LED Floodlight with Street Motion Sensor

Searchlights are among the most powerful representatives of lighting equipment. They are usually used to service large areas, industrial facilities, park areas, and sometimes in the lighting systems of private households. At the same time, the concept of street lighting has recently been supplemented with new approaches to the implementation of control systems. So, for example, sensitive sensors appeared that activate the function of the lamp at the right moment. The most popular solution of this type was the LED spotlight with a motion sensor, which is also distinguished by high energy saving, durability and stylish design.

LED spotlight with motion sensor

Device design

For the exact direction of the powerful light flux, the device is equipped with a group of reflectors projecting diode radiation. Also, a set of functional elements includes a protective glass, a reflector and a lamp holder.Some models provide not only work with LED-lamps, but also connecting gas-discharge analogues. Since the designs of these emitters have many differences, a special choke can be used as an adapter, for example, for arc lamps. For installation and connection of outdoor LED spotlight with a motion sensor is equipped with brackets and the necessary electrical equipment. Terminals for connection to the central wiring as well as a ground cable are provided under the case. Compared with the classic floodlight equipment, new modifications allow you to change the direction within a certain viewing area. This feature is determined by the individual design of the model and, in particular, its fasteners. By the way, the most technologically advanced versions change the viewing angle not only after the direct command of the owner, but also when the corresponding signal comes from the automation.

Spotlight performance

LED floodlight with street motion sensor

The power range of lamps of this type varies from 20 to 150 watts. However, individual modifications for industrial use can be provided with a 500 W potential.Such devices can serve major highways and stadiums. An LED floodlight with a 50 W motion sensor is also suitable for use within the garden area. The main thing in this choice is to calculate the color of the radiation, since it will affect the comfort of perception of light by the eye. The temperature varies, on average, from 2700 to 6500 K. It is possible to orient to the cold and warm glow, but the spectrum is considered to be naturally white in color - from 3500 to 5000 K. The above-mentioned viewing angle is also taken into account. The wider it is, the more energy is required to operate the device. Usually for private needs purchase devices with an angle of 180 °.

The principle of operation of sensors

The triggering of the sensitive element occurs at the moment when a movable object enters the detection zone. A standard LED floodlight with a motion sensor on photocells is capable of covering a working platform with a radius of 10-12 m. The most effective sensors work on the principle of propagation and measurement of electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves. The advantages of such sensors include not only the extended range of action (about 20 m), but also the ability to respond to the movement that is performed behind the walls.

LED streetlight with motion sensor

Recently, the spread of light sensors. If motion detectors react to the owner's approach to the house, for example, then an LED spotlight with a motion and light sensor will also work just in the evening. Photo-crystal sensitive elements at night activate the device, and in the daytime - turn it off.

What else to consider in choosing?

It will not be superfluous to take into account the presence of protective shells in the structure. Since the spotlights are oriented to street operation, manufacturers initially strive to endow them with a high class of security. The most robust housing gets an LED spotlight with a motion sensor IP65 - this marking indicates that the lamp is securely protected from the penetration of water, moisture, dust and dirt. In addition, temperature does not affect its performance. The design is insensitive neither to sunshine, nor to a frost.

LED spotlight with motion sensor and light

Manufacturers and prices

The most high-quality LED components are produced by FERON, Camelion and Orbis. Buying spotlights from these manufacturers, you can be sure that the lighting filling will not fail prematurely, will serve for a long time and economically.But in terms of the merits of the design, the products of STAYER, Ultraflash and Stern are more profitable. In the domestic segment, quality LED spotlights with a motion sensor are represented by D-Energy, ERA and Novosvet. As for the price tags, budget devices are available for 1-1.5 thousand rubles, and the average level increases the cost to 5-7 thousand.

Installation and connection of the device

LED spotlight with a motion sensor 50

Mounting is carried out to the wall with fasteners in the form of hardware, onto a pole by means of metal clamps or by integration into an architectural structure with a finished niche. Premium models also provide for the possibility of installing the case in a special frame that can simply be placed on the surface of the earth. Connects LED spotlight with a motion sensor for the street with the help of three wires.

There may be different variants of their color performance, but in any case, one of the lines must provide grounding (yellow or green circuit), and the other two must be connected to the zero and phase of the main wiring. There is also a separate category of battery spotlights, which do not require connection to the central power supply line at all.But such models, as a rule, have low productivity rates, and in the case of autonomous solar devices, instability of light delivery can also occur.


LED Floodlight IP65 with Motion Sensor

Spotlights with sensors are expensive, so before choosing, it is recommended to determine how justified such a solution is. Of course, powerful LED-devices are more economical and durable compared to incandescent lamps, halogen and fluorescent devices. But is it more profitable to buy a LED spotlight with a motion sensor, if there are a lot of worthy counterparts on the market, implemented in the usual form factor? Practice shows that one correctly positioned searchlight is capable of replacing several lamps of lesser power, but with the same or even higher power consumption. Also, many owners emphasize the reliability of this lighting. Cases of such lamps have comprehensive protection, not only from climate negative factors, but also from targeted mechanical effects.

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