Lake Tiberkul: description and fishing

Fishing in the Krasnoyarsk Territory can be veryproductive, if you know the lake, river and fish, which is there. For example, the reservoir Tiberkul. This is the largest lake in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. It is one of the most beautiful reservoirs. In 1987 the lake received the status of a natural monument.

Location of the lake

Lake Tiberkul is located in the valley of the river. Kazyr, on the ridge of the Kryazhino. In 130 kilometers from the regional center of Kuragino and 30 from the village of Cheremshanka. The reservoir is in the glacial depression. It was formed by glaciers, descended from the mountains about 500 thousand years ago. Tiberkul is included in the complex of two hundred Mozharsky (Kazyro-Kizir) lakes.lake tiberkul

Description of the lake

Lake Tiberkul is framed by picturesque boulders andstones left after the collapse of the giant glacier, which formed natural beauty by moving stones and rubble. As a result, many beautiful islands were formed. Tibakerk is often called the Heavenly Lake, as human rumor says that this reservoir was sent by God.

Lake Tiberkul has an area of ​​more than 23square kilometers, length - 15 km, and width - 6 km. The depth of the reservoir is up to 51 m. Five streams flow into the lake - Eltsovka, Varlamikha and Cheremshanka. The other two are nameless. From Tybakubel flows the river Tyukht (otherwise Tyuhdet). Its length is 62.5 km. This is the right tributary of Kazir.

The lake connects with the Small Tuberculum Deepduct. They feed the pond with winter snow and summer showers (but much less). In the area of ​​the lake and other surrounding water bodies there are quite a few swamps. Therefore, to travel on the roads in the summer, you can only on all-terrain vehicles. Lake Tiberkul is surrounded by taiga - mixed forest and cedar. On the shores of the lake, mainly fir in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In many places, cliffs rise to the banks. Some reach 20 meters or more in height. Large white water lilies grow in numerous small coves and bays of the lake. When they begin to blossom, Tiberkul looks simply fabulous. Spring on the lake comes late, only in April. Often it is protracted.

From the ice, the reservoir is completely liberated onlyafter mid-May. Then the sun and warm weather are established. The water of the lake warms up quickly and reaches 23 degrees in the summer. In Tiburt, crystal clear water. It is so transparent that the bottom is visible even at great depth. The water is fresh, and the salt content in it is very low.

Islands of Lake Tiberkul

There are many islets on Lake Tiberkul. Some are rocky, but there are also overgrown shrubs and birches. In the northern part of the lake, closer to the center, is the largest - the Cedar. Its area is more than 500 square meters. The rest - small and larger - have their own name. They are scattered all over the area of ​​the reservoir. Small, nameless, only nine.lake tiberkul how to get

How to get to the lake Tiberkul?

How to get to the pond? You can reach the lake by a relatively favorable road only in winter. In this case, the reservoir is open for all types of transport. The road to it starts from the village of Cheremshanka, which is located on the coast of Kazira. In summer, most often to the lake they get by means of a caterpillar tractor.

There is another way. First you need to get to the regional center of Kuragino, which is 130 kilometers from the lake. Then drive to the village Gulyaevka. And after it - along the country road (but it is only available for all-terrain vehicles).

Fishing on the lake

Fishing in the Krasnoyarsk Territory can be veryA variety if you know the water. For example, Tiberkul. In this lake there is a lot of perch, pike, dace and grayling. Not so often, but still there are whitefish and taimen. The population of the dace in the lake differs from its counterparts in black color.crystal clear water

You can fish on Tuberculosis by regulara float fishing rod or a spinning rod. The most active fishing is mostly in the mornings. The fish bite well on the spinner. In general, pike and large perch, sometimes reaching two kilograms, are found. The float can be caught at any time and throughout the lake. In this case, often comes across a dace. And in large quantities. Fishermen, fishing on the lake, say that the dace of the dace goes well to ordinary pasta.

Tourists often have fun even underwater hunting,because the water in the lake is clean, transparent. But if a thunder storm approaches, all the big fish hide. And you can see only the small one. On the shore of the lake there is a recreation center, which is called the same as the lake.

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