Los Angeles: city sights (photo)

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in America. The sights of this noisy and incredibly beautiful metropolis can be listed endlessly. In our article we will try to touch on the most significant and interesting places of the “father” of the film industry. So let's get started.


This is probably one of the most visited places in a city like Los Angeles. The sights of the megalopolis are mostly located in downtown. So is the case with Chinatown.

This unique town was formed at the end of the 19th century (in 1880). Now there are 15 streets and about 200 buildings, which differ from each other in unusual architectural design.

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The most significant event in this wonderful town was the construction of the Central Plaza - a kind of "parody" of American Hollywood. Oddly enough, this project was financed by the staff of Hollywood studios.

The main streets here are Spring Street, Hill Street and Broadway. The latter is the main center of tourism.There is a huge number of people who want to go shopping, try Asian dishes and have a great time.

Concert hall names walt disney

Sights of Los Angeles are pleased with their uniqueness and beauty. In the arsenal of the most significant places of the megalopolis there is a huge number of cultural sites. One of these is the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This building of incredible size, made in the style of hi-tech, is a place for large concerts and "star" performances.

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The theater is a real gem of downtown, because it has the most powerful acoustic parameters in the whole world. No wonder that the Walt Disney family has allocated more than $ 50 million for this project.

Inside the building there is an audience for 2265 places. All seats are made of expensive wood. In general, to experience all the magic of the atmosphere of this building, you should definitely visit it. This luxury is impossible to describe in words.

Universal Studios Park

This awesome place is included in the "main sights of Los Angeles" section. Universal Studios Hollywood is considered to be the oldest film studio currently operating.Here is a huge amusement park and the best scenery, which is regularly updated and improved.

Los Angeles Attractions Photos

All the sights of Los Angeles are distinguished by their originality and extraordinary beauty. Park studio "Universal" - is no exception. This place is the most fun and informative in the entire metropolis. Here anyone has the opportunity to enjoy viewing these special effects, as well as participate in the creation of scenery.

Grauman's Chinese Theater and the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame

What other interesting places is Los Angeles famous for? Sights, photos of which we provide in our article, do not end there. There is a lot of interesting and informative ahead.

The attention of the whole world deserves also the world-famous Grauman Theater, which is located on Hollywood Boulevard. This is probably one of the most visited places by tourists. The theater seats 1162 spectators. Its main highlight is the roof, made of green bronze. The size of the object reaches 30 meters.

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Just a few steps from this beautiful place is the famous "Walk of Fame", along which you can see a huge number of handprints and feet of celebrities.

Getty Art Museum

What else are famous USA? Los Angeles, whose attractions are innumerable, is also rich in its unique museums. One of them is the Getty Art Museum. Few people know that this project cost its creator $ 1 billion.

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He built the J. Paul Getty Museum (American oil tycoon) in 1945. Thanks to his love for art, this man collected rare and old things from all over the world throughout his life. Here you can look at the sculptures of the Roman era, art canvases, antique objects, letters and more. others

Despite the tidy amount spent by the Getty, anyone can visit this place. To great joy, he will not pay a cent for this immense pleasure.

Theater "Kodak". Los Angeles

Attractions relating to the culture of this city are countless. One of them is the Kodak Theater, which is located in the historical part of the metropolis. This place includes about 3,500 spectators. Few people know that it is here that all sorts of awards, including the Oscar, are held.

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Griffith Park

Griffith is located on Los Feliz (neighborhood of the metropolis).This is a huge urban amusement park, which is recognized as the second largest in the state of California. It is worth noting that earlier on this place was the Griffith's ranch, where the ostriches were bred.

In this very park there are significant places of such a city as Los Angeles. These sights are among the most discussed and visited all over the world. For example, the famous Griffith Observatory, from which height one can observe all downtown and other known objects. It is worth noting that this territory also includes the Los Angeles Zoo, the Greek Theater, the Museum of the American West, the "Hollywood" sign, etc.

Here you can have a great time, playing golf or football, have a good time with good friends, visit a tennis court, ride horses, an old train, etc.

And most importantly - the park can be visited by everyone without exception, absolutely free.

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The Page Museum. Rancho La Brea

The sights of Los Angeles (photos with names are given in our article) are also distinguished by interesting historical facts. For example, in 1906, on the ranch called La Brea, the remains of animals that visited reservoirs to quench their thirst were found, and by their carelessness they fell into a tar pit.Unfortunately, this place became for them a “grave”.

It is thanks to this trap that today people know which animals visited these lands several thousand years ago.

One of the famous American businessmen discovered these pits. Now they appear in the form of exhibits for his museum. In this beautiful place you can watch unusual fish, plants, unique buildings. The museum management has even created a place for visitors for visitors - a clean lawn where you can lie down and enjoy nature.

Museum of Natural History

In this wonderful and unusual place you can look at the skeletons of dinosaurs. In total there are 20 of them, not counting 300 individual parts. In the center of the hall there are expositions of three different for age tyrannosaurs. It is worth noting that in this amazing place you can see expositions of mammals, predators, insects, birds, minerals, stones, etc. For those who wish to visit the museum for free, an open door is invented.

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Speaking of Los Angeles, not to mention the beach recreation areas. The famous Malibu and Zuma became the calling card. These beaches are awesome for relaxing and scuba diving. Do not forget about Santa Monica. Worthy of attention and Venice Beach - a kind of "piece of Venice."

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