Mask for greasy hair. Effective hair masks

Masks for oily hair were always relevant, as this type requires special care and proper attention. Those who have curls lose their attractiveness in the evening, they know how hard it is to make beautiful styling and hairstyles. That is why the use in the home only shampoo is considered insufficient. Such tools are not able to completely solve all the problems. It should be borne in mind that frequent washing does not bring much benefit. That is why the mask for oily hair, which can be prepared independently, is so relevant.oily hair mask

Features homemade masks

Home masks for oily hair should perform several tasks at once: remove excess fat and reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands. That is why the composition of such tools are acid and alcohol-containing components that are considered the most aggressive. For this reason, it is important to use them properly, as a mask for oily hair may not be useful.

How to use masks for oily hair

  1. After applying the product, rub it into the skin for at least five minutes. After that, the hair should be wrapped with plastic wrap and warm with a warm scarf or towel.
  2. If the tips of the strands are dry, then homemade masks for oily hair should be applied exclusively to the roots. Treat them better with any warm mask recipe
  3. Rinse off the product only with warm water, the temperature of which should be no more than 37 degrees, as otherwise the sebaceous glands will be triggered.
  4. Masks should be used no more than twice a week for a month.

Mustard hair

Mostly mustard is used for hair growth. However, in combination with clay, it can be used for the fat type. The recipe for a hair mask is quite simple. Take 4 tablespoons of preheated water and dilute several tablespoons of mustard, and then add three tablespoons of clay. For oily hair, it is better to use green or black. Mix all the ingredients, and then add a teaspoon of honey melted in a water bath. Be sure to pour lemon juice into the mask. Use the product as described above.Holds a mask for oily hair no more than 40 minutes.burdock hair mask

Burdock mask

Burdock hair mask perfectly copes with dandruff, which is another reason for the fat content of the strands. To prepare such a tool, mix a few spoons of burdock oil and a teaspoon of aloe juice. If the house does not have this plant, you can purchase the necessary component at the pharmacy. Burdock hair mask is applied directly to the roots and is distributed with the help of a comb along the entire length. Keeps means on the head for about an hour.

Potato starch and hair beauty

It is worth noting that the products that contain potato starch, not only eliminate the problem of oily hair, but also make them smoother and more voluminous. Therefore, experts recommend similar formulations for unruly strands. Mask for oily hair is prepared as follows. Take a teaspoon of honey and aloe juice purchased at the pharmacy. Mix everything with a few spoons of starch. Apply the composition and the roots and hair. Hold the mask is about 40 minutes, and then wash off.

Clay mask

homemade masks for oily hair

Clay is the best component of compounds that are used to solve oily hair problems. First of all, it cleanses the pores and the hair itself from pollution, as well as toxins and excess fat.That is why effective hair masks are prepared from this component. To prepare, take a few spoons of green or blue clay and dilute it in mineral water, of course, without gases. As a result, you should get a mask that looks like liquid sour cream. Apply the composition to your hair, while separating them at the same time. Of course, you should pay special attention to the scalp. Hold the mask for about 30 minutes, then wash it off. It is better to apply olive or vegetable oil on dry ends.

Tomato juice against hair oily

Tomatoes contain vegetable acids that positively affect the condition of oily hair. After all, these substances regulate the sebaceous glands, preventing and cleansing the strands from contamination. This mask is ideal for home use. For its preparation, you need half a glass of tomato juice. Apply it directly to the hair and hold for 30 minutes, wrapping your head with a film and mask kefir egg

Mask from cottage cheese

Means based on cottage cheese are very often used at home to improve the condition of hair and remove unpleasant oily shine.The composition of this mask includes lemon juice. To prepare the composition, take 4 tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese and mix them with a few spoons of lemon juice. Mix all ingredients until smooth, and then apply to slightly moist, but not wet strands. Spread the paste over the hair and hold it for about 20 minutes.

Mask nourishing with oils

Formulate strands of vitamins and normalize the glands will help compounds made from the juice of citrus and various cosmetic and vegetable oils. That is why experts recommend the use of such funds for oily and thin hair. Mix a spoonful of burdock, olive, peach and almond oil. Add a spoonful of fruit juice to the mixture. To do this, you can use grapefruit, lemon or orange. All components must be thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair and skin. Keep the need for 40 minutes.

Kefir mask

A mixture containing various fermented milk products is an ideal hair mask. Kefir, egg and three drops of essential oil, for example, orange, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary or bergamot, you need to mix, and then put on the strands for 30 minutes.It should be noted that such compositions are used not only in home cosmetology, but also in professional salons.effective hair masks

Honey will help solve the problem

Oily hair is prone to falling out. That is why you need to strengthen their bulbs. For such purposes, you can use tools prepared on the basis of honey. To get a stronger effect, you need to mix a few spoons of honey, melted in a water bath, with a spoon of aloe juice and a teaspoon of lemon juice. In the mask you can squeeze one clove of garlic. All components must be mixed so as to obtain a homogeneous gruel. A mask is applied to the skin, and it is worth to apply burdock oil for about 30 minutes on the strands. Apply this product before washing the head.

Egg Mask

If the hair roots are very greasy, then an egg-based mask can help solve the problem. However, the finished formulation should be applied exclusively on the skin, since the strands from it can only suffer. The hair mask recipe is very easy. Take a few eggs and whisk them so that a white foam appears. Add a teaspoon of water and vodka to them. If there is, then you can alcohol. The finished product should be immediately used.Otherwise, it will stand, and use a mask in this form is not recommended. Keep the composition on the hair can be no more than half an hour.

Decoctions of herbs

The above masks themselves are quite effective. In some cases, however, gain is required. For these purposes, perfect decoctions of various herbs intended for rinsing. For oily hair, you can use products made from herbs such as plantain, St. John's wort, mint, sage, nettle, and birch. For therapeutic broth, you can use several plants.

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