Jigan left Black Star: why this happened

For the year of existence of own label of Timatilit a lot of stars. Many of his wards remained working with the producer, because he, like no one else, knows how to do from unknown performers of stars, but there are those who decided to go to "free swimming". The first rapper Jigan left Black Star. Why this happens, we will understand further.

Career of Jigan in the Black Star

the jigan left the black star whyRapper Jigan started working with Timati in 2008.For six years of stay under the wing of the mentor, he released two solo albums and recorded many tracks along with representatives of the pop scene. Duets became a kind of "chip" rapper. During his career he collaborated with Anna Sedakova, Zhanna Friske and Julia Savicheva. At first he was a "dark horse" and did not stand out among the other wards, but later began active work. After the release of his second album, Jigan left Black Star, why it happened - is still incomprehensible to fans.

The peak of the glory of this artist was the end of 2009year, when he released a hit with Anna Sedakova. In the summer of 2010, a joint track with Timati for the song "Know" was released and almost simultaneously with him, a joint work with Julia Savicheva - "Let go". All noted the excellent combination of female vocals with brutal rap. Later there was no less successful track "You are near", recorded with Zhanna Friske.

From the spring of 2012 to the fall of 2013 he worked onthe second album, which became the continuation of the first "Cold Heart". The second record is "Music. Life "gave fans a lot of positive emotions. She also attended several joint compositions (with Loya and Polina Sky), but also did not do without a solo work "To the End of the World."

Why did Gigan leave Black Star inc

why the gypsy left black star incImmediately after the release of the second album, the rapper leaveshis producer. In 2013, the label lost several performers, among whom was Lucky and the trio Buhar Jerreau. Fans explained such a general way out to "free swimming" by the fact that artists become popular and want to work for themselves not to give part of the fees to producers.

So, Jigan left Black Star.Why he took such a decision, until the end remained a mystery. In the interview, he spoke quite correctly, dismissing the assumptions about a personal conflict with Timothy. Timur Yunusov himself refrained from statements to the press, and Jigan said that he wanted to realize himself as a solo artist and had a different vision of music. He decided to move on a different path. Journalists suggested that the guy was tired of constantly working on duets.

Was the gap peaceful?

jigan left black star whyImmediately after the breakup rapper flew away toMiami to rest with family and friends. In the same place, he started shooting a new clip, in which he collected all the stereotyped images - a beautiful life, black and pyshnogruddyh girls. At the same time, articles began to appear about the fact that Jigan left the Black Star. The reasons for them were as follows: a personal conflict with the producers and fatigue from the pop repertoire. Photos from the set of the new clip confirmed the latest version.

The scandal between the rappers broke out only in 2015. Apparently, by that time a personal conflict had begun between them. Timati on his page in Instagram did not comment that Gigan left Black Star, why it happened, the producer has not yet explained. Instead, he noted the photo of Djigan from the south of France, filled with all the attributes of a luxurious life, and called him "the average loach". After that, it became clear that the break-up of cooperation, at least for one of the parties, was not peaceful. Later, he removed his stinging commentary, but it was already noticed by both fans and representatives of the press.

As Jigan commented on the scandal

jigan left black causeAfter the appearance of the post from Timati again beganThere is speculation that Jigan left Black Star. Why it happened, journalists and fans thought. Denis (real name of the artist) and then behaved quite diplomatically. He did not talk about grievances and conflicts, but preferred to say that he considers the publication of his picture a joke. After all, later Timati removed the mark and his caustic post.

In addition, Jigan said that he does not consider thistreatment by personal insult. Rather, it served as an example that not always photos in the "Instagram" tell about the real life of a person. About his financial situation, Jigan joked that he had enough to live. The photo was taken during the rapid celebration of the rapper's birthday on one of the most expensive resorts, so Timati's words should not be taken lightly. Now he continues to work actively and to please fans with new tracks.

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