage is an excellent way to heal the body. It was developed and developed in Western practice. In Russia, this healing technique is actively used, combining physical and psychological therapy with the principles of Taoism, in other words, massage was based on the spiritual teachings of the West and the East.

Palsing is carried out according to the Israeli healing method, which allows using the body to affect the soul and mind. Perform a holistic massage without kneading, creating body vibrations that are approximately equal to the pulse rate. Soft vibrations and swaying during the session form waves that run throughout the body. They activate the activity of the lymphatic and hormonal systems, thereby removing the blocks and clamps in problem areas.

Intuitive massage

Such a procedure can heal from various ailments: infertility, weakening of immunity, overwork, chronic fatigue and diseases of the joints. In the process of performing this technique, the body is given a constantly swinging rhythm to stimulate the flow of all fluids in the body.

Holistic intuitive massage is used not only for healing adults, but also for treating children. Such a technique is used in cerebral palsy, in the period of recovery after a stroke and a heart attack.holistic massage training

Principles of Holistic Massage

There are seven principles of palsing:

  • Extensions and extensions. During such a massage with swaying, they stretch the neck, legs and arms to eliminate the tightness of muscles and joints.
  • Connections. The organism in this case is considered as a set of borders and poles. The essence of technology - to combine them into one.
  • Constant vibration and ubiquitous movement. Relaxed muscles themselves react even to minor oscillatory effects.
  • Interconnections It is in this case about the connection between the hands of a specialist, his mood and the state of the client. As more sensitive patients feel the absence of this harmony upon completion of the massage.
  • Ease. Do not force yourself. And this applies to both the massage therapist and the client. The body reacts negatively to aggression, pain, and any touch that he does not like.To avoid this, the master must act tactfully and gently.
  • Resource. This principle includes the technique of self-healing and self-hypnosis. The attitude of the masseur is very important, the client should not feel like a victim. Only by trusting the specialist’s hands completely, will heal the body.
  • Integrity. This massage technique cures the whole, not separate parts of the body. After all, migraines, impaired cardiac activity or arthritis are associated with the condition of other organs.

By the way, during the execution of the paling the master is forbidden to think about his own problems. He does not have to worry, be nervous and tense. If the massage therapist abruptly interrupts the swaying of the body, then the person will feel pain and discomfort. In addition, the specialist must constantly face the customer while conducting the paling. Holistic massage with proper performance will help to relax and forget about all the troubles.

Swedish holistic massage

Procedure technique

Massage holistic begin to do most often from the back with transverse movements on the left side. Then the specialist puts his hands on the back of the client's torso.It is necessary in order to feel the patient's breath and adjust to it.

Master performs the swinging in the direction of the spine. In other words, he pushes his back forward, catching her when he returns, without taking his hands off. From the back, the specialist moves down to the extremities, and then comes back again. Such actions allow you to completely relax.

Next, the specialist bends the left leg in the knee and massages it, moving from the bottom up. Even during the procedure, he performs light shin tosses. At the same time, the client should completely relax and not strain.

After that, the master proceeds to massage the hands with the use of oil, grabbing the muscles of the shoulder, shoulder joint and axilla. It starts massaging from the wrist to the elbows with squeezing and compressive movements, activating the work of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Then, capturing the client's wrists and forearms, the specialist pulls out the right or left side of the body with smooth actions, at the same time making swinging movements.

 holistic massage gureeva

During the head massage, the master places his fingers at the base of the skull, after which she sips, lifts, swings, tilting to the left and to the right, back and forth. Then he goes on to massage the skin according to hair growth.

How to do a holistic massage with your own hands?

It’s easy to do the body piercing. First, you should put your hands on the outer side of the shoulders and swing them from one side to the other with quick pulsations. It is better to place the thumb on the lower side of the shoulder, and leave the others on top. Both hands should be put on the shoulder joint, after which with soft movements spend back and forth along the diagonal line that connects the shoulder with the thigh.

Massage the pelvic area to perform in a supine position on the back. The palms are put on the hips and move them with soft swaying. You should start with small pulsations, gradually increasing and returning to the slow.

In addition, you can rotate the spine. Using the base of the palms, move them along the muscles. Rotational movements should be performed with your thumb, moving your hand down. After massaging a few centimeters, come back. Repeating the movement is necessary, moving to the sacrum, holding the palm on the muscles near the spine. Rotations should be strengthened when you move below the ribs. In the area of ​​the sacral triangle, the massaging movements must be completed. Then move your palms to your shoulders in the same way.

Holistic massage of the chest should be carried out at an angle of 45 degrees to the line of ribs. It should be performed by gently moving your palms, without pressing them. Then the hands are placed on the region of the heart and the sacrum, and repeat the movements on the other side of the back.

holistic massage reviews

Indications for palsing

Holistic massage has only approving reviews, especially it is useful to do it with the following health problems:

  • Insomnia.
  • Depression.
  • The weakening of the protective functions of the body.
  • Stress.

This healing technique helps to recover from emotional and physical stress. Such therapy is also recommended for women in a position to improve water metabolism and relax the back muscles. On top of that, such a massage will raise the mood of the pregnant woman.

holistic pulsation massage

Another holistic massage is indispensable before surgery and during the recovery of cancer patients after surgery. The technique is also shown in the complex treatment of infertility, as well as hormonal background.

Who is contraindicated for holistic massage?

Of course, like the rest of the therapeutic and health effects, the paling is not suitable for everyone.For example, it cannot be done for acute skin diseases, malignant tumors, burns, inflammatory processes, severe injuries, infections, fever, mental disorders, acute venous and arterial thrombosis, heart failure. In case of severe hunger, overwork, alcohol intoxication or overeating, it is also not recommended to perform a holistic massage.


A well-known Russian doctor recorded a video course that helps everyone to master a holistic massage. Gureeva argues that this technique not only relieves stress, but also improves the psychophysical state. However, to become a true professional in this matter, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to prepare.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that if there are no contraindications, then a holistic massage will be an excellent general remedy. Palsing will help to improve mood, increase creativity, level of vitality and normalize the psycho-physiological processes in the body.

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