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Malaysia - many-sided and motley - differs from other countries of Southeast Asia with a unique combination of ancient culture, exotic and rather high level of development. Being the second after Singapore, this state is the most economically advanced and cleanest in the region. It is here that you can see the highest building in the world - the Petronas Towers, as well as the largest Asian mosque, the third longest bridge on the planet, etc.

Malaysia is so amazing and fabulous that, judging by the reviews of tourists, it literally bewitches at first sight, immediately striking with its unusual color - a combination of the most ancient and the most modern. In this country, the bright sun shines all year round, here various festivals and holidays roar constantly.What to see in Langkawi

Tourist Malaysia

Langkawi, Borneo, Penang - these resorts have long been popular with avid travelers. Tourist Malaysia includes clean coastal waters, evergreen forests, unique flora and fauna, many attractions and wonderful cuisine.

So far, this direction is relatively poorly developed in Russia. However, according to tour operators, the number of people who want to go to the beaches that Malaysia is famous for is increasing every year. Langkawi, Layang-Layang Penang, Sipadan, Borneo - they are considered to be a real Mecca for diving enthusiasts. At the same time, in this country there is a fairly high level of security, excellent service, excellent roads and many English-speaking locals. Today, a country that offers many opportunities for a good beach holiday, Malaysia seems to be a place for ecological and ethno-tourism.


Not far from the Thai border, washed by the Andaman Sea, is a magnificently beautiful archipelago. Of its many islands, only four are inhabited. The most popular of them and geographically large compared to Pulau Tuba, Pulau-Dayang-Bunting,Pulau Singh - the picturesque pieces of land, of which this largest archipelago of the state (Malaysia) consists - Langkawi is considered to be a place that is called a real paradise for travelers. This direction is chosen mainly by those who prefer a quiet and comfortable rest.

Reasons to come to the island of Langkawi, tourists have a lot. The very first of them is the fact that here you can find a rest for any taste: both budget travelers and sybarites spoiled by luxury prefer to fly here.

Langkawi Island is equally suitable for families with young children, backpackers, students, and newlyweds, and demanding elderly people who buy tours from around the world, including Europe.Malaysia Langkawi

Historical excursion

The earliest mention of the archipelago is contained in nautical maps dating from the fifteenth century. The island of Langkawi, located at the crossroads of trade routes, attracted both navigators and merchants from many distant lands.

At that time, the main products exported from the archipelago were rice and pepper. Langkawi prices were ridiculous.It was for rice in 1621 that Augustin de Beaulieu sailed to the island - a French general who served under Louis XIV.

After the construction of the port of Penang, Malacca and Bencoulen, which also sold spices with might and main, the popularity of Langkawi among the merchants began to fall. And so it continued until, at the end of the last century, the Malaysian government again did not pay attention to this heavenly place. It was then that it became clear that this island could not be better suited for its transformation into an equipped beach resort.

general information

Langkawi, located in the Andaman Sea, is part of the Malaysian state of Kedah. The island is located in the north-west of the country, on the border with Thailand. The mainland is twenty-five kilometers from Langkawi. Compared with many countries in Southeast Asia, the region’s cleanest beaches are located here. On the island there are no crowds of idle walking tourists, but here you can meet travelers who came from almost every corner of the planet. Wide beaches with white sand and warm calm sea - Langkawi takes a rest all year round. It is believed that the high season on the island begins in November and ends in April. However, in fact, a beach holiday here is possible all year round.In addition, there is something to see. In Langkawi, a huge number of attractions and just very beautiful places that you must see.Langkawi tourists reviews


The time from December to June is considered the best season for coming to Langkawi (Malaysia). The weather in this period is mild, there is little rain, and the thermometer rarely rises above thirty-one degrees. But in April or May, a little hotter - up to +35aboutC. The largest amount of precipitation on the island falls in the fall - in September and in October. However, there is one big “but”: from the end of December, the jellyfish season begins here. Langkawi, more precisely, the sea around it, at this time is literally teeming with these creatures, so swimming on some beaches becomes problematic. The jellyfish invasion ends somewhere in the middle of February.

Many tourists, including Russians, come to fish hunting or diving at Langkawi. During this period, the sea is filled with flocks of barracudas and snappers, garuds and jac-fishes. Giant lobsters “walk” along the bottom, you can admire colorful sea anemones and even see huge sea turtles.

The climate of Langkawi is tropical.Only two seasons are pronounced: dry and rainy. The first begins in mid-November and ends in late May, and the second lasts from June to the end of October.Beaches Langkawi

How to get there

You can come to the island either by air or by water. Here is the international airport Langkawi International, but he still does not accept flights from Russia. In addition, the largest island of the archipelago can be reached from the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, as well as from Penang, Singapore and Thailand. In the high season, two more directions open up - Hong Kong and China. From Kuala Lumpur you can also get here by train and then by ferry.

There are no city buses in Langkawi, you will not see a songteo or tuk-tuk here. Of the transport are only taxis (always with air conditioning).

To easily navigate around the island, many tourists rent a motorbike or car. Rental locations are on every beach in Langkawi. Guest reviews indicate that you can rent a car for ten to twelve dollars per day.


The island has a wide selection of various hotels. Here you can find a hotel for every taste. Some buy tours to Langkawi with world-class luxury hotels, and there are somewho prefers to stay in budget hotels or hostels. Many hotel complexes have a huge territory. Most often they are stylized as traditional Malaysian campungi villages. Optionally, you can choose to stay in cozy wooden rooms of low-rise buildings, and in a bungalow-chalet.

