Lenkom Hall scheme: choose places

The Moscow Theater of the Leninist Komsomol (in the common language Lenk) is an institution known among theater-goers not only in Moscow, but also of our beautiful mother Russia. What is, strictly speaking, completely unsurprisingly, here is both an excellent artistic director, who has been successfully heading the theater for a number of years now, and the star cast of the troupe.

The history of the theater. Star names

In 2017, Lenkom celebrated another anniversary date - the ninetieth anniversary of its foundation. The theater considers the date of creation of TRAM, the Theater of Working Youth, its birthday. His activities in different years led by such star directors as Ivan Bersenev, Anatoly Efros, Vladimir Monomakh. Since 1973, Mark Zakharov has been keeping vigil at theatrical "helm".

Lenkom Hall scheme

And it is in Lenkom that a whole galaxy of stellar artists, whose names are known to a wide audience due to not only loud theatrical performances, but also numerous motion pictures, serve. Oleg Yankovsky, Nikolai Karachentsov, Inna Churikova, Alexander Zbruyev, Lev Durov, Alexander Zakharova, Andrei Sokolov - this is an incomplete list of TV screen stars that are inextricably linked with Lenkom.


Information about the latest theatrical performances can always be found on the official website of the theater. It is updated for the opening of each season and necessarily includes, as well as already renowned work, and premieres. Tickets for the premiere lenkomovskie shows are in great demand. By the way, information on their availability can be clarified directly on the official portal and in the same place to book or purchase a ticket for the performance you like.

Lenkom Hall scheme

In order to visit the theater left only positive impressions, the performance is desirable to look in the most comfortable conditions. Naturally, when choosing a place, the material factor will also play its role: ticket prices on the ground and the balcony differ. Inveterate theater-goers speak of the Lenkom Hall scheme as a sad inevitability.

Lenkom hall scheme with places

Tickets for the front row of the mezzanine are equal in cost to tickets on the ground. However, in the first row of the mezzanine is a very close passage, which completely ignores the length of the legs of tall spectators. If the place is not taken in the first row, then the scene from the mezzanine will be seen badly. The slope of the floor in the hall itself is small.Therefore, if you are short, then there is a risk that from the amphitheater will again be hard to see.

Lenkoma hall scheme

If you buy tickets to the ground, you need to know that the extreme places of the audience rest against the walls. Sometimes sell tickets and folding seats. As a matter of fact, regular viewers are already familiar with the features of the hall, so if possible they try to make the most successful choice. But novices should not be frightened, take into account everything written here, find on the Lenkom website the scheme of the hall with places for booking and get together for some play in which your favorite actors are busy.

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