"Maksigra": reviews of men, instructions for use, composition, analogues

modern people are often exposed to a variety of disorders. Women experience problems with arousal, and men - with an erection. And in the second case, it is usually more difficult to correct the situation. Erectile dysfunction in men are found more and more often. And at different ages. Even a young man can face a similar problem. It is possible to rectify the situation only after careful treatment, by taking special preparations.

Today we will find out what Maksigra is. Reviews of men, instructions for use, contraindications and even analogues of the drug will be presented below. Should I use the mentioned remedy? How effective is it?

maxigra men reviews

Sources of problems

To understand all this is not so easy. Often, doctors recommend to refrain from drugs for erection.Such medicines can not cure, but only to eliminate the disease for a while. Therefore, we have to look for the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Most often, a similar situation arises due to:

  • stress;
  • hard or harmful work;
  • complexes;
  • health problems (circulatory system, blood vessels, genital diseases);
  • self-doubt;
  • fears;
  • overwork;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • improper lifestyle;
  • rare sex acts.

In some, an erection may disappear even during the process of coition. Not the best situation. Correct the situation helps "Maksigra." Reviews of men indicate that this tool is aimed at restoring male power. But is it really?

Briefly about the drug

To correctly answer a similar question, you will have to carefully study the information about the tool. Then it becomes clear what it is.Maksigra instructions for use

"Maksigra" - this is a special pill to improve erection. Usually the drug is used for lung disorders. In some cases, the medication is used to eliminate problems with the respiratory system.

Too quick intercourse? Not getting an erection? Does the penis fall during the act? Maksigra comes to the rescue. Is this a good thing?

Release form

The studied medicament is produced, as it was already emphasized, in the form of tablets. They are covered with a bluish film.

The drug "Maksigra" is sold in the form of tablets of 25, 50 or 100 milligrams. The doctor will prescribe the dosage in the appropriate amount. Depending on this, you will have to buy certain pills.

In the box with the tool "Maksigra" a few units of the drug. For example, the largest package is designed for 4 tablets up to 100 mg. Not very economical, but, according to some buyers, very effective. The agent has no other form of release.


An important nuance is the composition of "Maxigry". Often it is for the components of the drug can understand how effective it is.

But not in our case. Indeed, in the composition of the studied tablets include the following components:

  • sildenafil citrate;
  • mannitol;
  • crospovidone;
  • Povidone;
  • corn starch;
  • colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • sodium stearate;
  • hypromellose;
  • macrogol 6,000;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • talc;
  • indigo carmine

It is not entirely clear how effective the Maksigra tablets are. An ordinary average person will not be able to understand the listed components. The significance here is played by sildenafil citrate.The fact is that the original drug containing the specified component is called Viagra. In the effectiveness of this tool, no one doubts. So, the drug "Maksigra" can be trusted.

improved erection


When to use study pills? Indications are not so much. Usually the drug "Maksigra" prescribed:

  • for the treatment of the lungs;
  • with erectile dysfunction.

The drug acts as a vasodilator, so it can be used for this purpose. But, as practice shows, doctors prescribe a tool "Maksigra" to eliminate problems with erection.


Like any other drug, the studied pills have contraindications. "Maxigru" can not be used by everyone. Having some health problems limits the treatment to them.

Contraindications for use include:

  • individual intolerance to the drug;
  • severe allergic reactions;
  • intolerance to sildenafil;
  • treatment with drugs related to the types of "nitrates" or "donators of nitric oxide".

Fortunately, such situations are rare. And therefore, reviews of men about Maksigre emphasize that in fact these pills have no contraindications. It pleases many people.


And how to use the studied means? Instructions for use "Maxigry" extremely simple. This is said by many men.

It is necessary to take 50 mg of the drug once a day. The tablet is washed down with liquid. Take the tool "Maksigra" need about an hour before sexual intercourse.

If a person suffers from kidney disease, the daily dose of the drug is 25 mg. The same amount is prescribed to men after 65 years.

Instructions for use "Maxigry" is simple to the limit. Some men have problems with the use of the drug. Usually, complaints are found only from those who suffer from a strong gag reflex. This also includes people who have trouble swallowing. But most often the reviews of men about Maksigre emphasize that taking pills is easy. Pleases and release form of the drug. It allows you to calculate the daily dose.

Side effects

Erection drugs often have a number of side effects. After all, the composition of these medicines is not homeopathic, gentle. Therefore, the means "Maksigra" side effects are also available.maxiger pills

What do patients say about this question? Among the side effects from the use of the studied drug emit:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • sleep disorders;
  • heat;
  • redness of the face;
  • nasal congestion;
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • blurred vision;
  • rhinitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • "flu-like syndrome";
  • increased susceptibility to light.