In total, about thirty hotels were built on the island of Langkawi. Of these, seventeen were given a five-star category. One of the most popular holiday destinations of the resort is Pantai-Chenang beach, located in the south-west. Here is a large hotel complex "Pelangi Beach" with cottages, standing on the very sea shore.

Prices for accommodation and tours

Some believe that rest on the island of Langkawi can be quite expensive. But it is not so. Of course, prices in Malaysia, and especially on the island, are not very low when compared with the general level in the countries of South-East Asia. For example, in neighboring Thailand, the cost of goods and services is lower by thirty to fifty percent. But then the standard of living in Malaysia is significantly higher.Tours in Langkawi

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the expenditure estimate is highly dependent on the consumer needs of the individual tourist.Some people like active shopping, because here you can buy electronics and branded goods at relatively low prices, others move only by taxi, and others regularly go on excursions. Of course, all this, of course, repeatedly increases the planned budget of rest in Langkawi.

Experienced tourists are advised to proceed from the amount of 50-60 dollars per person, provided they stay in a hostel. For example, the bread on the island costs three, coffee - seven, lunch at a fast food - ten, dinner at a restaurant - sixty - one hundred ringgit per person. The rate of the Malaysian currency against the ruble is 1 / 13.4.

A room in a four-star hotel will cost from a hundred ringgit per person: accommodation in a double room with the concept of food - "continental breakfast".

If you carefully search, of course, you can find options and cheaper. For example, you can find quite comfortable rooms in three-or four-star hotels and for eighty ringgit. And already very low prices in hostels, where in one day you can pay from 30-40 MYR.

Tours to Langkawi in high season will cost the Russians from ninety two thousand rubles for two without meals, departing from Moscow. The rest of the voucher significantly cheaper.Tours can be bought almost two times lower - for fifty and above thousand rubles for two under the same living conditions.

Beach holiday

The island is famous for its magnificent coast covered with soft white sand. Here is the cleanest sea in the region. The best beaches of Langkawi are on its southern coast. Many popular hotels are located here. Along the southwestern tip of the largest island of the archipelago are the most beloved tourist beaches of Langkawi. Here a two-kilometer noisy Cenang stretches, which, as the locals joke, never sleeps. Its continuation is the kilometer-long Tengah beach: it is more calm and romantic. Another secluded bathing area - Kok - is located in the west of Langkawi.

The most picturesque beach of the island is considered the northern Tanjong Rhu. Here, stunningly beautiful cliffs on the shore alternate with strips of pure white sand and mangroves. The highlight of Langkawi is Pasir Hitam beach with its white and black grains of volcanic origin.Langkawi prices


Rest on Langkawi is not only swimming and sunbathing on the wonderful coast of the island.Many tourists prefer to combine their stay here with a tour of local attractions, which abound in the archipelago. Trips to Langkawi are very diverse. Here you can buy a tour of the island for eighty dollars per person. The tour covers all the famous sights of Langkawi. Tourists can see all the beauty of this picturesque island, rising above it by cable car. Visitors to the island are recommended to visit the aquarium, one of the best in the world.

Tours to the beach of Pantai-Pasir-Hitam, covered with black volcanic sand, crocodile and snake farms, as well as to the Telaga-Tujuh waterfall, whose name is translated from Malaysian as “Seven Wells”, are very popular. This miracle is located in the northwest of the island of Langkawi. The spectacle of the waterfall, falling from a height of ninety one meters, whose streams form a stunning beautiful seven lakes, will not leave anyone indifferent.

On Langkawi you can also see mythical figures, ancient inscriptions on the walls of Gua-Chrita cave, flocks of bats in the grotto Gua-Kelavar hidden in the depths of mangroves, to which you can swim only by boat, swim in hot springs and much more.


Many of those who visited the island call it a heavenly place on the planet. There is no such person who would remain indifferent to the beauty of Langkawi. Guest reviews for the most part indicate that you liked the rest.

Hospitable, friendly people, the majority of residents tolerably speak English - this is the very first impression of many Russians who come to the island.

Judging by the reviews, even in three-star hotels Langkawi is quite a decent service. This is especially true of beach hotels, which, although more expensive, but fully meet the basic requirements of tourists. Almost all hotels have bungalows and buildings.

As for the service, it is different from the European. The staff is unobtrusive, tries not to catch the eye, does all the work unnoticed. The breakfasts are very tasty, the menu has a lot of exotic fruits for Russians. Many tourists from our country really liked the outdoor shower, which is in many hotels of high category.Trips to Langkawi

The main factor for a successful holiday in this famous resort is the weather. If you're lucky, the time spent in Langkawi will be remembered forever.This explains the difference in the feedback of our compatriots. Those who came to the island in the season of jellyfish, were unhappy with the sea, called it "biting" and nasty. But tourists, who had a chance to swim in the purest Andamand waters, will never forget their beach holidays and will try to come back again if they can.

As elsewhere in Malaysia, Langkawi is absolutely safe for tourists. Therefore, you can come here not only in large companies, but also alone. In addition, there are excellent places for diving, so diving enthusiasts come here from all over the world.

According to some reviews, the tourist infrastructure of Langkawi has two drawbacks. First, it is the lack of public transport, but this gap is somewhat offset by a very cheap taxi. Secondly, there are no large shopping centers, so our compatriots spent their shopping in the capital of Malaysia - in Kuala Lumpur.

The rest of the tourist infrastructure on the island of Langkawi is present with interest. These are beautiful beaches - noisy and secluded, rave and therapeutic sand, and a cable car,and numerous attractions, and the aquarium, and marine parks with beautiful fish, and mountain springs and waterfalls, and a huge number of hotels.

As a result, it can be said that the overwhelming majority of our compatriots did not regret the money spent on Langkawi and, of course, the time spent there.

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