Mandatory accident insurance for children

The first years of human life are associated with all sorts of difficulties. Childhood illnesses, injuries, and knees — all of this can pull up additional financial costs. In order to alleviate the material burden falling on parents, it is possible to arrange insurance of children against accidents and diseases. This is very important, but, unfortunately, not too popular event has a number of features. We will talk about them.

Why insure children

People tend to hope for the best. Therefore, many parents do not want to admit even the thought that something could happen to their child. Often this behavior ends sadly.child accident insurance

Childhood years are almost always associated with the risk of various injuries. Due to the fact that children do not have much life experience, but they are extremely active, they often suffer injuries. Broken knees, bruises, sprains, broken hands, legs and noses, bruises and abrasions. Moreover, the older the child becomes, the more serious injuries he can get.After all, they climb higher and higher, and keep track of them more and more difficult.

Insurance of children's life from accidents - it is only voluntary. On the one hand, stretching and broken knees heal rather quickly. But on the other hand, if something more serious happens, the treatment will require considerable expenses. And not every family can cope with such a financial burden.

Process features

The contract for insurance of children against accidents can be drawn up regardless of how old he is. Quite often, parents acquire a long-term policy almost immediately after the birth of the baby. According to the rules, parents must pay a monthly or annual fee throughout the term of the contract.

The policy does not cover ordinary childhood diseases such as measles, influenza, SARS or rotavirus infection. An exception may be the situation when the disease was the result of an accident. For example, the baby fell through the ice and consequently became ill with pneumonia. In this case, the parents are likely to receive compensation.

For some time now, the state intends to introduce compulsory insurance of children against accidents, but so far it remains voluntary.

What could be the insured event

Most often, the agreement initially prescribes a not too long list of risks. But if you want it can be expanded.child accident insurance rosgosstrakhChild accident insurance most often covers such risks:

  • various injuries resulting from cuts, fractures or bruises;
  • the fall of any item on the insured;
  • bites of animals and insects;
  • sunstroke;
  • unintentional entry into the respiratory tract of a foreign object;
  • third party assault;
  • frostbite;
  • burns, injuries caused by natural disasters or lightning;
  • poisoning with chemicals or food;
  • a disability of varying degrees resulting from an accident;
  • death for the same reason;
  • other risks.

Types and programs

All organizations offering child accident insurance do this in two main areas:

  1. Partial insurance. This program offers protection for your baby only in a certain period. And the days and even hours of insurance you can choose your own. For example, it can only be a period of stay in a kindergarten or school, days,allocated for visiting the tutor, hours spent on a walk and more. All periods literally up to a minute are clearly written in the contract.
  2. Full insurance. This policy protects your child around the clock throughout the year (or month). Wherever the child is at the time of injury, parents will be able to claim compensation.

Savings policy

In addition to the above, accident insurance for children can have one more type. This accumulative insurance is a policy that can reliably protect a person for many years. By the way, this is one of the most popular contracts to date.child life insurance against accidents

Its essence is as follows:

  • relatives sign papers with the selected insurance organization;
  • all selected risks are prescribed in the contract and a period is established, for example, until the age of 18;
  • every month or annually parents pay insurance premiums to the accounts of the selected company;
  • if one of the insurance claims listed in the contract occurs, the insurance company covers all expenses for the necessary treatment and rehabilitation of the insured;
  • since by the time of termination of the contract the insured event had not yet occurred, the parents are entitled to receive all the funds contributed back.

It turns out that by acting in this way, it is possible not only to ensure the safety of the child, but also to accumulate a rather impressive amount by a certain date. This money can be a good help for the entry of the insured into adulthood.

School and sports insurance

Many educational institutions introduce literally compulsory insurance of children and schoolchildren against accidents. This is due to the unwillingness of teachers to be responsible for the behavior of your child during the classes. Moreover, as a rule, there are at least 25 tomboy students per teacher.

It is unlikely that in modern schools you can meet children who are decorously walking noble along the corridors of an educational institution. The current secondary school is a little like a boarding house for noble girls or the royal cadet corps. Therefore, many schools simply insist on purchasing insurance policies. The validity of such a “talisman” usually does not exceed 9 months. The insurance document provides compensation when your son was injured in the walls of the of children from accidents and diseases

Another policy that is almost obligatory for registration is accident insurance for children-athletes.Paradox, but absolutely any sport, even chess, can be potentially dangerous for a child. What can we say about the various martial arts or contact martial arts.

