Leasing Solaris

I'd like to buy a decent car. But unfortunately, for the realization of this dream is not enough money. Borrowing is not in my rules, and buying a used car is also not an option. I recently learned that you can lease a Solaris via the Internet. I think this is a good idea in acquiring a good car. Do you think it is worth leasing the car?
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Answered on February 16, 11:34
Leasing is essentially the purchase of a car by installments, just as a mediator between the buyer and seller is a leasing company. First, you arrange the car rental, if everything suits, you can already arrange a car rental and then purchase.
Answered on February 16, 11:44
My husband leased the car, he needs it for work. Everything suits him, the main thing here is not to forget to make monthly lease payments on time.
Answered on February 16 11:52
Leasing is well suited to those who have little time to arrange the necessary papers. Here, the buyer takes all the trouble.But here one big minus, you get your car in full ownership only at the end of the contract.

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