Long hair: haircuts, styling, wedding and evening hairstyles

Over time, fashion trends change, but long strands remain relevant. It is not surprising, because they define the elegant side of the female image. It is hard to disagree that the curls on long hair look incredible. Let's look at fashionable and stylish women's haircuts, styling and hairstyles for long hair.

Girls who wear short haircuts are sure that long hair is difficult to care for. But long-haired ladies get used to the length and make stunning hairstyles.

Classic haircuts of the same length

Haircuts of one length are chosen by girls who value refinement and elegance. Regardless of trends, the classics will never go out of style. This haircut helps to create a variety of styling and change hairstyle. With hair of equal length, you can experiment with parting, comb curls in any direction and put it at your discretion.Only an even length does not suit girls with a round face, as a haircut focuses on the shape of the face.


Cascade - excellent haircut, which has long been popular. Cascade helps to create harmonious and sophisticated images. Cascade haircut is considered a suitable option for young ladies with thin hair, as it creates the effect of voluminous hairstyle. Hairstyle combined with bangs regardless of length. Such a tandem makes the image of a woman attractive and harmonious.

Asymmetrical haircut

Asymmetrical haircut is suitable for ladies who want to stand out from the crowd and make the look original. In the case of short hair, such a haircut is a common thing. As for the long strands, due to the asymmetry of the image becomes interesting. If you strive for originality and uniqueness, experiment with the length of the hair on the sides or try out in practice the advantages of multi-layer asymmetry. In the latter case, it does not hurt to focus attention on the asymmetry with the help of bright hues.

Haircut with bangs

As the hairdresser’s practice shows, the bangs rejuvenate the hostess.Celebrities use this technique to maintain visual form. The main thing - to choose the right bangs. For an oval face, a straight, straight bang is suitable, and a ragged version is combined with a square face. Bangs - a means of masking the flaws of the face, including a broad forehead or problem skin.

Long hair decorates the girl regardless of her occupation, color of the strands or age. Volumetric head of hair makes a feminine image charming, filling with grace and harmony. Many girls dream of long hair, but can not grow. They need more attention and care. That is why the hairstyle should match the type of person, be comfortable and reflect the emotional state of the hostess.

Long hair styling

Any girl can learn to do beautiful styling for long hair. Enough to be patient and exercise. According to hairdressers, home styling should be quick and not time consuming.

If you have thin, devoid of volume hair, fit the natural styling, focused on creating volume at the roots. Girls with disobedient, wavy or lush hair are advised to pay attention to the styling, which is based on hair straightening using an iron or hair dryer.

It is suitable for owners of curly hair styling, which provides the effect of wet hair, and for beauties with a round face I recommend looking at the side bangs. Only curlers will help out with thick and thick hair.

If you do not have free time, use one of the classic styles that fit all types of hair and face. As an example, I will give one simple option.

  1. Apply mousse to the surface of clean and damp hair. To make the volume look as natural as possible, apply a remedy from the back of the head, moving towards the middle of the head.
  2. For convenience, bend your head forward, and lower your hair on the face. Upon completion of the application of mousse head, tilt back and slightly shake the hair, giving volume to the hands.
  3. Make a parting that matches the shape of the face, align the hair on the sides and back, and curl the ends of the large strands and fasten with varnish.
  4. Bang back or make it so that it does not stand out from the bulk of the hair. The result will be unpretentious, but spectacular hairstyle, characterized by elevated hair and large curls.

Regardless of the type of installation, I will give a couple of tips that will ease the plight and make the process less time consuming and quick.

  • Laying must be done on clean hair, washed using the air conditioner.
  • Rinsing with water and lemon juice will help add more shine.
  • Do not comb wet hair. In this state, they stretch and break. Wash them thoroughly with a towel and dry them with a hairdryer.
  • I recommend to begin laying with complex elements. Do not combine styling products. Mousse and varnish enough.

Remember, in the case of long hair styling ends with the design of the ends of the strands, so constantly monitor their condition and trim if necessary, because it is impossible to disguise them.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Ancient Roman rich girls began to make wedding hairstyles. It took several hours to create a wedding hairstyle, and after the ceremony they were forced to cut their hair, because they could not weave them out.

The modern ritual, within which a festive image is created, is more humane. However, wedding hairstyles still devote a lot of time and effort, because every bride wants to look irresistible.

Video example

Best look wedding hairstyles for long hair.Performed by the hands of the master, they turn the bride into a queen. Since at the peak of fashion, practicality, along with elegance, stylists recommend choosing natural styling, complemented by discreet accessories. Perfume, powder and lipstick will help to complete the look.

  • Classical styling is relevant - braids with neatly woven pearl threads and taut tails, complemented by weaves. Make the image of the bride feminine, beautiful and young.
  • For a bride who wishes to complement her wedding dress with a white veil, it is suitable for styling in the form of waves or braids that are not tightly braided. Addition will be pearl threads and pins.
  • A good option for the wedding ceremony are loose hair. This hairstyle looks elegant and tender. Tails, braids and bundles are practical because they retain their shape.

Wedding hairstyle - unlimited scope for the realization of fantasy. Choosing styling, be guided by magazine publications, fashion trends and general principles, including: dress model, face and figure of the bride.

Should I use flowers in a wedding hairstyle?

Let's talk about the use of colors when creating a wedding hairstyle.Many brides think that such a hairdresser's masterpiece will not last until the end of the ceremony, and stylists consider the use of colors mandatory. It is recommended to choose jewelry carefully. It is better to refuse the use of large inflorescences, since they are in bad harmony with the bouquet.

Small flowers should be a bit. It does not hurt to decide on a touch of buds. Brides with blond hair will have cream shades, and dark-haired young ladies should choose bright flowers.

If you decide to do your hair on your own, remember that an excess of mousses and varnishes is not welcome. A large number of funds adversely affects the naturalness of female curls.

Evening hairstyles for long hair

There are many girls who often go to parties. All beauties want to look new. If you are among them, listen to the recommendations of stylists regarding the choice of evening hairstyle.

  1. Evening tail. The best option for a good time. To create a stylish and beautiful look, comb your hair, collect it in a ponytail and wind it on a curling iron.
  2. Volumetric hairstyle. Suitable if you want to stand out from the crowd.Remember, high fluffy styling is the result of hard work. Dry your hair, lift the roots, comb and put it in your hair.
  3. Evening weaving. Characterized by wavy and smooth textures. Complicated weave in tandem with curls create a styling that deserves admiration.
  4. High hairstyle with bangs. Perfect for a fun party. Voluminous starts and hairstyles with textural styling or braids. The image will complement the smooth version of the bangs.
  5. Curls, shells, bunches. Applied if complex textures and extra volume are not needed. Exquisitely tucked hair will accentuate the curvature of the neck, open the face and show earrings in the ears.
  6. Baroque hairstyles. They are not combined with all evening gowns, but will complement a corset-type dress with a large neckline.
  7. Avant-garde. A hairstyle that can be done only by a master. Provides a unique result. A girl with such styling without attention of the guests present at the party will not remain.
  8. High curl. Option for brave women. If you decide to make a crazy bouffant resembling a cocoon, pay attention to fixation, and with the help of a spray increase the volume.
  9. Classic curls. In the evening performance look gorgeous. Combine them with trendy bangs.

I offered options for popular evening hairstyles. I think now you will be irresistible at every party.

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