Honestly, it is not so easy to arrange quality insurance for a child athlete. Insurers approach the issue with great caution, and try to include as little risk as possible in the contract. But still, there is a certain list of injuries, the presence of which in the list of insurance claims should definitely be checked:

  • dislocations of joints and fractures of tubular bones;
  • knee (meniscus) injury of any severity;
  • sprains or tears of muscles and ligaments;
  • fractures of various parts of the spine and intervertebral hernia;
  • injuries of bones and soft tissues of the face and head;
  • concussion.

Of course, these are only the main injuries that an athlete is able to receive at the time of the exercise. Optionally, the list can be expanded independently, taking into account the specificity of your sport.

Banks and programs

Having made the decision to insure your offspring, carefully study all the offers of insurance companies, and select the most appropriate one.Here are some examples:

Insurance of children against accidents in Rosgosstrakh provides under the Fortune "Children" program. This policy is valid year-round in the territory of any country. You can issue a contract for a year, month or a selected number of days. The only thing that at the time of termination of the contract the insured person must be less than 23 years. The size of the compensation payment in the range from 100 to 500 thousand rubles, you can choose yourself. Depending on the severity of the incident, you can get up to 100% of the sum insured.Sberbank accident insurance for children

SOGAZ offers accident insurance for a child only in the general program. Here are the same conditions for both children and parents. The organization offers two options:

  • “Persona Economy” is a program with normal basic protection and a fixed cost. It all depends on the age, the composition of the risk and the sum insured.
  • “Universal Person” - here you can independently determine the list of risks, the amount of coverage and other parameters.

Sberbank does not allocate accident insurance for children in a separate program. You can use the service as part of the Protection of loved ones or Protection of loved ones plus package. The policy is valid throughout the year worldwide.Insurance coverage can be chosen in the range from 100 to 600 thousand Russian rubles.

How to reduce the cost of the policy

Child insurance is not cheap. Among the prices offered by various insurance companies, you can also find those that the average family cannot afford. However, there are several ways to reduce the cost of the policy.

First of all, with some effort, you can organize a collective insurance. For example, it is possible to unite in this issue all parents of a class, then each policy will be released 15–20% cheaper.

Some insurance companies include absolutely unnecessary services in the contract, excluding which you can significantly reduce the contract price. Preventive massages, visits to a speech therapist and orthopedist, and so on. Without all these "lotions" you can easily do.

Exclude from the contract point "Dental services". It is expensive, but not always of children and schoolchildren from accidents

How to get paid

In the event of an insured event, you must immediately inform your insurance company. Now start collecting documents. Their list is usually prescribed in the contract:

  • your copy of the policy;
  • certificate of injury;
  • various extracts from medical records;
  • medical checks prescribed by a doctor;
  • conclusion of the MSEC on the assignment of a disability (if any);
  • proof of death of the insured.

The insurance company may request any other documents at its discretion.

Remember! Cost recovery does not depend on how many organizations entered into an insurance contract with you. This means that if you paid for the policy in several different insurance companies, then you are entitled to receive a compensation payment in each of them.

How much can you expect

When an insured event occurs, in most cases you will not receive the full amount of compensation, but only part of it. You can rely on one hundred percent payment only in case of death of the insured or establishment of a disability of the first group.

In this case, it is impossible to give exact figures, because everything will depend on how much the policy itself cost. The lower the insurance premium you paid, the less you will receive as insurance payment. For example, the most inexpensive policy will cost you about 500 rubles a year. But in the event of trouble, you can not count on compensation of more than 10 thousand rubles.compulsory accident insurance for children

How to get a contract

Like many other types of insurance, the design of a “child” policy is a simple matter. You will have to take a set of standard actions:

  • select the appropriate IC;
  • determine the insurance program and the list of risks;
  • carefully study the contract for the provision of insurance services;
  • prepare documents (most often this birth certificate and passport);
  • sign the contract and pay the required amount.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

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