John Deacon: a legend against the success of Queen

John Deacon - the legendary personality. Despite the fact that his name is somewhat lost against the background of the frontmen of Queen Freddie Mercury and Brian May, it was he who had the strongest influence on the work of this team, becoming one of the authors of the most sensational hits at the time. This bass player, though he didn’t play anything particularly difficult in terms of musical parts, nevertheless remains today one of the most revered rock bassists who are copied by all who feel like it.

John Deacon - who is it?

Without exaggeration, this musician can be called one of the founders of rock. After the first wave of rock and roll and the second wave of British rock, which led to the emergence of heavy metal, the Queen group, the basis of which belongs to 1964, has not changed its style until the end of its existence, although there have been quite a few experiments.

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John Deacon, along with Roger Taylor made up the very backbone of the group in the form of bass and percussion, which became the basis of the phenomenal sound of Queen. Of course, both Mercury's vocals and May's guitar deserve attention.But John Deacon, it can be said, has become that very “gray cardinal”, whose name is not particularly advertised, although it was he who wrote many of the most popular compositions with which the group itself today is associated with a lot of noise in the world of rock. Each member of the team contributed to rock music, and they can rightly be called founding fathers. Deacon John Moore (another musician), with whom Queen's bass player is often confused, although also honored at home, has nothing to do with this musician. They are consonant only names, nothing more.

How did it all begin?

Born musician August 19, 1951 in Leicester. In his youth, Deacon John was distinguished by his passion for electronics, and he could often be found with a soldering iron in his hands.

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But this did not prevent him in his 14 years to organize a group The Opposition, which, although constantly and changed its composition, nevertheless became quite popular in his hometown (Leicester).

The real professional career of the musician began to this day is associated with the group Queen. The most interesting thing is that Deacon was only 19 years old at the time of joining the main team. He became the youngest member of the team, but before that he managed to work with both a session rhythm guitar player and a keyboard player.


Since the advent of this British group, which today is honored no less (if not more) than the Liverpool four (The Beatles), success was due not only to the vocal abilities of the “great Persian”, but also to the other members of the team.

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The group has become so megapopular that so far hundreds of millions of music lovers admire her work. Until some time, John Deacon was not listed among the authors of the popular hits of the group, although he made his own adjustments to the sound of some compositions. But the real breakthrough was the writing of the hit Stone Cold Crazy, which was released on the band’s third official album. And then followed by compositions that today belong to the "golden" fund of rock music.

John Deacon: Songs

If anyone knows, this famous musician also owns such a famous hit as Another One Bites The Dust, built on a flat rhythm section in the form of bass and drums.

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The vocals and the guitar take the second place, as it were, but emphasize the general direction of the track.

By the way, few listeners realize that John Deacon has written such famous compositions as You’re My Best Friend, One Year Of Love, Back Chat, Spread Your Wings and even I Want To Break Free. Just in these compositions, the musician revealed his talent entirely, proving that he is not only a hard rocker, but also an excellent melodist,which is able to touch the soul even when writing a vigorously sounding rhythm.

After the death of Freddie Mercury, the Deacon did not leave the band, although statements about his resignation had been heard since 1992. But then, when he said that at the concert with the band he played for the last time at the presentation of the new song No One But You (Only The Good Die Young - the analogy with the Iron Maiden of 1988), the irreparable happened. The final stage of the big stage was The Show Must Go On concert, organized by Elton John. After that, the legendary bassist left the world of rock music.

What does a musician do now?

It even went so far that in 2004 John Deacon refused to take part in the project of Brian May and Roger Taylor called Queen + Paul Rogers and did not even attend the official ceremony of including the group in the hall of fame of rock and roll.

Deacon John Moore

Unfortunately, practically nothing is known about the current life of a musician. How John Deacon lives now and what he does, we can only guess. However, judging by the infrequent statements in the press, he categorically condemned the recording of the remake of the hit We Are The Champions with Robbie Williams as the vocalist, saying that he was clearly not up to Mercury. In principle, the way it is. Of course, one can argue a lot about this, but Deacon’s opinion is obvious: Williams is not Mercury (even with all due respect to the singer).


John Deacon, without a doubt, can be considered one of the most outstanding musicians of all times and peoples. Although he did not occupy a leading position in the Queen group, his contribution to the development of rock music cannot be discounted by any means, especially since his immortal compositions still remain an example for imitation on which more than one generation of musicians are studying. There are even specialized videos that teach the style of playing bass guitar that belongs to this musician. And there is something to see (especially considering the finger, rather than mediator technique).

Perhaps, he didn’t play anything special in terms of bass guitar parts, but the rhythm section sounded so that even now, from the initial sounds, you can easily determine that this is Queen, and not something else. Take at least the song Another One Bites The Dust. In terms of technology, the Deacon game, of course, is not an innovator, but in terms of the approach to writing compositions, it can be attributed to those geniuses who, being invisible, contributed to the story. And the rock scene of such examples knows a lot. And this musician only emphasizes the validity of this statement.

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