Mariinsky Palace in Kiev: history, photos, work schedule, address

The Mariinsky Palace in Kiev is one of the most interesting historical buildings in the capital of Ukraine. For more than two centuries, this residence keeps its original appearance and successfully performs state ceremonial functions. In this article you will learn a lot of useful information about the construction, design and other interesting facts about the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev.

Exterior design

The royal castle was designed in the XVIII century according to the rules of the palace and park art of that time. The two-story building is U-shaped. The main facade, 65.3 meters long, was built in Baroque style with dairy and white elements on a turquoise background. On its sides are single-storey outbuildings. The length of the park facade is 119 meters. Outside the solemn residence is decorated with bas-reliefs and sculptures.

Mariinsky Palace Kiev

The palace ensemble is in harmony with the winding paths of the Mariinsky Park, which was created in 1874 thanks to Empress Maria.On the opposite side of the building is the Royal Garden, founded and landscaped in the distant 1743 year. Greenhouses and greenhouses are located on its territory. Straight tracks that cross perpendicularly lead to the Dnieper. The authors of the Tsar’s Garden project were the masters J. Hofmeister and D. Fock.

Interior decoration

The walls of the modern presidential residence are decorated with paintings by masters of the XVIII - XX centuries and fragments of paintings by Camilla Alliaudi. The Italian artist was invited to the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev by Alexander II for interior decoration as part of a reconstruction in the 19th century. Alliahudy canvases are located above the fireplaces and in the office of the residence.

Until 1917, the building was equipped with the benefits of civilization such as ventilation, steam heating, electricity and water supply. After the revolution, the premises of the residence served as an agricultural museum and technical school. Shortly before the Great Patriotic War, an exhibition of works by Taras Shevchenko was held at the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev (there is a photo in the article).

Mariinsky Palace Kiev photo

The peculiarity of the design of the halls is the predominance of a specific color in each room.For example, in the palace there are Blue, White and Green living rooms, the names of which speak for themselves. The stone first floor was used as a service room where the servants lived, and there was a pastry shop and bakery there. The walls of the ceremonial halls are decorated with trellis in gilded frames, as well as numerous mirrors. The rooms have a stove with blue tiles and highly artistic furniture.

Mariinsky Palace in Kiev: the history of construction

The Russian Empress Elizabeth chose a truly wonderful place for the construction of a future residence. Work on its construction began in the middle of the XVIII century by the project of the Italian architect Francesco Rastrelli. The process was headed by I. Michurin. The construction lasted twelve years. The Empress did not have time to visit the long-awaited Kiev residence.

The first owner of the estate was the Governor-General of Little Russia Peter Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky. It was at that time that the palace acquired the status of a place in which the Ukrainian authorities received representatives of foreign states.

Interesting facts about the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev

The state of the palace in the XIX century

During the arrival of Catherine II, the residence held balls and theatrical performances, at the end of which magnificent fireworks thundered. In 1819 the building survived the fire.Element has destroyed many elements of the decor and the entire second floor, made of wood. For a long time, the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev was in a ruin state without attempts to restore it. A few years later the building was leased to the Joint-Stock Mineral Water Partnership. The central building was converted into a room with baths, which were filled with medicinal laurel water, and the outbuildings served as guest rooms.

The revival of the former grandeur of the palace fell on the second half of the XIX century, when Maria Alexandrovna, the spouse of Emperor Alexander II, arrived from the dank Petersburg to Kiev. By the arrival of the royal personages, the residence was restored with the use of bricks, but still in the same traditions of the Renaissance and Baroque. The author of the project was K. E. Maevsky, the engineer was A. Struve. Of the innovations can be noted attached to the central part of the balcony with a staircase. By the way, the name "Mariinsky" Palace was named in honor of its "savior" Maria Alexandrovna.

Mariinsky Palace Kiev history


At the end of World War II, the palace needed restoration. The bomb, which hit the central part of the residence, although it did not explode, but significantly destroyed the room with a blow. A group of architects, led by P. Aleshin, has preserved for us the complex in its classical form.

The exterior of the indoor halls was restored during 1979-1982. At that time, craftsmen made pieces of furniture that met the requirements of baroque architecture. The reconstruction also touched the marble steps in the lobby and the parquet floor of precious wood.

Palace life in the XXI century

Today, the royal estate, despite its venerable age, continues to amaze visitors with its elegance and beauty. This is not surprising, since official receptions, summits, diplomas and awards ceremonies, congresses of foreign delegations and even the inauguration of the President of Ukraine are held in the halls of the building. Each "color" room has specific functions. For example, various meetings are held in the Green Living Room, and in the Blue Heads of State discuss important issues in private.

Mariinsky Palace Kiev how to get

Like any castle with a century of history, the royal estate managed to acquire several mystical legends. In the hall of the palace the same picture fell twice. When inspecting the mountings, no damage was found. In order to find out what is happening in the palace, the workers invited the blind sorcerer Gregory Fudim.The magician assured that the building is a clot of energy, which is popularly called brownie. The sorcerer declared the safety of this creature for good people, but the evil one needs to beware of it. For example, once two women during an excursion for no reason at once simultaneously poured coffee.

The guards confessed that if they accidentally fell asleep during service, something inexplicable would wake them up, after which they saw their legs in white golf and shoes with large buckles in the distance.

How to get to the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev

Unfortunately, the royal estate is under reconstruction now. At the end of the restoration, the schedule of work of the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev will be updated and the building will again open its doors to curious guests. In the meantime, travelers can walk through the surrounding areas and enjoy the beautiful view of the facade of the palace.

Mariinsky Palace Kiev Schedule

The historic building is located on M. Hrushevsky Street, 5, next to the House of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in which members of parliament sit. There are the following ways to travel to the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev: by road, by minibus or metro. If you plan to get your car, move along the Naberezhnoe highway, which will lead you to M. Grushevskogo street.In case you are traveling by subway to your destination, get off at Arsenalnaya station.

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