Love at first sight. Myth or reality?

Does it existlove at first sight? It is unlikely that there will be a person who did not ask this question. And each one necessarily has several examples, confirming both one and the other point of view. What a person can like literally in a split second does not require proof. Each of us faced a similar situation. However, each had its own end to a similar story. That's why people's views of love at first sight are so strikingly different.

But if it was experienced by at least one person,then it exists? Let's not rush to conclusions. The fact is that people easily confuse love and love. Love is a temporary attraction to a person. And love is something more, a kind of union of two hearts, which requires verification by time.

If you have experienced feelings similar tolove at first sight, how can you be 100% sure that this is love, not love? In fact, nothing at all. You can only trust in fate and hope that the relationship with this person will be long and happy.

By the way, it is faith in fate that explains beliefsmany people that love at first sight still exists. According to the theory of kindred souls, which simply blows romanticism, each of us has a second half in this vast world, one single, and we must find it, otherwise happiness will never be in our personal life. If it really is so, and it is impossible to prove or disprove this theory, it is quite logical that when we meet such a person, we intuitively feel that this is the same person with whom we are destined to live the rest of our life.

But since such a sensation is a rarity andis found only once in a lifetime, and people necessarily want to experience it, then very often for love at first glance an ordinary strong inclination is accepted. To not let yourself be deceived by your hormones, it is enough to learn to distinguish love from falling in love.

Love gives a feeling of lightness, happiness and beautyof being, while love acts as a powerful dependence, riveting us to the object of adoration and making us nervous, nervous and unhappy. In addition, falling in love has the ability to pass quickly enough when the person we fall in love with disappears from our life. Love will never pass.

Of course, love is much more common. That is why many people are scalded about false love at first sight and lose faith in it. But true love must come to everyone sooner or later. And it does not matter in what form it catches us. Perhaps you will go to this for several years, from this love will not be worse than those who fell in love in the first instant.

And if you still doubt that love exists, remember the call of the first love,it can not be confused with anything. At that time, no one thought about money, social status and other stupid things. The first love is a magical feeling that should open the doors to the magical world of human relations. Unfortunately, society now treats these feelings differently and brings up a materialistic attitude towards love. Burned several times, a person begins to believe that in fact there is no love, and everyone is governed by vested interests.

If you have such thoughts, perhaps, meeting with the first loveyou will help. No, this is unlikely to be your "man for life", just this meeting will return you faith in miracles and help in a new way, or rather in the old way to look at the beauty of human relations.

Do not lose this faith, and you still have toYou can enjoy love at first sight, which can turn your whole life around. And even if it ends unsuccessfully, do not worry, you, at least, will have something to remember, and your true love will surely come.

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