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Today, Swedish knives are familiar to many consumers as convenient, inexpensive, functional and very high-quality products. The manufacture of knives in Sweden has its own history dating back to the eighteenth century.

Swedish knives

When did the first knives appear?

Swedish lands have long been in continuous forest undergrowth and were very low fertility, complicating the life of the farmer. In the eighteenth century, near the city of Mora, local residents identified marsh iron ore and high-quality sand. In the future, this circumstance took advantage of local craftsman Eric Frost, who organized the manufacture of knives in 1891.

At first, the work was done in an artisanal way. Soon the manufacture of knives in the city of Mora acquired an industrial character. Frost had competitors who also produced knives. Swedish factories and artels, however, did not constitute a serious competition for Frost - his knife company Mora of Sweden at that time was the largest.

Today, among the rest of the Swedish manufacturers of similar products, Frost's company still leads, supplying the market with very high-quality products that have their own consumers.

Characteristics of knives from Mora of Sweden

In the manufacture of knife products of this Scandinavian manufacturer, as noted by many users, sophisticated equipment of handles or inlay is not used. In the manufacture of handles, neither expensive wood nor ivory is used. Each blade is applied brand stamp.

knife shkuroder swedish

Swedish knife Mora-2000: description

According to consumers, this knife has a remarkable and conspicuous feature: the front of its blade has a peculiar geometric shape. In the middle of the blade its thickness decreases in two directions: to the butt and to the tip (there it is no more than 1 mm). This sharpening is called "Scandinavian".

The working edge is absent, due to this, the knife does not lose its effectiveness even in cases when its blade is blunted or chipped. This solution gives the product an unusual appearance.

According to consumer testimonials, if necessary, chop wood chips or chop meat; it’s quite possible to use these knives. Swedish products "Mora-2000" are mainly used in hiking. This blade can pry something or open a tin can. According to hunters, "Mora-2000" is a very effective knife-shkuder.

The Swedish manufacturer, creating these products, took into account all the possible difficulties that hunters, fishermen and tourists often face. Comfortable wearing in traveling conditions for the owner of the knife is considered an important aspect. The solution to this problem was a sturdy leather tape, with which the sheath is fastened with a belt. This loop is of sufficient size to adapt the knife even to a very wide belt.

Despite the low hardness that stainless steel possesses, and its tendency to dull quickly, the Mora-2000 can be easily sharpened even in a camping environment.

Performance characteristics

  • In the manufacture of the blade used Swedish stainless steel Sandvik cold rolled. Brand - 12С27.
  • Steel has a hardness of 56 HRC.
  • The knife has a size of 23 cm.
  • The sharpening angle is 19 degrees.
  • Blade length is 10 cm.
  • The blade thickness near the handle is 2.5 mm.
  • The mass of the product is 98 grams.
  • The weight of the knife with a sheath is 140 grams.

Swedish knife folding

Knife modification

"Mora-2000" has one drawback: the handle and the sheath can merge with the greens. This problem was solved by a Swedish manufacturer: the Mora-2000 Orange model, a modification of the Mora-2000, entered the market. The models differ from each other in the fact that in the new version there are orange elements on the handles and sheaths.

Swedish hunting knives

Manufacturing companies

Swedish knife manufacturers, supplying the cold arms market with first-class products in a wide range, are interested in satisfying all the needs of their potential customers. Production companies create knives, the blades of which are made of materials that are highly resistant to wear and load. As a result, lovers of cold weapons can acquire valuable, beautiful and very practical knives.

Swedish manufacturing companies have their own history and features of production:

  • Mora. This company in the manufacture of its products introduces the latest technology. The knife market is over a hundred years old.
  • EkaThe company began its activity in 1882. Eka's Swedish knives are made of Sandvik steel, whose hardness on the Rockwell scale is 56-57 HRC. Blades have good anti-corrosion properties and wear resistance.
  • Fallkniven. This manufacturer has long been a supplier who supplied the army of the King of Sweden with military knives. Each copy made by this company has a very high quality.
  • Karesuando. Specializes in the manufacture of unique exclusive models for which materials such as birch, deer horn, bone and reindeer skin are used. For the production of blades masters use steel grades SK-100 and 12S27.

What is a Fallkniven F1?

In 1995, Fallkniven released the exclusive F1, which, in the opinion of numerous consumers, is a well-balanced and highly functional cutting product, marked by numerous awards. Since F1 was used by the Swedish Air Force, it is also called the “pilot's survival knife”.

The blade contains descents that stretch from the butt itself, and is equipped with traditional Scandinavian sharpening. F1 blade can be easily sharpened with the help of scrap materials.The knife is equipped with technologically very comfortable non-slip handle, for the manufacture of which masters use craton rubber. The head of the handle has a special hole designed for lanyard. The Swedish military knife is completed with a plastic sheath.

  • Product length is 213 mm.
  • Blade length - 98 mm.
  • The size of the handle is 115 mm (length) and 27 mm (width).
  • The blade has a thickness of 4.5 mm.
  • Blade undergoes lamination procedure.
  • Hardness is 57.5 HRC.
  • The country of origin is Sweden.

swedish knife mora

Army knives

Army can not only be a solid knife. Especially popular are the multitools - multifunctional and versatile tools that can come to the aid in any life situation. A striking confirmation of this was the Eka Swede 8 - this is another Swedish knife used by the armed forces.

 Swedish Knife Manufacturers

Folding option due to the ergonomic handle is able to provide the owner with a soft grip during operation. Eka Swede 8 has a single blade. The safe folding mechanism provided by the developers performs the function of a stopper and prevents spontaneous closing of the implement.The handle is equipped with a special ring, which clings to a lanyard. The handle itself consists of removable pads, connected by brass bolts.

Due to the wrench, screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew, file and scissors supplied with this tool, this multitool, according to its owners, is a versatile and indispensable tool in many situations. Today, these knives are included in the set of engineering troops of the army of Sweden.

Hunting products

Swedish hunting knives have the necessary lightness, increased corrosion resistance, are not subject to rusting. These types of steel provide this quality:

  • stainless;
  • carbon;
  • modified carbon;
  • laminated

The shape of the blade allows you to use a hunting knife as a tool for skinning and butchering. Among the Swedish knives for hunting is very popular Swing Blade from the manufacturer Eka.

Description of the model shifter

A special feature of the Swing Blade design is a skillful combination of a classic blade with a special hook, which is used by hunters when ripping carcasses.For the manufacture of the blade used stainless steel AUS-8. For wearing the product, special sheaths are provided, which are attached to the belt. The knife is called a shifter, because its blade can rotate in the handle on the axis. To fix the blade in the extreme position, use a special latch. It is controlled by the button located on the handle on the left.

  • The size of the knife is 215 mm.
  • Blade length - 10 cm.
  • Weight - 134 grams.

Swedish military knife

The principle of operation of knifes-flip-flops is not a novelty. Only by Swedish designers this idea was embodied in such a convenient for cutting and skinning knife carving, like a Swing Blade.

Advantages and disadvantages

The strengths of the Swing Blade include:

  • Sturdy and thoughtful design.
  • Compact size and comfort in operation.
  • The ability to steel well keep sharpening and not rust.

According to the owners of Swing Blade, the only drawback of the knife is its small size, which complicates the process of cutting the carcass of a large beast. Despite this, the Swing Blade is considered the main tool used by hunters when cutting carcasses.


Sweden has a rich, ancient tradition of manufacturing blades.Combat knives made in this Scandinavian country have long been considered the best in all of Europe. Today, Sweden's knife products are peaceful. Used in everyday life cutting products are very popular among consumers.

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