Mascara for hair - create a salon bow, without leaving your home!

Not everyone is happy with what nature gives - appearance, physique, individual features ... Cosmetology can transform a person, sport allows you to carve out a dream figure, and if nothing helps, surgeons will come to the rescue. But do not rush to take such drastic measures!

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The easiest way to change is to make a new hairstyle. If there is no desire to transform your image, use the mascara for hair - you can dye your hair for a while and then return to the natural look.

Paint, Shura, paint!

Most people, both men and women, want to be as attractive as possible. This is easy to explain - because the more interesting a person is, the more chances he has to attract the attention of the opposite sex. For this reason, girls use such a trick that men call “war paint” - bright makeup. Another means of attracting attention is a special hairstyle.You can give your hair the shape that suits your face, and with the help of dye, you can give the finished image brightness. Someone paints the hair with rather rigid compounds with ammonia, someone chooses more sparing options or henna. But there is also an option that will allow you to do your hair at will. This is a dyeing tool such as mascara for hair. This is not a new invention, but still demanded by girls of all ages.

Why do I need mascara for hair?

If we talk about cosmetic mascara, the first thing that comes to my head is a product for eyelashes.

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It is a mascara that can give eyes expressiveness, similar in appearance to false eyelashes. But it is rather difficult to stick eyelashes by yourself, while even a schoolgirl will be able to use mascara. With such a thing as colored mascara for hair, things are the same. For example, you are curious about whether you will highlight or not. Or you want to give yourself a mystery before a date or a party, but do not want a dramatic change. Please, at your service mascara for hair! Absolutely easy to apply, it will allow you to change your image, and if the experiment is unsuccessful, you can immediately correct the consequences.

What to choose mascara for hair?

If you decide to change your appearance with the help of mascara, take care to purchase it beforehand. This is not to say that this product is scarce, but not all trademarks produce mascara for hair. Reviews of already experienced girls recommend acquiring funds from Loreal and Isadora. Here is what you need to do before you buy:

  1. Check the freshness of the carcass by examining the markings on the packaging! If you purchase an expired product, you will get a headache with a stuck mass instead of an unusual image.
  2. If the mascara for hair is not expired, but has an unpleasant odor, it is peeling off or accumulates in lumps, do not buy such a product. Mascara should smell neutral or pleasant, have a uniform texture and structure similar to mascara.colored mascara for hair
  3. If your goal is to paint over gray, then colored mascara will not work. This tool will color the hair only before the first wash and no more, and therefore, in order to hide gray hairs, use ordinary paint with ammonia.

How to apply mascara?

isadora mascara

What color to choose mascara for hair? Note that the color on the packaging may be quite different from the shade that will turn out on your curls.

If you want an unusual, but at the same time discreet effect, try bronze and golden colors. They will suit all girls, creating a shimmering golden play on the head of hair. More courageous experimenters can try pink, blue, green shades. This season fashionable strands of unusual colors, but do not overdo it with the expression.

Mascara for hair (Isadora it, Loreal or any other brand) should be applied exclusively on dry hair. If your plans after applying mascara visiting the pool, sauna or other "wet" places, do not use a coloring agent.

Comb your hair well, washed and dried. Decide exactly how you will apply mascara. If your hair is medium length or long, then it can be thin or thicker strands, the effect of degradation (or another fashionable name for this style is ombre), uneven highlights. If you have short hair, apply paint with light strokes.

mascara hair

To paint stuck, you need to use a hairdryer. However, until the paint is dry, brushing your hair is not recommended, otherwise you will simply spread the mascara.

How to get rid of ink on your hair?

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for girls, mascara is a completely unstable product. Even if you purchase a more expensive remedy for brands like Isadora or Loreal, the effect of staining will last up to a maximum of the first washing of the head. Cheaper products will "leave" the hair by themselves when combing.

If you have unsuccessfully dyed your hair or just want to wash off the paint, wet the cotton sponge with a tonic to remove makeup and run it over the colored strand. Color mascara should be easily removed from the hair.

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