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The novel titled "The Hero of Our Time" has become one of the most popular works of his era. It was written in the 30s of the XIX century. By describing one person, Lermontov managed to present a collective image of a man of his time. In different chapters, the author confronts his main character with different characters. However, he still remains alone. Between him and the people with whom he meets, there are complex relationships.

heroes of our time heroes description

Pechorin and his relationship to women

Grigory Pechorin is the main character in the work “Hero of Our Time”. Description of the hero should begin with his difficult relationship with women. He immediately warns that he is not ready for any serious connections. Pechorin is a young officer who easily conquers the hearts of young aristocrats. Most of his lovers are women from secular circles. The only exception is a Circassian named Bela, a real savage, a true inhabitant of the Caucasus.In Petersburg, he meets a married Faith, whose relationship ends with a break.

Failures in love Pechorin

In the description of Pechorin in the novel “Hero of Our Time” it is worth including the story about his other meetings with women. Next, he meets "Undine" in Taman, and she turns out to be a smuggler. She tries to drown him and tries to escape with her beloved smuggler that same night. In Pyatigorsk, the hero decides to “drag on” for the young beauty Mary to get rid of boredom. Pechorin is simultaneously caring for Mary and Vera. Mary falls in love, but Pechorin throws it. Then Pechorin enters the service in the fortress N, where he meets with Bela. He steals it, and for four months they live well, until the hero's feelings for the Circassian cools. Bela is abducted by a robber Kazbich, wounds her, and she dies.

Controversial image

Pechorin is a smart and educated young man. In himself, he feels great strength, which, however, wasted. Entering into life, Pechorin says, he feels as if he is reading a dim parody of a book he has long known. The description of Pechorin in the “Hero of Our Time” also contains his physical characteristics, through which the character’s mental qualities manifest.He is aristocratic, which manifests itself through the thinness of his hands. When walking, he will never begin to swing his arms - so Lermontov sought to emphasize the secrecy of his nature. When Pechorin laughs, his eyes remain empty and sad, and this is a sign that he is constantly experiencing spiritual drama.

Lermontov himself says so about his character: “He is definitely a portrait ... However, not one person, but a whole generation. Pechorin is made up of its vices in all their development. ” At the same time, the main character of the work “Hero of Our Time” cannot be called completely positive or negative. The description of the hero must contain all the characteristics that Lermontov gives him. The contradiction of the hero is that, although he loves women, he does not want to marry. His love does not bring happiness to him or to his beloved.

hero of our time description of pechorin


It is also necessary to mention the Faith - Pechorin's mistress in "The Hero of Our Time". Description of the characters of this work will be interesting to every reader who is seriously interested in this work. Vera is a woman to whom Pechorin once felt feelings.She is a distant relative of Mary and Princess Ligovsky. Lermontov writes about the appearance of the Faith, that she is “pretty, but very, it seems, sick”. On her face expressed a feeling of deep sadness. But resting in the Caucasus, Vera gradually recovers. She has a son from her first marriage. Vera loves Pechorin sincerely and accepts all his flaws, while sacrificing herself. She meets Pechorin in secret from her first spouse, and then from the second.


Lermontov on the pages of his novel gradually introduces the reader to the new characters of the “Hero of Our Time”. The description of the characters, which is considered in this article, is continued by the characterization of another female character, Mary. The image of this heroine is almost inseparable from her relationship with Pechorin. It was the main character who had drawn her into that story, which she could possibly have avoided if she had other character traits.

description of pechorin in the novel the hero of our time

Or these events could occur, but with far less sad consequences. Mary loves love stories fanned by a romantic veil. Lermontov notes that she is interested in Grushnitsky as the owner of a “gray soldier overcoat”.Mary felt that he was demoted for a duel - and this fact excites her romantic feelings. As a person he is indifferent to her. Having learned that Grushnitsky is an ordinary junker, she begins to avoid him. But her interest in Pechorin arises in the same way.

the description of bela hero of our time

The experience of the protagonist, manifested in interaction with Mary

Mary does not doubt its attractiveness. Pechorin speaks of her as an “exquisite” princess, but immediately notices her inner emptiness. Despite the fact that Mary reads in English and knows mathematics, this is not her natural inclination, but only an attempt to conform to fashion. Pechorin does not hurry to flatteringly respond to Mary, and this hurts her. Having identified her weak spot, he begins to beat at this point, slowly reading it. Pechorin scares her with his daring trick, trying to cause hatred to himself. But then he should pay attention to her, as she feels like a winner. All this already knows by heart the protagonist of the work “The Hero of Our Time”. The description of the characters considered in this article gives a brief description of them and helps to create an impression about the main characters of the story.

description of Grushnitsky in the novel the hero of our time


The young Circassian and prince's daughter, Bela immediately attracted Pechorin with its beauty. At first, she is shy of her fan, does not want to accept gifts. But the main character does not abandon his attempts, and finally reaches the goal. Bela's description in the “Hero of Our Time” is as follows: Bele is only 16 years old, she has beautiful eyes and black hair. By her religion, the girl is Muslim. She practically does not speak Russian, although she is studying a language. She is poorly educated, although she is good at needlework. She reciprocates Pechorin, however, as it was stated, his passion soon cooled. Bela begins to languish. She is robbed by a robber, and she tragically dies.

description of the heroes of the work the hero of our time

Description Grushnitsky in the novel "Hero of Our Time"

This character, as Lermontov describes it, is mediocre, but the pathos is very fond of. For any situation he will have lush phrases. Grushnitsky is a young military man and a poor nobleman. His age - about 20 years. All that is known about his appearance is that he is handsome and has expressive features. Grushnitsky loves to produce an effect, he is a kind of parody of the main character - that is why he is so hated by Pechorin. Going mad from jealousy, when Mary falls in love with the main character, Grushnitsky becomes dangerous.

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