Fortunately, there are very few complaints about Maxigra pills. Often the drug passes without the listed troubles. The main thing is not to violate the maximum available dosage, then there will be no problems.

Alcohol and Maksigra

Can I drink alcohol after or before using the study drug?

Unfortunately no. If a person has drunk alcohol, he will have to give up the Maksigr tablets. Alcohol is not compatible with these pills.

Because of this, the reviews of men about "Maksigre" leave not the best. During a date, a rare person will not drink a single gram of liquor. But if you want to continue the meeting at home in bed, you will have to limit yourself.

About the effects on the body

The drug "Maksigra" not only helps to restore an erection. This medication affects sexual intercourse in general. And on men's health, too.

Improving an erection is only one of the phenomena observed after taking the Maksigra drug. In addition, a man’s penis is enlarged (on average, up to 4 centimeters), and his sex drive rises. Many emphasize a significant surge of strength and energy, increased breathing and heartbeat.

Also, after consuming the Maksigra pills, the male improves sperm quality - increases the activity of the sperm. Therefore, some believe that the medicine can be used to treat infertility. In fact, it is not.

Cost of

All drugs for erection in Russia are not cheap. And "Maksigra" is no exception. This is a very expensive tool.

On average, 1 tablet of the drug will cost 300-350 rubles. It is designed for single use. This fact generates a lot of angry reviews about the drug. Men complain that erection problems have disappeared due to the Migigra pills, but they cannot be taken on a constant and frequent basis because of the high price tag.

erection drugs

A course of treatment

Men 's reviews of "Maksigre" sometimes indicate that this drug is recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is offered by many doctors. After completing the whole course of treatment, the male power returns. And this is good news.

The average course of treatment is 1 month (or 4 weeks). It is necessary to consult a doctor for more accurate information about the use of tablets "Maksigra".Self-medication should not engage, even though the tablets are released without a prescription. With the wrong use of the drug harm to the body will be applied more than good.


How well does the work of "Maksigra"? Reviews of men indicate that this drug really helps. It acts quickly, the effect lasts approximately 4 hours. Just what a man suffering from erectile dysfunction needs.

Some patients call pills a divorce for money and a scam. Some of this drug did not help. Usually this happens because of the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as violations of the instructions for use. But most often buyers refer to the high efficiency of the product. Especially considering that it is not a dietary supplement, but a medical drug.

Some cite the fact that Maksigra helps to restore masculine power after severe stress or overwork. And indeed it is. In any case, if you believe the numerous reviews of the drug.


Unfortunately, "Maksigra" - a pill with its flaws. They are often associated with side effects.What do men say about this?

The disadvantages of tablets include:

  • overpriced;
  • the presence of side effects associated with the action of the drug.

It's all. You can see the reviews of men about Maksigre, which say that sometimes you have to choose between sexual intercourse and rest because of aggravated migraines. And someone stresses that after consuming the drug begins dizziness, the face becomes red, the heartbeat quickens, and mild nausea begins. And at the same time increases libido. Because of such situations, the drug "Maxigra" is recommended to be used only in the prescribed doses and under the strict supervision of specialists.

maxigra side effects

Doctors about the drug

Based on the foregoing, it should be concluded that "Maxigra" is a real working tool. It is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of all ages. Even pensioners can use these pills. The main thing is that the patient does not have heart problems.

Doctors speak positively about the tool Maksigra. Experts emphasize that this drug is not a hoax. This is not a biological supplement, but a serious medical drug.It is impossible to name tablets studied as a scam.

The doctor will prescribe the drug Maxigra, if the cause of erectile dysfunction has not been resolved. This is normal. Often tablets are prescribed in addition to the main course of treatment. Indeed, during the elimination of erectile disorders to exclude sexual acts is not necessary. Moreover, they are shown. And without the drug "Maksigra" some men can not cope!


Of course, the studied drug has its analogues. "Maksigra" is not the only remedy for the treatment of potency problems. Usually analogs contain sildenafil. Such means can be used instead of the studied pills.

What is attributed to the analogs of "Maksigry"? You can pay attention to:

  • Viagra;
  • Tornetis;
  • "Sildenafil";
  • "Viasan-LF";
  • Revacio;
  • "Dynamic";
  • "Vizarsin".

This is not a complete list of drugs with a similar effect. But the listed funds are most often used in practice.


Reviews of men about the tool "Maksigra" left mostly positive. They emphasize the high effectiveness of the product.In addition, men emphasize that this medication sometimes causes a lot of trouble with its side effects. Insure against them can not be.Maksigra analogues

Should I buy pills "Maksigra"? If a man has erection problems, you should take a closer look at the drug. But the final decision is better to leave for a specialist.

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