Karambol - theater in St. Petersburg: address, repertoire, photos and reviews

Do you know the theater "Karambol" in St. Petersburg? It is a favorite cultural institution for many residents of the city. Spectators of the theater celebrate the magical atmosphere and the beautiful play of talented actors. Today we learn about the repertoire of the theater, its actors and feedback from visitors.


Date of creation of the theater "Karambol" is at the turn of 1989 and 1990. Spectators could see the first performances already in 1990. They took place on the stage of the Capella Chamber Hall in St. Petersburg. It was from 1990 that the history of the Karambol Theater began. Just 6 years later, he received the status of a State cultural institution. The creative team of the theater is very diverse, it includes an acting troupe, orchestra, corps de ballet and a children's studio. But we will discuss this in more detail below. So far it is worth saying that it is the groups of artists consisting of professionals, artists and students, as well as live music that make the theater special, in demand and beloved among residents of St. Petersburg.carom theater

Initially, the theater “Karambol” was created as a children's musical theater, the main focus of which was a children's musical. Over time, he managed to expand his horizons. Now it is a musical theater for kids and adults. Today it is a family cultural institution, designed for children and adults. The theater never stands still; it develops and surprises its audience with new ideas, premieres. Today he is a kind of theatrical zest of Peter.

Guide, artists

From the moment of foundation until today, the head of the theater is the composer and musicologist Irina Bronds. She is also the artistic director of the theater, an honored artist of Russia and a laureate of the National Music Prize.

Among the theater troupe there are people who graduated from the best theater and music universities of Russia. Not only young talents work here, but also people who have been devoted to the theater for years. It was they who made him what he is now. The theater constantly attracts talented and creative young people who enthusiastically try their hand at such a unique institution.carom theater poster

Public life

The Karambol Theater (St. Petersburg) is part of the Association of Musical Theaters of the Russian Federation. Today the most famous playwrights, directors, composers, poets not only in Russia, but also in foreign countries cooperate with him. It may be noted M. Dunaevsky, A. Zatsepin, Yu. Entin, I. Reznik, S. Spivak, V. Barkhatov, M. Legrand, A. Orlov, V. Shilkrot, Z. Margolin and others.

Musical theater "Karambol" repeatedly became the winner of the festival called "Theaters of St. Petersburg for children." The following performances were noted in nominations: “Three Fat Men” in 2000, “Snow White and 7 Dwarfs” in 1996, “The Sound of Music” in 2005, “The King-Deer” in 2008, “The Adventures of Buratino” in 2006, "History Thumbelina" in 2012, "The Firebird" in 2014. Also worth noting is the famous musical work by M. Dunaevsky “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”, Which received an award in the form of a diploma of the National Theater Prize of the Russian Federation “Golden Mask”. And in 2007, the musical entitled “Amphibian Man”, the music to which was written by A. Petrov, received the diploma of the Highest Theater Award of St. Petersburg “Golden Sofit”.theater cannon saint petersburg

Famous Michel Legrand

In the summer of 2009, the theater presented the premiere of the famous musical M. Legrand “Cherbourg Umbrellas” (Russian version).Incredibly, the author himself came to the premiere - Michel Legrand, who enthusiastically accepted the theatrical interpretation of his film. The event was so bright and significant that for a long time it penetrated into the public life not only of St. Petersburg, but also of Russia. Many popular artists of Russia and politicians came to see the performance. In the northern capital, he was recognized as the "discovery of the year." The performance was nominated for the Golden Mask National Theater Award. In 2010, it received 8 nominations, 2 of which were awarded the title "Laureate". Actors of the main roles were also awarded (became diploma holders of the same award). Olga Levina (played Genevieve), Sergey Ovsyannikov (as Guy) were awarded. More "Cherbourg umbrellas" nominated for the National Music Award "The Musical Heart of the Theater." Of the 7 nominations, 3 were in the title of "Laureate".

Participation in festivals

In 2010, in the fall, the theater took part in the Golden Mask festival, which was held in the Baltic countries as part of the Days of St. Petersburg in the Baltic countries project. The show “Cherbourg Umbrellas” already known to us was shown in Riga with great success. The ambassadors of Latvia and Russia, as well as the mayor of Riga, came to see him.In 2011, they toured in Tallinn, where the children's play “The Frog Princess” and the premiere of the concert-revue for adults “Musical Parade” were shown. Currently, the theater tours are held in a number of cities in Russia - Omsk, Norilsk, Yekaterinburg, Veliky Novgorod. In the fall of 2012, the musical “The Thumbelina Story. Sketches from life ", which instantly won the love of the audience.theater cannon reviews


The repertoire of the theater "Karambol" is very diverse. It is suitable for children and adults. The concert program is based on popular musical films and musicals. There is a place for classics. The highlight of the theater "Karambol" is that it offers to look at the well-known works from a creative unusual angle. In the summer of 2017, the musical "June 31" based on the novel by J. Priestley will be presented. For children, the musical “Ugly Duckling” based on the fairy tale by G. H. Andersen will take place under the direction of the theater director I. Bronds. Also, viewers will be able to enjoy the musical "Joseph and his cape of dreams." At the moment, the theater "Karambol", the poster of which for the summer season will be replete with premieres, is ready to surprise the audience with a new force.musical theater carom

How to get there?

In order to visit the amazing theater, you will have to arrive in the Northern capital of Russia. Theater "Karambol", a poster which is always available on the official website, is ready to accept everyone. Find a cultural institution can be at: Admiralteysky district, Riga passage, house number 3. At the moment (spring-summer 2017) the theater building is being renovated. During the design and construction works, the performances can be observed on various stages of Peter. Visitors and tourists will be useful to know that the theater is located near the hotel "Azimuth".

Theater "Karambol": reviews

Reviews of the theater are mostly positive. Find reviews of dissatisfied viewers is extremely difficult. Visitors to the cultural institution celebrate the magical atmosphere of the theater, as well as the fact that this institution breaks the concept of what should have been a classical theater. Coming here, you feel not the spirit of antiquity, but the fresh breath of talented artists. We must pay tribute to the fact that the actors regularly surprise their visitors. This is largely due to the active position of the theater director. I. Bronds does everything to ensure that her child develops and grows in line with modern needs.“Karambol” is a theater that will be interesting to visit even to teenagers and young people. Everyone who visited this institution says that the author’s dramatization is a great advantage. They cause interest, and after viewing you really understand that you can look at any things from a different angle.theater repertoire carom

Summing up, I would like to say that the “Carom” is worth a visit for everyone who wants to bring fresh bright impressions into their lives.

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